FIFA World Cup 1966 By Adeeba Ahmad 7A

FIFA World Cup 1966

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FIFA World Cup 1966. By Adeeba Ahmad 7A. The Hosts. Question 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FIFA World Cup 1966By Adeeba Ahmad 7A

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The HostsQuestion 1• The FIFA World Cup 1966 was held in England. It was the eighth staging of

the World Cup and 16 countries attended. It was held from the 11th of July to the 30th of July. England was chosen to host on August 22nd, 1960, in Rome, Italy. Ten countries from Europe qualified, four from South America, one from Asia and one from North and Central America. This was the first times North Korea and Portugal qualified for the Cup.

Countries qualified for World Cup Country failed to qualify Countries that did not enter World Cup Country not a FIFA member

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The Finals• Question 2The Finalist were England and Germany. England won the match 4-2. They were the

first host to win the Cup since Italy in 1934. • Question 3aHaller scored a goal for Germany in the 12th minute. In the 18th minute Horst scored for

England. And then in the 78th minute, Peters scored for England. In the 89th minute Weber scored for Germany, making the score a tie by the 90th minute. Thirty minutes extra time were added. In the 101st minute and the 120th minute Horst scored two goals for England, winning the match. There is much argument on whether the third goal for England should have been given or not.

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Player Positions


GK 1 Gordon BanksRB 2 Geoff CohenCB 5 Jack Charlton CB 6 Bobby MooreLB 3 Ray WilsonDM 4 Nobby StilesAM 7 Alan Nall AM 9 Bobby Charlton AM 16 Martin PetersCF 10 Geoff HurstCF 21 Roger HuntManager Alf Ramsey

West Germany

GK 1 Hans TilkowskiRB 2 Horst-Dieter HottgesCB 5 Willi SchulzCB 6 Wolfgang WeberLB 3 Karl-Heinz SchnellingerCM 4 Franz BeckenbauerCM 12 Wolfgang OverathRW 8 Helmut HallerCF 9 Uwe SeelerCF 10 Siegfried HeldLW 11 Lothar EmmerichManager Helmut Schon

Page 5: FIFA World Cup 1966

The Terminology• Question 3bThe ball was passed to Hurst, from which he shot it onto goal line, but right

after it was kicked away by the goalie. There was a lot of conflict on the grounds so the referees had to consult the ration lines before awarding the goal. Personally I don’t think the ball went in.

• Question 3cThe defense weren’t very active. They should have marked the attacking

teams players, so that they wouldn’t have had room to kick the ball. Also, they could also have tried to simply tackle Horst and get the ball back.

Page 6: FIFA World Cup 1966

The Attacking Team• Question 3dHorst had the ball, efficiently avoiding the defenders. He kicked the ball in the

to goal and the ball bounced off the post and onto the goal line. The referee had the consult the someone else before awarding the goal.

• Question 3eMost of the other players on the attacking team were running towards the

goal, just incase the ball didn’t go in and and they should kick it in.

Page 7: FIFA World Cup 1966

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