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QUALITY:Have you thought about how many times you open and close your kitchen doors? Everyday, day after day, year after year. We have. Thats why we test our kitchen doors by hanging a 2 kg weight on the doors and then open and shut them 200,000 times. So you know that your kitchen doors will cope with your everyday life. Your kitchen drawers have to put up with a lot, so to make sure they can hold their heavy load we ll a 60 cm wide kitchen drawer with 8.2 kg and then open and shut it 200.000 times. Sometimes you happen to lean on the drawer, so we test that too with a 25 kg weight 10 times for 10 seconds each. The drawers still glide softly and return to their closed position.

ENVIRONMENTAL:FAKTUM cabinet frame: The materials in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area. Renewable raw material (woodchips and wood bres).

The versatile, flexible FAKTUM kitchen system is the foundation in all our built-in kitchens. It's a frame system that allows you to make exactly the kitchen you want. If you combine FAKTUM with RATIONELL interior fittings it will be easier to find what you need and keep your kitchen organised. A kitchen that is both smart and beautiful is important - you spend a lot of time there. FAKTUM frames provide the base for your new kitchen. Choose between base cabinets, wall cabinets and high cabinets in many different widths. Wall cabinets and high cabinets also come in different heights. If you want to use a corner, choose a corner cabinet with a carousel or pull-out fitting that makes it easy to reach what's inside. There are even special frames for built-in ovens, microwaves and fridge/freezers. Complement the cabinets with fully-extending drawers with drawer dampers that ensure the drawers close slowly and quietly. Even if it's what's on the inside that counts, appearances are just as important when it comes to enjoying your kitchen. At IKEA you can choose between kitchen doors in many different styles and materials from high gloss to solid wood. There is also a tempered-glass door available in all styles. Do you like to mix and match and create exciting contrasts? Then, you have the entire RUBRIK door series to choose from. Take your pick!


This symbol tells you that your kitchen is available from stock, so you can take it home today. We can also help you with home delivery.

This symbol explains that you need to order your kitchen and that it will be delivered to your home. Please read the information in your nearest IKEA store or contact IKEA sales staff for further details.

Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden

All the products (shown here) may not be available at the store. Please contact the staff or look at www.ikea.ie for more information. For more detailed product information, see the pricetag and the Internet. All units require assembly.


How do you want your new kitchen to look? It's both simplest and more fun if you create the look of your dream kitchen by combining fronts, worktops, appliances, knobs and handles. At IKEA you have plenty of choices and possible combinations to choose from. Most doors also come in glass. To create contrast and personalize your kitchen you can, for example, choose one or several doors in another material or colour from the RUBRIK series. When choosing a worktop, consider whether you want it to harmonize with the rest of your colour scheme or whether you would prefer it to create an exciting contrast. All IKEA appliances are designed to match and t all IKEA kitchens. What do you need in your kitchen? List the functions you think are important for example how big a work surface you want

and the type of storage you need. Maybe groceries are easier to lift out of drawers than from a high cabinet? Think about it. Then it will be easier to choose the combination of kitchen frames you need. These make up the basis of your new kitchen and the next step is to equip them with everything that makes them functional on the inside: smoothly running fully-extending drawers with drawer dampers, wire baskets, adjustable shelves, etc. from the RATIONELL interior fitting series. Finish by adding your choice of cover panels, and deco/moulding strips, lighting, and plinths or legs to create your desired working height between 85 and 95 cm.

ALL THE KITCHEN DOORS AND PRICESPrices are based on the standard kitchen on the front page (also reproduced under each kitchen on the following pages). The price includes FAKTUM cabinets, fronts, hinges, drawers, drawer and door dampers, interior fittings, worktops,HRLIG white a hard-wearing kitchen HRLIG doors are proof that high quality and a low price can go together without comprising. The doors are made of melamine-faced particleboard with edges of plastic polypropylene plastic. The surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Combine with AVSIKT glass doors made of frosted tempered glass with a brushed aluminium frame.

coverpanels, plinths and legs,. Your choice of appliances, knobs/handles, lighting, deco strip/mouldings, mixer taps and sinks are sold separately.

449 APPLD black, white - an easy-care kitchen APPLD doors have a smooth nish that makes them easy to clean. The doors are made of white- or black painted breboard (MDF). Combine APPLD with AVSIKT glass doors made of frosted tempered glass with brushed aluminium frame.

NEXUS birch, brown-black, yellow-brown you decide the style. NEXUS birch doors give you a kitchen with clean lines, that is made of veneered particleboard. We have emphasised the light appeal further by nishing with a subtly tinted lacquer. NEXUS doors in brown-black and yellow-brown are made of oak veneer laid horizontally over a particleboard core. The stained nish emphasises the grain of the wood to add a little extra life to the overall effect. The smooth, clear lacquered nish is easy to keep clean. Combine with AVSIKT doors of frosted tempered glass in an aluminium frame. For a stunning contrast, combine with RUBRIK doors.

Yellow-brown Birch, black-brown

649 649

black white

649 649


ALL THE KITCHEN DOORS AND PRICESSTT white - a dependable kitchen STT doors create a light atmosphere but also bring a rustic, old-fashioned feel to the kitchen. The doors are made of durable colour-lacquered breboard (MDF) in a classic beadboard design. The matching glass door is made of tempered glass panels with wooden crossbars. Design: Carina Bengs ABSTRAKT red, white, grey, black - a glossy kitchen ABSTRAKT high-gloss doors are both durable and easy to clean. The doors in white, black and grey are made of foil-covered breboard (MDF). ABSTRAKT doors in red are made of acrylic/foil-covered particleboard. The edges on the doors are made of anodised aluminium and match AVSIKT tempered glass doors in their brushed aluminium frame. You can emphasise the contemporary styling by combining ABSTRAKT with the RUBRIK doors in coloured glass.

749 FAGERLAND antique stain - a warm, country kitchen FAGERLAND doors are made of antique-stained, clear lacquered solid pine. The dark tone of the glass door and the wooden frame lend a warm, country charm to the kitchen.

White Red, black, grey

899 1049

899 DEL yellow-white, white, birch a real classic DEL doors are made of foil-covered breboard MDF). The foil is durable and has no joints where dirt can collect. DEL in clear lacquered birch is a classic frame-and-panel design made of a panel of veneered particleboard and a solid birch frame. Matching tempered glass doors are also available. Design: Mikael Warnhammar

SOLR white - a kitchen with integrated handles SOLR door in white is made of foil-covered breboard (MDF) and has a matt surface, which makes the light that falls on the door appear soft. The integrated handles form horizontal lines and are also easy to keep clean.

1049 TIDAHOLM oak - a solid kitchen TIDAHOLM doors are made of hard-wearing, clear lacquered solid oak with oak veneered panels. Note the characteristic join in the frame, which enhances the elegant, classic design. The tempered glass doors are decorated with a frosted check pattern. Design: Tord Bjrklund

Yellow-white, white Birch

749 899

LIDING white a light, classic kitchen LIDING comes in white-lacquered breboard (MDF) with stylish details or as a tempered glass door with panels and cross-bars that accentuate its classic character.

899 ULRIKSDAL oak a solid oak kitchen ULRIKSDAL doors are made of durable solid oak and have ne banding. The lacquered matt nish creates the impression of oiled wood. Combine with doors of tempered glass with white accents or with RUBRIK stainless steel to give your kitchen just the look you want. Design: Tord Bjrklund

749 RAMSJ white, black-brown a cosy kitchen The traditional RAMSJ kitchen door in white and black-brown creates a warm, cosy kitchen. It is a classic frame door with a frame of solid wood and panel of particleboard and veneer. The door is nished with a matt lacquer, which adds to the traditional feeling. The series also includes matching glass doors in tempered glass. If you want to strengthen the dark impression, you can choose a wall cabinet with black-brown inside to go with the dark glass doors.

1 199 KULLAVIK oak a solid oak kitchen KULLAVIK doors are made of a hard-wearing solid oak. The clear lacquered matt nish creates the impression of oiled wood. Combine with doors of tempered glass to give your kitchen just the look you want. Design: Tord Bjrklund




ALL THE CABINETS AND PRICESBASE CABINETSHeight 70 cm, depth 60 cm incl. door. Cabinet height 86 cm incl. plinth. Prices include frame, door,