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Facebook tips and tricks for business by www.anlleliclozada.com

Text of Facebook 101 Tip Sheet

Your Page needs a focus and strategy behind it, so first you need to decide what its going to be all about.Once you grow your page to 25 fans , it will allow you to get dedicated URL for your Page, so that your URL will be easier to share, remember, and discover. You should use either your full name (if you havent already used it for your Facebook profile) or a positioning statement, such as http://facebook.com/facebookmarketingexpert.

Facebook will now show in public search listings that branded Facebook Pages users have designated as their favorite brands.

1. Add the selected Twitter app or sync the FB fan page with the Twitter account

2. Add Facebook fan page badge inside blog AND company website

3. Add content in fan page so people can share and comment on it : articles, event announcements & photos, intro video, vlogs, LinkedIn Profile, event news, brand info, blog posts via syndication, Delicious Bookmarks, PowerPoint Presentations4. Send events to friends ( and link back to the fan page/company URL

5. Examples: 33,00+ fans, 2,000+ wall posts

6. 7. http://www.facebook.com/ernstandyoungcareers?v=wall8. Buy an advertising banner:

9. Buy a video ad banner, where friends can comment on:

9. Ad an event ad:

10. Buy an ad for your Facebook Fan Page: Target & bid max. daily spending (CPM or CPC) Ad Pricing FAQ: http://www.facebook.com/help.php?page=864

11. Link Facebook fan page to your Twitter account: www.facebook.com/twitter

12. Facebook Tagging: End every wall post with @UR Fan Page so your fan pages link will show in your wall and your friends wall:

11. Add Facebook URL in e-mail signature, business cards & e-mail12. Write articles and/or blog posts on other sites, leaving your Facebook URL in your bio or byline

13. Hold a contest on Twitter(), where you give out free information or products to people who become fans of your Page on Facebook

14. Become fan of other fan pages in your niche, on a variety of social networks

15. Keep track of personal brand mentions, you should occasionally (depending on your popularity) perform a search in Facebook to see what people are saying, both inside your network and outside ( comment or like the post / add as a friend / invite to page