Experiences While Job Searching

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Experiences While Job Searching

ByCarolyn AndiaPaul FerriExperiences While Job Searching

OverviewYOUSearching for jobs Resources Career Knight Student organizations Alumni Job Search Engines and Company Websites

Applying Resume Cover letterTranscripts

Resume Contact information Objective Experience Professional Projects Involvement Extracurricular activities Honors/Awards

Technical Skills Course Work Depending on what youre applying for

Resume Screening Most all recruiters have thousands of resumes to go though Filters Start by filtering out resumes that Dont meet GPA requirements/no GPA on resume Misspelled words most common is the (teh) Get passed the filtersTaylor your resume to a job description, target words in the job descriptions are used to further look for resumes i.e. (MATLAB)Check for spelling errors and grammar Attend a job conference if they talk to you and like you, you will get an interview After filtersRecruiters will take about 30s to skim through each resume Too much information can be a bad thing Must be easy to read get your resume proof read

Resume Sample Important ConsiderationsNo more than 3-4 bullet points per topicStart every bullet point with an action word (Presented, Designed, Tested) Use a clear/easy to read fontDont overload with infoAfter education, list topics in order of importance Resume needs to be easy to read (not text)

Selling yourself Presentation Dress professionally Dont douse yourself in cologne and/or perfume Dont shake a recruiters hand if your hands are sweaty, go wash them !!! ResearchResearch the company in advanceElevator PitchMust have a 30s about yourself sell yourself Strong Resume Recruiters read hundreds, stand out Know your resume, have it memorizedDO NOT LIE ON YOUR RESUME !!!!!!!!!!!GPA Major or Cumulative (the higher one)

Elevator Pitch What is this?Simple way to sell yourself to another personExample:Hello, my name is Carolyn Andia, I am a senior at Rutgers University pursuing a degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. I am looking for full time opportunities within the Aerospace field where I can continue to further develop my leadership and technical skills. I read about the Leadership Development Program your company offers and I noted that you will be interviewing on campus for this position next month. I have submitted my resume and would like to know more about your needs for this position and hope to obtain an interview for this opportunityNetworking DO IT Very informal way of obtaining an interview and/or job After meeting someone always ask for their card Find them on LinkedIn.Places to NetworkWorkshops Conferences Career Fair

Interviewing Two different types of interviewsBehavioralSTAR method Technical Before an interview Research the company thoroughly Know their mission statement Know the position you are applying forHave at least 3 questions prepared to ask the interviewer about the company after the interview. NEVER WALK OUT WITHOUT ASKING A QUESTION!!!Go to sleep early, be presentable for the interview

Interviewing ContIn the interview Do not curse or use offensive language Take your time answering the questions DONT LIE IN THE INTERVIEWWe were told by a recruiter that lying is the worst thing that you can do and it happens constantly Interviewers can tell when your lying

STAR MethodSituationThink of a situation that can be use to answer the interviewers questionTaskDescribe the tasks involved in this situationAction Specify what actions you took in the situation to complete the tasks and achieve your resultsResultWhat results followed due to your actions?Behavioral Interviews Most interviews are based on behavioral questionsExample:Tell me about a time when you had to work with a team and you had a problem with one of the team members. What did you do? How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?Tell me about a time when you had to work on a project and you did not think you could complete it on time. Tell me about a time when you had a problem or a challenge.

Who uses behavioral interviews?After attending the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers National Conference and going through many interviews, all the companies we interviewed with only had behavioral interviews!AccentureBoeingEatonUTC Aerospace SystemsPratt & WhitneyGE AviationRaytheonAfter the Interview Always get the interviewers card or contact information Send thank you emailFollow up about 2-4 days afterShow interest Be patient

Negotiations After receiving an offerInternshipsInternship wages are always set you dont get to negotiate Full time Negotiating your salary is crucial before accepting an offer, things to consider before negotiating Research cost of living in job location Look at benefits the company offersAverage salaries for similar jobs in that location Having more than one offer provides leverage