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  • 8/14/2019 Evaluating E-learning tutorial


    Sultan Qaboos University

    College of Education

    Learning & Instructional Technology Department

    TECH4102: Evaluation in Educational Technology

    Spring 2009

    Evaluating an E-learning Tutorial

    "Workplace English"

    Done by:

    Amal AL-Balushi (66755)

    Khadeejah AL-Shidhani (61344)

    Course instructor:

    Dr Alaa Sadik, [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/14/2019 Evaluating E-learning tutorial



    This project is about e-learning tutorial that is provided by Athabasca University.

    The tutorial contains lessons and interactive exercises for practicing English grammar. It

    helps to improve communication in the workplace which is divided into the following

    sections: Health and Wellness. Utilities-Oil/Gas/Mining. Retail and Sales. Food Services and Restaurant.

    Trades and Labour. Administration and Clerical. Banking and Personal Finance. Hospitality and Tourism.

    It includes 86 units contained in the following grammar sections: The Basic Sentence.

    Questions. Verbs. The Passive. The Noun Phrase. Types of sentences.

    Adjectives & Adverbs.

    Comparison. When? Where? How & Why? Connecting Ideas

    It uses a variety of media such as text, audio and video.

    This is the link for the tutorials: http://www.wpeau.ca /


    Evaluating the learning environment of Workplace English in terms of: Tutorial and assessment component. Interaction component. Management component. Support component.


    The researchers used some items from the survey provided by the Centre for

    Research in Distance & Adult Learning in The Open University of Hong Kong. It is

    provided in this site http://www.ouhk.edu.hk/doviles/index.html .

    They used Survey Console to create their survey in. Their survey includes 4

    sections: Tutorial & Assessment (13 items). Interaction (13 items). Management (5 items).

  • 8/14/2019 Evaluating E-learning tutorial


    Support (14 items).

    It is provided in this link http://www.surveyconsole.com/console/TakeSurvey?id=570298


    The sample of the study was 20 university students. The link of the survey was sent

    to them via the e-mail.


    The survey results show that the tutorial environment is effective. Most participants

    scores range between strongly agree and agree for most of the survey items (see the


    For the assessment and tutorial component, more than 50% of the participants

    have chosen one of the two options (strongly agree, agree) for all the items.

    However, in the interaction component all items have been agreed on by more than

    50% participants except the following items, which are mostly related to the collaboration

    between students: I cooperate with fellow students online I have made friends with other students on this course. I get my tutor's feedback on my assignments via the Internet. I communicate with other students on this course online. The course promotes collaboration among fellow students

    For the management component, more than 60% of the participants have agreed

    on most of the items.

    Finally for the support component, all items have been agreed on by more than

    50% of the participants except one which is: The technician is available for fixing computer hardware problems.


    From the previous shown results it's obvious that the environment of the online

    tutorial is effective in all aspects except in the collaboration facilities. The designers of the

    tutorial should put more concern on providing collaboration facilities for students to share

    and help each other, especially when it comes to the issue of isolation among online


  • 8/14/2019 Evaluating E-learning tutorial


    Appendixes Survey Report : Evaluation of E-learning tutorial

    Survey Statistics

    Viewed 20

    Started 20

    Completed 20

    Completion Rate 100%

    Drop Outs (After Starting) 0

    Average time taken to complete survey : 1 minute(s)

    Tutorial & Assessment Custom Analysis Options

    Overall Matrix Scorecard

    Question Count ScoreStrongly

    AgreeAgree Neutral Disagr ee



    1. 1. The course requires me touse problem-solving activities.

    20 1.950

    2. 2. Assignments are welldesigned.

    20 2.400

    3. 3. The course requires me toengage in higher orderthinking (e.g. analysis,synthesis and evaluation).

    20 2.650

    4. 4. I check marks forassignments and tests online.

    20 2.550

    5. 5. I submit assignmentsonline.

    20 2.550

    6. 6. The course clearlydescribes or illustrates whatstandards are needed to passthe assessment items (e.g.assignments, examinations,etc.).

    20 2.450

    7. 7. The mode of submission ofassignments is clearly stated.

    20 2.900

    8. 8. Course activities areplanned carefully. 20 2.100

  • 8/14/2019 Evaluating E-learning tutorial


    9. 9. I receive assignmentsonline.

    20 2.450

    10. 10. The course providesquizzes or other self-assessment activities online.

    20 2.250

    11. 11. Assignments help me tounderstand course content.

    19 2.263

    12. 12. The criteria for gradingassignments are clear.

    20 2.750

    13. 13. I regularly participate inonline self-assessmentexercises.

    20 3.050

    Average >2.486

    1. The course requires me to use problem-solving activities. Custom Analysis Options

    Frequency Analysis

    Answer Count Percent 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

    Strongly Agree 13 65.00%

    Agree 2 10.00%

    Neutral 1 5.00%

    Disagree 2 10.00%

    Strongly Disagree 1 5.00%

    Not Applicable 1 5.00%

    Total 20 100%

    Key Analytics

    Mean 1.950

    Key Facts

    75% chose the following op tions :o Strongly Agreeo Agree

    Least chosen option 5% :o Neutral

    Confidence Interval @ 95%[1.261 - 2.639]

    n = 20

    Standard Deviation 1.572

    Standard Error 0.352

    2. Assignments are well designed. Custom Analysis Options

    Frequency Analysis

  • 8/14/2019 Evaluating E-learning tutorial


    Answer Count Pe rcent 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

    Strongly Agree 7 35.00%

    Agree 4 20.00%

    Neutral 4 20.00%

    Disagree 4 20.00%

    Strongly Disagree 1 5.00%

    Not Applicable 0 0.00%

    Total 20 100%

    Key Analytics

    Mean 2.400

    Key Facts

    55% chose the following op tions :o Strongly Agreeo Agree

    Confidence Inte