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Evaluating language learning technologies

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Review of the best criteria to evaluate a language learning technology material. more info here -

Text of Evaluating language learning technologies

  • 1. Evaluating Language Learning Technology
  • 2.
  • 3. What Leads To Language Learning? Motivation Time On Task Content Leveling Load Ease Noticing Form Gaming Affordances Tracking Rewards Accountability Input Correction InteractionCertificates Production
  • 4. Content Is King
  • 5. Use It Or Lose It Cant Afford Not To
  • 6. Pedagogy
  • 7. Evaluating Language Learning Technology
  • 8. Evaluating Language Learning Technology
  • 9. Achievement
  • 10. My Top Tips Value your online component Give students responsibility Monitor, communicate and motivate KISS Set achievable short term goals Strongly link in class and online learning Provide student choice Download The Checklist
  • 11.