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EPD 160 Project

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EPD 160 Project. THE CLIENT : Mark Novak Outreach Specialist Biological Systems Engineering. The Needs : Hand Controls for Safe and Reliable Lawn Tractors Design Practical and Efficient Adaptable/Mobile Design Design. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: EPD 160 Project
Page 2: EPD 160 Project


Mark Novak

Outreach Specialist

Biological Systems Engineering

The Needs:

Hand Controls for Safe and Reliable

Lawn Tractors Design

Practical and Efficient Adaptable/Mobile



Page 3: EPD 160 Project


Create a practical hand-controlled device to operate the for/aft movement for a lawn tractor which can be used by individuals

with lower body disabilities without impeding normal operation. It must be safe,

reliable, durable, and removable whilst remaining both cost effective and

mechanically efficient.

Page 4: EPD 160 Project


• Joystick • Box controls• Alt kill switch *• Pressure sensitive *• Separate brake control • Jet ski controls *• Pneumatic hand controls *• Cruise control• Motor with gear • Segway controls *

• Cane/stick• Throttle • Water proofs• Motorcycle control *• Wireless• Pulley wire• Mechanical brake • 2nd battery source

Page 5: EPD 160 Project


• Throttle (10) • Mechanical brake (8)• Joystick (4)• Motor with gear (3)• Separate brake control

(2)• Motorcycle control(1) • Alt kill switch (0)

• Box controls• Cane/stick• Water proofs• Pressure sensitive• Jet ski controls• Pneumatic hand controls• Cruise control• Segway controls• Wireless• Pulley wire• 2nd battery source

Page 6: EPD 160 Project

Decision of Throttle DesignDecision of Throttle Design

Basis of our Decision:

• Most votes• Easiest to assemble

mechanically• Easy to control• Most cost effective

Page 7: EPD 160 Project

Attachment of Throttle to

Transmission• Initial design modeling• Test-bench/prototype• Mounting of throttle

• Cross pieces/attachments to throttle• Mounting plate• Final product

Page 8: EPD 160 Project

Initial Modeling Designs

• Throttle is attached to a series of levers

• Levers are connected to for/aft transmissions

• Open circles are loose joints that rotate

• Cylindrical bar is attached to the mounting plate

Page 9: EPD 160 Project

Test-bench / Prototype

• Took measurements of dimensions from tractor and location of levers

• Constructed replica of tractor segments and operation of the throttle/levers

Page 10: EPD 160 Project


• Aluminum box shape • Notch attaches to back

of throttle• Throttle slides down

into the mounting piece

Page 11: EPD 160 Project

Cross PiecesCross Pieces / / Attachments to ThrottleAttachments to Throttle

3 Types ofAttachments

1. Flat rectangular steel bar2. Solid cylindrical

steel bar used for rotation of levers

3. Screws / bolts for attachment

Page 12: EPD 160 Project

Mounting Plate

• 2 aluminum plates that are mirror images of each other

• Placed on each side of the tractor frame and attached with screws

• Cylindrical bar is inserted through the bearings

Page 13: EPD 160 Project

Final ProductFinal Product

• Adjusted length of the pieces and size of the screws in order to accommodate within actual confinements

• Culmination of previous designs

Page 14: EPD 160 Project


We took the following into consideration:

1. Range of motion

2. Reduced physical exposure of product

3. Position of product on the tractor

4. Types of materials used

5. Strengths / durability of product

Page 15: EPD 160 Project


τ(ave) = P/A= F(force)/A (area)

Shear, MPa of structural steel: 145x10^6 Mpa

Area: π [(.25in)(2.54cm/in)(1m/100cm)]^2

Force= Aτ = 4129 lbs (max stress)

“Calculations of Throttle yield”

4129x = F1y x = 5 inches, y = 9 inches

F1 = 2293.89 lbs

(conservative number used, never put more than 2000 lbs force on throttle!!!)

Shearing Stress calculations (Strength of Material):

Page 16: EPD 160 Project


1. Excess motion that did not apply to for/aft movements

2. Tight fit of levers and throttle

3. Lack of proper testing

4. Weather resistant

Critical Design Analysis:

Page 17: EPD 160 Project


1. More time for testing and constructing

2. Greater budget for better materials

3. Customizable lawn tractor

4. Experience

Steps for Improvement:

Page 18: EPD 160 Project

Through our ideas and intuitive thinking, we were able to complete the design of functioning hand-controls for the lawn tractor. We believe, you, the client, will accept our ideas and make improvements upon them and hopefully someday be able to apply it to the real world.