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My Earth Report Emily Brownlow Kelly Ehrhart James Faragher Erin Hannon Shawn Jackson

Emily Brownlow Kelly Ehrhart James Faragher Erin Hannon Shawn Jackson

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My Earth Report

My Earth ReportEmily BrownlowKelly EhrhartJames FaragherErin HannonShawn JacksonThe last activity of the day was GIS mapping with Mr. Emanuelson . We learned how to use the application, learned new terms and took a quiz. Day 1: AfternoonIn the first half of the afternoon, we made bird feeders out of empty plastic gallon containers with Mrs. McGhee.

We went with Mrs. Peffer down to the stream. We caught many different benthic macro invertebrates and identified them.Then we went with Mr. Laughlin to test the stream and found it was healthy. (test kit below)Day 1: morning

We hiked into the woods to take soil tests with Mrs. Peffer. We dug into the ground to the third layer of subsoil and measured how deep it was. We then measured the pH and the slope. (Above)We walked down to the pond with Mr. Laughlin and caught and identified critters. We also performed the same tests on the pond as we did on the stream. (Below)Day 2: Morning

First we painted the T-shirts that were wearing now with Mrs. McGhee. Then we designed and decorated our banner. Thats when we thought of the name The Tree Huggers. (Below)The last thing of the day was a presentation on owls by a man from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. We learned about different types of owls and their migratory patterns. (Above)Day 2: Afternoon

The first activity of the day was with Mr. Emanuelson. We worked on geocaching. We used a GPS to find various things near McConnell Hall.The second thing we did was group problem solving . We were given a scenario: We are a group of graduates from various universities doing studies. We had a log and were at the top of a 100 ft. ravine with a sheer drop. All we have to get to the other side is a rope. We have to safely get each other and the log to the other side. We were successful (with a bit of cheating).Day 3: Morning

The second half of the day, we worked on infiltration. We split into groups and each group had supplies. We went to three different sites to test and record the (im)permeability of each.Day 3: Afternoon

In the morning, we went geocaching with Ms. Peffer and Mr. Emanuelson. The staff had planted statements about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Each team had their own coordinates. There were 12 real statements and 3 dummies. Day 4: Morning

We attended a presentation on reptiles.Day 4: Afternoon

Thank you very much to the staff members who made our week possible by sacrificing their time.Thank You Staff!