Email Marketing: How to Use Email in Your Sales Process

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Slides from Bob McCarthy's presentation on email marketing at Tech Day Camp - Frankin - Spring 2013. We all use email in our day-to-day business, but how you use email as a marketing tool is a different story. In this session, youll learn how to use email marketing to generate new leads, to nurture existing leads, to convert leads into customers, to produce repeat business and build loyalty with current customers and to reactivate lapsed customers.


<ul><li>1.What well cover Selling through the years The Sales Process different industries Two Distinctly Different Types of Emails Email Prospecting Using outside lists Email Nurturing Building a house list Automated email Email newsletters Stepped emails 2McCarthy &amp; King Marketing</li></ul> <p>2. Selling through the years3McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 3. Chasing smokestacksOne-Step Process 1. In-Person Selling (Cold Calling) 4McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 4. Enter the telephoneTwo-Step Process 1. Telephone Appointment Setting 2. In-Person Selling 5McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 5. Enter direct mailThree-Step Process 1. Direct Mail Prospecting 2. Telephone Appointment Setting 3. In-Person Selling 6McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 6. Enter Email Four-Step Process 1. Direct Mail &amp; Email Prospecting 2. Telephone Appointment Setting 3. In-Person Selling 4. Email Lead Nurturing7McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 7. Todays Sales Process Generate leads with direct mail Qualify leads by phone Explore and present in person Stay in touch and nurture with email8McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 8. Different industries Traditional Sales Model Lead Generation/Lead Nurturing Contractor Sales Model Call for Estimate/Lead Nurturing Retail/Restaurant Sales Model Customer Nurturing/Loyalty 9McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 9. Lets talk about email Email Prospecting vs. Email Nurturing10McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 10. One Funnel Marketing11McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 11. Email Prospecting Lists Offers Landing Pages Metrics12McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 12. Email Lists Lists are rented List owners do NOT release lists Start with a customer profile Compiled lists demographic lists InfoUSA Response lists behavorial lists Industry trade journals, associations13McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 13. Email Offers Whitepapers, ebooks, tip sheets Webinars, demos, free trials Even FREE offers arent entirely free How much contact info to require Make offer the centerpiece of email 14McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 14. Email Sample15McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 15. Email Sample16McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 16. Landing Pages After the click, where do they go? Do NOT use your home page Landing pages are more focused Repeat the offer Ask for contact info Automated lead processing/fulfillment Dont forget the Thank You page 17McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 17. Landing Page Sample18McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 18. Email Metrics Open Rates and Click-Thru Rates Response Rates (leads captured) Qualified Response Rates Order Rates Cost per Response Return on Investment (ROI) Lifetime Value (repeat customer worth)19McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 19. Email Nurturing Email Service Providers Building a House List Automated Emails Stepped Emails Email Newsletters Surveys 20McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 20. Email Service Providers Constant Contact Aweber Vertical Response iContact Mail Chimp Most start at $15/month21McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 21. Building a House List Customers, prospects, partners Upload Excel files or one at a time No rented or purchased names Put a sign-up box on your website Add incentive for joining Use online and offline methods 22McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 22. Capture leads on website 23McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 23. Automated Emails Create a series of introductory emails Build a case for your business Set and forget it Emails go out to all NEW leads Fewer leads falling through cracks24McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 24. Automated Emails25McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 25. Stepped Emails Determined by the Offer Informational Offers (White Paper Free Activity Offers (Webinars) One-on-One Offers (Meetings/Demos) Diagnostic/Assessment Offers Presentation (Trials/Buy Now)26McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 26. Stepped Emails27McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 27. Email Newsletters Demonstrate knowledge, expertise, authority Stay simple but frequent 1 or 2 articles Different approaches News Opinion Aggregate Info Tips Customer Stories Q&amp;A 28McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 28. Newsletter Sample29McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 29. Surveys Find out what customers and prospects are thinking Qualify new prospects for their sales potential Ask customers to rate their satisfaction Telephone and printed surveys still work Online surveys are faster, cheaper and easier 30McCarthy &amp; King Marketing 30. Thank YouBob McCarthy 508-473-8643 31McCarthy &amp; King Marketing </p>