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Our parish’s patron is St Paul the Apostle who was one of the early Church’s missionary leaders. In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, we read how Paul encountered the Risen Christ on his way to Damascus. Paul’s whole life was transformed. He abandoned persecuting the early followers of our risen Lord and became one of the most eloquent witnesses to the power of Jesus’ love. May your life be utterly transformed by the Risen Christ – just as St Paul’s was, and, like him, may you bring the joy of Christ’s Resurrection to those around you. W ELCOME TO ST PAULS. We are glad that you have come to worship God with us today. If you are a visitor from another parish, or worshipping with us for the first time, please introduce yourself to our parish priest, Fr James Collins, or to anyone wearing a name badge, over a cup of tea or coffee in the parish hall after the service. You’ll find it behind the church. Sung Eucharist – 8.00am Parish Eucharist – 9.30am Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! 3 A Beautiful reflection 4 A thank you letter from ABM 5 The National Anthem – Advance Australia 6 Fair 2014 HSC English Event 8 NSW Ecumenical Council appointed 10 a new General Secretary

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Paul the Apostle who was
one of the early Church’s
missionary leaders.
the Apostles, we read how
Paul encountered the
Damascus. Paul’s whole
life was transformed. He
risen Lord and became
Jesus’ love.
transformed by the Risen
was, and, like him, may
you bring the joy of
Christ’s Resurrection to
that you have come to worship
God with us today. If you are a
visitor from another parish, or worshipping
with us for the first time, please introduce
yourself to our parish priest, Fr James Collins,
or to anyone wearing a name badge, over a
cup of tea or coffee in the parish hall after the
service. You’ll find it behind the church.
Sung Eucharist – 8.00am
Parish Eucharist – 9.30am
A Beautiful reflection 4
The National Anthem – Advance Australia 6
a new General Secretary
please make yourself aware of the
route to the nearest emergency exit.
Should there be a fire, leave quickly,
turn right, and assemble by the
roundabout on Burwood Road.
of the kitchen in the Large Hall behind
the church.
Paul’s most conveniently by the door at
the base of the belltower.
Please turn your mobile phone off or on
to silent before the service starts. It’ll
save you much embarrassment later on.
Large print copies of the weekly pew
bulletin are available from the back of
the church.
inclusive community. If you need a new
name badge send your name to the parish
office and one will be made and left in
church for you.
service. There is a selection of
children’s books and toys at the back of
the church near the font and there are
also kid’s activity sheets and pencils
available at the back of the church on
the pew where the pew sheets and
prayer books are. Please feel free to
bring your children to receive
Communion if they have been
Admitted to Communion, or for a
blessing if you prefer. Toilets are available at the entrance to the
Parish Hall, located behind the church.
Ask a member of the clergy or anyone
who’s wearing a name badge. We’re
here to help.
May the presence of the Risen Christ fill you, sustain and strengthen you,
and guide and lead you.
The Maundy Thursday service was deeply moving and meaningful and the
service on Good Friday, to remember our Lord’s Passion and Death, was
equally profound.
Our worship on Easter Day was a wonderful celebration of our Lord’s
glorious Resurrection.
Again, my thanks goes to everyone who helped to prepare Saint Paul’s for
the great Easter celebration. Many people helped to prepare and rehearse
our liturgies, to rehearse music, to clean and decorate vessels, robes and
the church, and to arrange flowers. There were also generous donations
towards the Easter flowers. The contributions from everyone has been
greatly appreciated by us all. – Fr James
Acts 2.14a,22-32 The OT Reading Acts 2.14a,36-41
Psalm 16 The Psalm Psalm 116.1-4,11-18
1 Peter 1.1-12 The Epistle 1 Peter 1.13-25
John 20.19-31 The Gospel Luke 24.13-35
writing such a beautiful reflection on
Easter Day.
Collins who celebrated her birthday
on Friday 25 April. Many happy
returns and every blessing!
this year’s Palm Sunday, Holy Week
and Easter Day. We thank you for
your generous comments and we
are happy that the music was an
important part of reflection and
worship. Our choir was augmented
by our friends, who enjoy coming to
sing with us, particularly on Good
Edwin Taylor to play for the Service
at St Andrew’s Cathedral for the
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on
Easter Day.
Day Services. We were most
allow the Choir to have a rest this
Sunday. Whilst most will be relaxing,
The Men of St Paul’s – Jeremy
Southwood, Peter Laurence, Luke
be rehearsing to sing Evensong at St
James’ King Street at 6.15pm, on
Wednesday 30th April 2014. For
those of you who attended our
Maundy Thursday Service, I am sure
you will agree that they are a fine
group of singers. This is not the first
time they have sung at St James’, and
being invited to return, is a
testament to their standard and
quality of singing.
friend, Ria Andriani, in the choir. Ria
is blind and the other night, on her
way home, there was a cowardly
incident when her belongings were
snatched. This included her braille
computer in which is stored all her
needs – her music, her university
material and much more. You may
have seen her interview on TV -
how impressive was she with her
outwardly calm response to this
dreadful happening. Please pray for
her. I understand there is a fund
being organised to support her at
this very sad time.
ABM – here is part of its contents:
Dear Parishioners,
ongoing donation of stamps. These
are a great source of income for ABM
and very much appreciated.
are not able to individually recognise
specific amounts of money collected
from the many albums and individual
packets of stamp donations which we
receive. Please be assured that the
money is very gratefully received and
used for our very deserving projects.
Please pass our thanks to the people
involved in collecting, and in some
cases cutting and sorting, the stamps
and who have helped to make your
donation possible. Your donation will
allow ABM’S work to continue and will
also help fund future projects.
Your sincerely,
Christopher Brooks
Syd Farrow, and several new keen
gardeners, give so generously of
their time and expertise to care for
the beautiful grounds around St
Paul's. Is anyone able to give some
time to help Bill and Syd to care for
our grounds? Please have a chat
with Bill and Syd if you can help.
Thank you.
given to the glory of
God and in memory of
who passed away on
and her sister Faye.
and let light perpetual shine upon her!
Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;
Our home is girt by sea;
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
In history’s page, let every stage
Advance Australia Fair.
Advance Australia Fair.
We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
To make this Commonwealth of ours
Renowned of all the lands;
For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;
With courage let us all combine
To Advance Australia Fair.
Advance Australia Fair.
who has given a magnificent
Dyptych with Fra Angelico angels
painted on each panel as well as a
gorgeous runner and candle stands
and candles. It is a wonderful back-
drop to the statue of Our Lady.
We are also very grateful to this Pa-
rishioner for the gorgeous Green
jewel-encrusted Burse and Veil.
very special way.
It has been an enriching time for me.
Thank you for all your hospitality
and generosity, and for giving me a
glimpse into parish ministry which
is so ordinary and yet so Spirit filled.
The stole is beautiful, thank you so
Yolanda Phillips.
Hill, Maryann Underwood.
Guardian Funerals, Burwood
as Manager of Guardian Funerals,
Burwood, and will conclude my duties
on 15th May 2014.
funeral industry, I have made other
choices that will take me onto differ-
ent challenges in life.
heartfelt thanks, for the courtesy that
has been accorded me and the
friendships that have been made
along the way, the knowledge that has
been imparted and the opportunities
that have presented themselves, to
work together, within the community.
It has been very much valued and ap-
Funerals and appreciate the support
provided me during my tenure.
I will miss you and wish you contin-
ued good health and wellbeing.
Yours sincerely,
Jenny Pascali
Reverend Paul Weaver, the Anglican Chaplain at Concord Hospital have
been presenting over the past few years an annual concert of light
pianoclassics, with the aim of raising money for worthwhile causes, as well
as providing an enjoyable hour or so of music for those attending. This
year Rev’d Paul is inviting you to three concerts at different locations:
Sunday 4 May 2014 at 2.30pm St Alban’s Anglican Hall, Pembroke St,
Epping – Proceeds to the work of St John’s Darlinghurst amongst people in
need in the inner city
Sunday 18 May 2014 at 2.00pm Alan Walker Village, Dalmar Place, Car-
lingford – Proceeds to the work of Eastwood Christian Community Aid
Sunday 25 May 2014 at 2.00pm Concord Hospital Chapel, Hospital Road,
Concord – Proceeds to the Chapel’s Stained Glass Restoration Fund
Themes from famous movies and TV shows. Great classics used in the
movies Music for piano solo and piano duet
Pianist: Paul Weaver; Duo Pianist: Bruce Wilson
Suggested Donation $15 – all donations welcome
The 2014 HSC English event will be held on Friday 9 May 2014 at the
Wesley Conference Centre, Sydney and Upper Chapter House, St
Andrew's Cathedral. Specialist professors and theatre directors, present
alongside the authors of the HSC English texts studied. These include
Director, Actor John Bell on 'Julius Caesar'; author Raimond Gaita on
'Romulus, My Father'; Author Mark Baker on 'The Fiftieth Gate'; Playwright
John Misto on 'The Shoe-horn Sonata' and CJ Burke on her book, 'The Tom
Brennan Story'. There are twenty sessions - to book and get the full list of
the texts and speakers at this event day go to www.hscenglish.co or
phone 1800 624 430.
Taizé Pilgrimage of Trust Towards a new solidarity 2014 –
“Christ extended his friendship to all, without rejecting anyone. Those who
love Christ all across the earth, form, in his steps, a large community of
friendship. This is called communion. For this reason, they have a contribu-
tion to make in healing the wounds of humanity: without wanting to impose
themselves, they can promote a globalisation of solidarity that excludes no
people and no single person.”
How can each person take part in this? Brother Alois: Proposals 2014
Please join us for a Taizé Prayer at any of the following times:-
Wednesday 21 May at 9.30am in the Barani Room, Level 7, 379 Kent St,
Wednesday 21 May at 12.00pm, The Crypt, St Patricks Catholic Church,
Church Hill
Wednesday 21 May at 6.00pm, Leichhardt Uniting Church, 3 Wetherill
Street, Leichhardt
Thursday 22 May at 7.00pm at St James Anglican Church, King Street,
Dear Members of the Ecumenical
terday I bring you good news of the
appointment of a new General Sec-
retary. The Executive was pleased to
accept the unanimous recommenda-
pointed the Very Reverend Shenouda
Mansour of the Coptic Orthodox
Church as its General Secretary. As
you will know, Father Shenouda has
served as President of the Council
for the past two years, has been his
church’s representative on the Coun-
cil for nearly 30 years, and is also a
member of the Executive Committee
of the National Council of Churches
in Australia. His ecumenical experi-
ence has been international through
his attendance at the recent 10th As-
sembly of the World Council of
Churches in Busan, Korea, and at the
Global Christian Forum in Indonesia
two years ago.
position of General Secretary had
the enthusiastic support of His Grace
Bishop Daniel of the Coptic Ortho-
dox Diocese of Australia, and he will
be released from his parish and
school responsibilities within his
were adamant that he should contin-
ue his ministry with the Coptic
Church when opportunity arises, as
his priestly calling will not cease
with this appointment, even though it
is his desire to work for the Council
on a full time basis.
It is expected that Father Shenouda
will take up his new role early in
June, and will be commissioned as
the General Secretary of the Council
at the celebration of the Week of
Prayer for Christian Unity service at
St Paul’s Anglican Church, Burwood,
at 5.30 pm on Saturday 7 June. You
are invited to attend this service.
Please join us in praying for Father
Shenouda, his wife Manal, and his
four children as they begin this new
journey together.
Doug Hewitt
Believing is seeing
the first apostles to embrace the good news of the
resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a new birth
into a living hope, tested by fire or in other words by the present
difficulties we face. Our new birth into a living hope is a visible prophetic
witness to the grace of the Spirit of Christ within and between us.
While this message is rich with meaning, the words of the Risen Christ are
simple: peace be with you. In the midst of the realities of fear and doubt,
the gift of the Spirit is real and present; the gift of peace and the gift of
mission: so I send you. Believing can be a way of seeing and our hope and
peace in Christ are our companions as we engage in mission together.
Question: In what ways do we know in our lives that believing is a way of
Pray for people who are troubled by fear and doubt, that the Spirit of
Christ will arise within them and bring peace.
Give thanks for the work and witness of the Anglican Church of
Text: Peter Burke, Anglicare SA @Anglican Board of Mission, 2014
There will be a Service of
Confirmation on Pentecost
Bishop, Bishop Robert Forsyth,
vices on that day.
ready have several adult and
adolescent candidates who will be Confirmed. Please pray for our candi-
dates that God will:
The spirit of discernment and inner strength,
The spirit of knowledge and true godliness,
And fill them with wonder and awe at your presence,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
If you would like to be Confirmed or Received into the Anglican Commun-
ion then please speak with Fr James, Fr John, or Rosemary.
There will be four sessions held after Church to prepare for Confirma-
tion/Reception into the Anglican Communion. These will be held on:
Sunday 27 April; Sunday 4 May
Sunday 18 May; Sunday 25 May
Each session will be held in the Rectory beginning at 11.15am and finish-
ing at 12.15pm.
Each candidate will be given a copy of Graeme Brady's series called
Anglican before this so that the candidates can read it and then we would
discuss several topics each week when we gather.
O ffic
e u
s e
Regional Bishop; and for all the
bishops, priests, deacons and Religious
of the Anglican Communion.
Diocese of Jerusalem & the Middle
East, for its Bishop, The most Rt Revd
Suheil Dawani and for all his clergy
and people.
their spouses. May God bless them
and their ministries and may we
support them as they work among us in
Christ’s name.
strengthen us to help shape a parish
where diversity is a source of
enrichment, compassion is common,
lightened through sharing, justice
the hum of the universe heard, and
together with you and each other we
build what is beautiful, true, worthy of
your generosity to us, an echo of your
kingdom. Amen. (Ted Loder)
(West Bank, Palestinian
Territorries), our Anglican
Dawani, as he begins his ministry in
the parish and as he prepares for
being priested. We remember also
Jameel Maher, who acts as the St
Matthew’s partnership link person
with us. May both our parishes be
blessed by the link we are
your arms of love on the hard wood of
the cross that everyone might come
within the reach of your saving
embrace: So clothe us in your Spirit
that we, reaching forth our hands in
love, may bring those who do not know
you to the knowledge and love of you;
for the honour of your name. Amen.
(Author unknown)
to me and do not forbid them for such
is the kingdom of heaven’. Bless, Lord,
your children who now stand before
you in prayer. Help them to understand
the depth of your love.
We pray also for all the teachers
of our Children’s Church. May our
teachers be enabled to teach and train
your children and help them to grow
through it we may glorify you with your
Father and the Holy Spirit, now, always
and forever. Amen.
life, from falsehood to truth; lead me
from despair to hope, from fear to trust;
lead me from hate to love, from war to
that God may bless all of us and open
our minds and hearts so that we can
help each other; regardless of who they
are; always remembering that God is
our keeper.
Abdulmasseh; Barry Brandy; Margaret
Carrick; Chris;Yvonne Clarke; Beverley
Davies; Leah Delacruz; Dave Ernst; Jean
Fuller; Ginybuwa; Glenyce; Joyce
Trevor Jenkins; Jenny Johnston; Ken
Kalman; Lakoa Katalake; Kerry;
McMillan; Barbara Moreton; Kate
Primmer; Bettie Purton; Deidre Reid;
Heather Robbins-Hayllar; Jenny Rorich;
Marguerite Sheffield; Stanely;
recently departed, Colin MacLeman,
place of refreshment, light and peace.
Pray, too, for Gai Almos, Edwin Cornish,
Darren Tremaine, Janice Farrow,
Beatrice Watson, Valerie Hollis &
whose year’s mind falls around this
time. May they be numbered among
the saints, following the Lamb wherever
he goes!
Morning Prayer will be held in the side chapel Monday – Friday at
7.30am this week.
A Eucharist with prayers for healing will be held in the side chapel
on Wednesday at 10.30am.
Monday 28 April – Mark, Evangelist & Martyr
Tuesday 29 April – Catherine of Siena, spiritual teacher (d.1380)
Thursday 1 May – Philip & James, Apostles & Martyrs
Friday 2 May – Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, teacher
Phone 9747 4327
Fax 9747 0513
Website www.stpaulsburwood.org.au
(9.30am to 2.30pm, Tuesday to Friday)
[email protected]
Rector’s Warden Mr Alan Melrose – 9799 2891
People’s Wardens Mrs Elizabeth Griffiths – 8033 3113
Mrs Pam Brock – 9747 3619
Priests in the Parish Fr John Hawkins, Fr Jim Pettigrew
Director of Music Mrs Sheryl Southwood
Organist Mr Edwin Taylor