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1 Education Commission’s Annual Reporting Session Education for Tomorrow Education for Tomorrow Professor Arthur K C Li, GBS, JP Secretary for Education and Manpower 11 December 2004

Education Commission’s Annual Reporting Session

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Education Commission’s Annual Reporting Session. Education for Tomorrow Professor Arthur K C Li, GBS, JP Secretary for Education and Manpower 11 December 2004. Primary Aims of Education Reform. Motivating students to learn Learning to learn. Reforming the Academic Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Education Commission’s Annual Reporting Session

  • Education Commissions Annual Reporting SessionEducation for Tomorrow

    Professor Arthur K C Li, GBS, JPSecretary for Education and Manpower11 December 2004

  • Primary Aims of Education ReformMotivating students to learn

    Learning to learn

  • Reforming the Academic Structure for Senior Secondary and Higher Education

    Review of the Medium of Instruction (MOI) and Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System

  • Key Attainment100% qualified KG teachersAll new principals are trainedIntroduced QAIStages of EducationEarly childhood educationFurtherdevelopmentHarmonisation of KG CCC (2005)Further upgrading of qualifications of KG/CCC teachersAbollished AATIntroduced BCALaunched curriculum reformStrengthened school accountabilityStepped up professional development of principals/teachersBasic education 6 years primary 3 years junior secondaryImplement BCAsystems assessmentat P.6 (2005) and S.3 (2006)Senior secondary education100% provision of school placesDiversified curriculum with career-oriented studies and Project Ji YinImplement 3-year senior secondary structure (2008)

  • KeyattainmentIncreased participationrate to 53%Post secondaryeducationStages of educationFurtherdevelopmentFurther expand to 60% (by 2010)Mutual recognition of qualifications with Mainland institutionsEncourage deep collaboration between universitiesHighereducationPosition HK as regional education hubContinuingeducationIntroduced Continuing Education Fund (2002) Skills Upgrading Scheme (2001)Established qualifications frameworkEstablish qualifications register

  • ImpactImprovement in students communication skills, independent thinking, motivation, creativity and commitmentImprovement in relationship among stakeholders (teachers, parents, students) and morale of teachersPrimary students find learning much more enjoyable

  • ImpactOver 100,000 persons have benefitted from the Skills Upgrading Scheme since September 2001Over 140,000 applications for the Continuing Education Fund have been approved since June 2004Over 20,000 students have enrolled in Project Yi Jin

  • Student AchievementsProgramme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 20031st (Maths), 2nd (problem solving),3rd (Science), 10th (Reading)International Mathematics Olympiad 20042 silver, 2 bronze, 2 honourable mentionInternational Physics Olympiad 20041 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 honourable mentionIntel International Science and Technology Award 20042nd (engineering), 4th (chemistry, environmental science)

  • Student Achievement (Contd)National Olympiad in Informatics 20041 silver, 3 bronzeNational Mathematics Olympiad 20041 silver, 7 bronzeSpecial Olympiads Winter Games 2004gold (skating)Athens Paralympics Games 2004silver

  • Hall of Fame

  • Teachers AchievementCEs Award for Teaching Excellence44 language teachers awarded85 teachers commendedNational AwardsIntel Outstanding Teacher Award of the 19th National Science and Technology Invention ContestTop honours in the 5th National Young Teachers Competition (Reading)

  • Qualification of TeachersQualification of Qualified Primary and Secondary School Teachers (1996/97 to 2003/04)1996/972003/04PrimarySecondary

  • ChallengesMore holistic approach to nurturing young peopleChanging the mindsetProfessional developmentSynergising innovationsNarrowing the achievement gap

  • Priorities for 20053+3+4 reformMOI and SSPAProfessional development for sustainable improvementDeveloping the qualifications registerNetworking for community support