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drylin N Low-Profile Guide Systems

Low-profile Interchangeable sliding elements Anodised aluminium rail High speed and acceleration possible Lubricant free Low weight

828 8293D-CAD files, prices and delivery time www.igus.eu/drylinNLifetime calculation, configuration and more www.igus.eu/drylinN

drylin N | Low-Profile Guide Systems | Product Overviewdrylin N | Low-Profile Guide Systems | Advantages

Maintenance free Low-Profile Guides drylin NThe low-profile range drylin N offers extremely low profiles in several widths. Like all drylin pro-ducts the carriages run without grease or oil in an anodised aluminium profile. The selected materi-als and the unique design make drylin N a cost- effective and flexible guide system.

Small mounting height between 6 and 12 mm Low weight Many carriage options also with preload Maintenance free, dry-running Corrosion resistant Low wear with low coefficient of friction Rails in silver or black anodised

Typical application areas: Agricultural Vehicle manufacturing Medical Architectural Packaging, etc.

max. 90 C min. -40 C

10 versions17 mm 80 mm

Detailed technical data www.igus.eu/drylinN

Available from stock. Detailed information about delivery time online.

Lifetime calculation online www.igus.eu/drylin-expert

Lightweight due to the use of plastics and aluminium

Lubricant free sliding elements/carriage

made from high-performance polymer iglidur J/J200

Quiet operation through gliding motion

Standard hole pattern or without holes

Carriage with threaded hole or through hole

Interchangeable sliding elements as clip version or

overmoulded sliding surfaces

Variable carriage lengths

Guide Rails 4 Sizes 17,27, 40 and 80 mm Corrosion resistant and light weight Standard hole pattern or without holes Clear anodised (silver) or "Black edition" (black anti-reflection surface) from page 834

Carriage Size 17 Solid plastic made from high-performance polymer iglidur J, brass thread

Standard, preload (PL), floating (LL) Easy to fit due to available double carriage in 30 mm /40 mm length

Very small for the smallest installation spaces page 835

Carriage Size 27 Largest carriage and material options with lengths of up to 80 mm

Zinc die-casting or solid plastic made from high- performance polymer iglidur J

Standard, preload (PL), floating (LL) Interchangeable sliding elements as clip version or overmoulded

High-temperature carriages and manual clamp available page 837

Carriage Size 40 Zinc die-casting with thread/through hole Standard, preload (PL), floating (LL) Interchangeable sliding parts as clip version or overmoulded page 839

Carriage Size 80 Carriages with wide load-bearing surface Lubricant free due to high-performance polymers J/J200 Interchangeable sliding elements as clip version or overmoulded

Carriages made from zinc die-casting with threaded holes (reduced installation height as no pins used) page 841

Accessories End caps Manual clamp for size 27 Telescopic rails (with/without locking function) page 844

Based on drylin N elements drylin SLN Drive Technology from page 1101Cleanroom certificated

IPA FraunhoferFree of toxins ROHS 2002/95/EC

ESD compatible (electrostatic discharge)

Light weight, maintenance free, corrosion resistant and low wear Compact design in four different versions

Size 17

Size 27

Size 40

Size 80

Clear anodised aluminium rails

Low profile due to C-profile geometry

830 8313D-CAD files, prices and delivery time www.igus.eu/drylinNLifetime calculation, configuration and more www.igus.eu/drylinN

drylin N | Low-Profile Guide Systems | Application Examples drylin N | Low-Profile Guide Systems | Online Tools

The examination of your application as well as the calculation of the expected ser-vice life, these are the duties of the cal-culation programme drylin expert 2.0. Only 4 steps are required to obtain a definitive result regarding the operating behaviour of the application, as well as a host of important tech-nical parameters, such as the expected wear and the required driving forces.


The igus CAD online configurator gives you the ability to design and save your linear guide as a system, or individual components directly as a 3D model, or have these sent by e-mail free of charge and without registration.


The removal unit is moved along the X-Y axis using the space-saving and cost-saving drylin N low-pro-file guide. The rugged drylin T guide system under-takes the vertical guidance.

The sampling device uses drylin linear bearings to re-move the products precisely and smoothly.

The most important decision for drylin N low-profile guide systems is the compact design as this makes it possible to achieve maximum performance.

drylin N low-profile guide systems and drylin SD lead screw drives perform the height adjustments. As a black anodised profile, drylin N ideally blends into the design of the 3D printer.

In the redesigning of the table guidance for this auto-mated teller, the focus was on a ready-to-install, cost-efficient, durable and lubricant free bearing and system.

The quiet, lubricant free, low-profile design of drylin N made it the ideal solution and enabled it to fulfil all relevant safety requirements.


N17 N27 N40 N80

NW-17 NW-27 NW-40 NW-80



832 8333D-CAD files, prices and delivery time www.igus.eu/drylinNLifetime calculation, configuration and more www.igus.eu/drylinN

drylin N | Low-Profile Guide Systems | Design Rules

NW-... NW-... LLZ NW-... LLY NW-... LLYZ

Floating bearings version

LLZ Floating bearing in z-directionLLY Floating bearing in y-directionLLYZ Floating bearing in yz-direction

Floating bearing

0.6 0.45 0.4 0.60.5 0.8 0.8 0.8

Y = 0.6Z = 0.5

Y = 0.3Z = 0.4

Y = 0.4Z = 0.8

Y = 0.6Z = 0.8

drylin N | Low-Profile Guide Systems | Technical Data

Tightening torque for drylin connections between metal parts

Note the minimal screw in depth for aluminium and zinc parts: 1.5 x Da

Metric thread Torque Recommended torque[Da] [Nm] [Nm]

1.0 - 2.8 1.52.0 - 5.5 3.04.0 - 10.0 6.08.0 - 23.0 15.022.0 - 46.0 30.0




System SelectionSystemRail width 17 mm 27 mm 40 mm 80 mmInstallation height 6 mm 9.5 mm 9.5 mm 12 mmGeneral propertiesRail weight 150 g/m 290 g/m 450 g/m 1,140 g/mCarriage weight 1.7 g 912.5 g 30 g 100 gMax. rail length 2,000 mm 3,000 mm 3,000 mm 4,000 mmLoad capacities, staticFy 50 N 500 N 700 N 1,000 NFz 50 N 500 N 700 N 1,000 NMx 0.31 Nm 5 Nm 10 Nm 32.4 NmMy, Mz 0.18 Nm 2.5 Nm 6 Nm 15 NmCarriage optionsFloating bearing in y-directionFloating bearing in z-directionFloating bearing in yz-directionPreload (1 N)Moulded versionCarriage with plain holeCarriage with threaded hole

Table 01: System selection available not available


F [N


Speed v [m/s]

Diagram 01: F v diagram, maximum permissible dynamic load

Size 17 Size 27 Size 40 Size 80

Technical details on floating bearings page 778The 2:1 Rule page 778

Clip-on sliding elementsDepending on the size, up to three lubricant free sliding elements made from the high-perfomance polymer igli-dur J are clipped on around the zinc die-cast carriage body. These can be changed quickly and easily at any time and the zinc die-cast carriages can be reused. A set of appropriate sliding elements is available for every clip-on carriage (item no. NEK-... page 846).

Overmoulded sliding elementsWith this carriage type, the zinc die-cast body is made as an integral part of the high-performance polymer J/J200 during the injection molding process. For the user, this manufacturing process offers the benefit that the sliding surfaces are permanently connected to the carriage. This makes it quicker to insall the carriages in the profile. Mass storage is possible, including in the form of bulk goods, as the sliding elements cannot come loose. It is not possible to retrofit sliding elements; the carriages must be entirely replaced at the end of their service life.

Preload functionThe use of sliding elements with an integrated spring pre-load function prevents the carriages in the rail profile from rattling. Adjustment occurs silently using the preload prin-ciple, making the guide suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as the automotive, medical or furnitu-re sectors. Pretensioning increases the driving forces by max. 10 N.

Anodised surfacesAll drylin N guide rails are anodised and are distinguished by good wear properties and corrosion resistance. Availa-ble are all rail sizes with clear anodised (silver) as well as with anti-reflex version in black anodised surface. These are technical surfaces and not decorative. Slight crack for-mations and colour variations cannot be prevented during production, but they do not affect the resistance, the cor-rosion behaviour or the gliding properties. Sectional faces and post-processed surfaces are uncoated.

Technical options for drylin low-profile guide systems

NW-02-17 NW-02-17-P NW-22-17-30 NW-22-17-40

NS-01-17- 72)

NS-01-17-UNGEBOHRT- 72)

NS-01-17-AR- 72)


NW - 22 - 17 - 30 - LLY





834 835

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