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English Diphthongs Spanish similarities and differences.

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  • 1. English Diphthongs Spanish similarities and differences.

2. English and Spanish Vowels.i: i u u: I e o e : :Julio Torrecillas, 2003 a: a 3. Vowels Vowels are determined by changes inposition of the lips, tongue andpalate. These changes can be very slight anddifficult to detect. In English, vowels can also glide into(move quietly) one another to formdiphthongs and even tripthongs. 4. Diphthongs: CentringDiphthongs are those sounds that consist of amovement or glide from one vowel to another.The first part of a diphthong is always longer andstronger than the second part 5. Diphthongs: Closingi:u:u eioiai au 6. /ei/ Spelling The sound /ei/ is usually written with theletters: "A": baby, face, late, page, place, same,take. (The final "e" indicates that "a" ispronounced /ei/. without this final "e" thepronunciation would be a vowel, e.g. Sam [ sm], bath [ba:] "AY": day, say, stay, today, way. "Al": rain Spain, train, wait. "EA": great weight steak, Other spellings grey, they, break, eight. 7. Transcribe the following words. Paper [peip]; Sail[seil]; Radio [reidiu]; James[eimz]; Railway[reilwei]; Station[stein]; Newspaper[nju:speip] date [deit]. 8. /ou/ // This has two sounds // and /u/ or //.The second element of the diphthong isvery short and the first one is longerthan /e/. The lips at the beginning are in a neutral position and then gradually rounded as the tongue rises to make /u/. 9. Spelling The sound // is usually written with theletters: - o: go, hello, no, old, only, hotel. - o...e: home, hole, nose, those. - oa: boat, coat, road, Joan. -ow: know, low, narrow, show, slow, thro -ou: though, soul, shoulder. Some words: Boat; Joan, Joness ; hotel; hello. 10. /ai/ This has two sounds /a:/ and thenadd /i/, this is a short sound. Moststudents have little or no difficultieswith this sound. 11. Spelling. The sound /ai/ is usually written withthe letters i or y. i, y: child, find, five, smile, try, by, fly, right, sky, ... - igh: high, light, night, right, bright. -ye: eye, goodbye. - Other spellings: lie, buy, 12. Transcription. Pie [pai]; kite[kait], climbing[klaimi] riding; [raidi] Rice[rais],bright [brait];ice-cream[ais kri:m]; ice-skating ais skeiti]; goodnight [gudnait], Friday[fraidi] 13. /a/ The first sound is, in some way,similar to //, then add /u/; thissecond sound is very short.There is an /au/ diphthong in Spanish but it ispronounced higher and it is much more tensethan the English equivalent. 14. Spelling The sound /au/ is written with the letters: ou: about, mouth, count, round, out, round. ow: cow, crowd, flower, down, now, town, brown. 15. Transcription Flowers[flaz]; Mouse[maus], mice [mais], thousand [aznd]; cows [kaz], trousers [trazz]. 16. // The two sounds in this diphthongare: /:/ even pronounced longer,then /i/, being even shorter. Thereare few words for practice of thissound at beginner level. 17. Spelling:The sound /i/ is writtenwith the letters:-oi: noise, point, voice, ...-oy: boy, toy, employ, ... 18. Centring Diphthongs 19. Centring Diphthongs // In this diphthong both elements are short,but the accent falls on the first one. When this diphthong is followed by an r,this consonant is not pronounced exceptwhen the following syllable or word beginswith a vowel, in this case a linking r canbe pronounced. E.g. fearing [firi] 20. Spelling -ea: dear, hear, ear, near. -er,eer: deer, beer, here. Other spellings: idea, real, museum. 21. ///e/ The first sound is an /e/ but you haveto make it a little longer, then add //.Most students produce the -er endingwith the r always pronounced. Theres a book on the table. Its there. 22. Spelling -are: share, scare, mare, care. -air: chair, pair, air, ... - ear: bear, tear -ere: where, there. Other spellings: their, theyre, wear,Mary. 23. Transcription Beer[bi] near[ni] Here[hi] chair [] Where [we] airport [ep:t] square[skwe] 24. /o/ The diphthong /o/ is normallyreplaced by a /:/ by RP speakers,that is why I dont think it isimportant but although we dontcare about its production you shouldunderstand it. Spelling: -oar, ore, our, oor: boar, for, soar,your, pour, more, door, ... 25. // The first element is a /u/ and thesecond one is a //.It is oftenpronounced /:/ or // Look at thefollowing examples: poor [p] [p] [p:] sure [] [] [:] Spellings: -ou, ure, oor: tour, pure,moor 26. Triphthongs Some people also speak oftriphthongs [ai], [ei], [au], [u],[oi] Fire, flower, shower, player, theyre,lower, enjoyable [inoibl].