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The Filipino Canadian Newspaper of choice in Alberta and Saskatchewan VOLUME 6 ISSUE 05 SEPTEMBER 2015 Jean Diestro Realtor 217-222 16 Ave., NE Calgary, Alberta Sellers’ and buyers’ satisfaction is my goal. I serve my clients beyond their expectations. “Whatever it takes, I will get the job done!” mobile: 403.383.7001 fax: 403.592.9142 email: [email protected] Free Home Evaluation... Free Sellers’ and Buyers’ Orientation 10827 95 St. NW Edmonton Ph: 587.524.7555 Fax: 587.524.7556 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 , 2001, 2002 Cheryl Posadas-Guinsatao EDITOR IN-CHIEF M Chef Gilmars Bacani P6 Jennifer Uminga Mobile Mortgage Specialist Calgary and Area 403-923-2946 [email protected] mms.tdcanadatrust.com/jennifer.uminga We’ve got the right mortgage for you Together we can identify the home financing solution that meets your needs. TD Canada Trust continued on page 4 Stampede Toyota Clearout Event 2015 page 23 For details contact kabayan natin Kuya Ron Leoncio 5878977888 It’s Official: Canadian economy in recession It’s official: Canada’s economy fell into recession in the first half of the year for the first time since the Great Reces- sion of 2009 this is based on Statistics Canada’s report last September 1. In the report, it confirmed that Canada’s real gross domestic product shrank 0.5 per cent between April and June, following a revised downward decline of 0.8 per cent for the first three months of the year. The two-quarter slump meets the techni- cal definition of recession, fueling the federal election campaign debate over who could best lead the country out of the economic mire after the Oct. 19 vote. “We know why there’s a recession. It’s not because the (federal) government ran a $2-billion surplus. There’s a recession because oil prices have fallen by half,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said when asked about the economic recession this time. “And the recession has been made worse because the NDP government came in and followed up by raising taxes on everybody.” Harper has been touting his govern- ment’s economic record, which was topped off this week by an unexpected $1.9-billion surplus in the 2014-2015 fiscal year in the buildup to a national leaders debate Thursday on the economy. The surplus was achieved in part by de- partments under-spending their budgets by $8.7 billion — what is referred to as lapsed funding and which critics deplore as spending cuts by stealth. The Conser- vatives had budgeted for $7.2 billion in lapsed funding but wound up with $1.5 billion more than anticipated. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, who won a majority government by a landslide on May 5, has hiked taxes on large corpora- tions to 12 per cent from 10 per cent and increased personal income taxes for those making more than $125,000 annually. Harper had a previous skirmish with Notley at the beginning of the campaign. In early August, the Conservative leader criticized the Alberta government for raising taxes and fees and delaying a full budget until the fall. “It’s a disaster,” he said at the time. “One rejected by the Alberta population.” To answer this, Alberta’s Finance Minis- ter Joe Ceci offered this statement. “The current economic climate is caused by the global drop in the price of oil and the failure by both the provincial and federal Conservatives to diversify the economy and save when times were good,” Ceci said in an email. Notley has said Harper needs to accept that Albertans have endorsed her party and that since her government was elected, it has replaced a “regressive” flat income tax with better taxation. David Taras, a political scientist at Cal- gary’s Mount Royal University, said the tactic of picking a fight with Notley could be a double-edged sword for the Con- servative leader. “Using the same logic, Notley could ask whether the recession in Canada as a whole was brought on by the Conservatives being in power and their failure to invest in jobs,” Taras said. Meanwhile Statistics Canada noted that overall, the second quarter slump was milder than economists’ consensus forecast for a 1 per cent decline and a monthly uptick in June was seen as

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    Its Official: Canadian economy in recession

    Its official: Canadas economy fell into recession in the first half of the year for the first time since the Great Reces-sion of 2009 this is based on Statistics Canadas report last September 1. In the report, it confirmed that Canadas real gross domestic product shrank 0.5 per cent between April and June, following a revised downward decline of 0.8 per cent for the first three months of the year.

    The two-quarter slump meets the techni-cal definition of recession, fueling the federal election campaign debate over

    who could best lead the country out of the economic mire after the Oct. 19 vote. We know why theres a recession. Its not because the (federal) government ran a $2-billion surplus. Theres a recession because oil prices have fallen by half, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said when asked about the economic recession this time. And the recession has been made worse because the NDP government came in and followed up by raising taxes on everybody.Harper has been touting his govern-ments economic record, which was topped off this week by an unexpected $1.9-billion surplus in the 2014-2015 fiscal year in the buildup to a national leaders debate Thursday on the economy.The surplus was achieved in part by de-partments under-spending their budgets by $8.7 billion what is referred to as lapsed funding and which critics deplore as spending cuts by stealth. The Conser-vatives had budgeted for $7.2 billion in lapsed funding but wound up with $1.5 billion more than anticipated.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, who won a majority government by a landslide on May 5, has hiked taxes on large corpora-tions to 12 per cent from 10 per cent and increased personal income taxes for those making more than $125,000 annually. Harper had a previous skirmish with Notley at the beginning of the campaign. In early August, the Conservative leader criticized the Alberta government for raising taxes and fees and delaying a full budget until the fall. Its a disaster, he said at the time. One rejected by the Alberta population.To answer this, Albertas Finance Minis-

    ter Joe Ceci offered this statement. The current economic climate is caused by the global drop in the price of oil and the failure by both the provincial and federal Conservatives to diversify the economy and save when times were good, Ceci said in an email.Notley has said Harper needs to accept that Albertans have endorsed her party and that since her government was elected, it has replaced a regressive flat income tax with better taxation.David Taras, a political scientist at Cal-garys Mount Royal University, said the tactic of picking a fight with Notley could be a double-edged sword for the Con-servative leader. Using the same logic, Notley could ask whether the recession in Canada as a whole was brought on by the Conservatives being in power and their failure to invest in jobs, Taras said.Meanwhile Statistics Canada noted that overall, the second quarter slump was milder than economists consensus forecast for a 1 per cent decline and a monthly uptick in June was seen as

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    The Elephant in the Room

    Theres an elephant in the room

    It is large and squatting, so it is hard to get around it

    Yet we squeeze by with How are you? and Im fine

    And a thousand other forms of trivial chatter.

    We talked about the weather

    We talked about work

    We talked about everything else except the elephant in the room

    We all know its there

    We are thinking about the elephant as we talk together

    Its constantly on our minds

    For you see it is a very big elephant

    It has hurt us all

    But we do not talk about the elephant in the room

    Oh please say his name

    Oh please say Alan again

    Oh please lets talk about the elephant in the room

    For if we talked about his death

    Perhaps we can talk about his life

    Can I say Alan to you and not have you look away

    For if I cannot then you are leaving me alone

    In a room with an elephant

    This month after a sum-mer marked by festivals, FIFA, Pan-Am Olympics, forest fires, changing weather, economic reces-sion, lay-offs, election, Chinas land invasion issue and the mixture ap-athy and hostility towards refugees despite repeated drownings in the Mediter-ranean- the public mood suddenly shifted. The world was brought to tears by an image of a 3 year old Syrian boy Alan Kurdi who was washed up dead on a beach. He perished in an attempt to escape persecution by crossing the sea from Turkey to Europe. So far this year, he is just one of the more than 2,500 refugees who

    died trying to cross the Mediterranean as the UNHCR reported. Four million Syrians have left their country since the war started in early 2011, many seeking refuge in nearby European coun-tries. The more you look at this photo, the more the image turns into a slow burning punch to the gut that you cant get out of your mind even more so to us Canadians that arrived here first as mi-grants or refugees. When the news broke that the Canadian members of the boys family had attempt-ed to apply for refugee status in their behalf, but the form was returned in-complete. The boys aunt

    also issued a personal plea to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander. I think all Canadian people, who see themselves as generous and welcoming and take great pride in their long history of international peace keeping wondered how it all could have come to this. After this broke out on the campaign trail, the NDP immediately offered to take in 10,000 refu-gees, the Liberals 25,000. The Conservatives who were put on the defensive by the public response pledged to increase military aid in the fight against ISIS. Many Euro-pean countries member of UNHCR started to open their borders to hundreds

    and thousands of refugees. Even Philippines offer to take a number of refu-gees on the wait for their papers approval. Stalin once said, One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic. That image of Aylan help bring home the horror of a crisis. Identifiable victims seem to trigger empathy and compassion, but many victims seem like cold numbers that do not tug at our heartstrings. However, to inspire pro-social action in the face of large scale crisis, presenting unsettling pictures of identifiable vic-tims may not be the only path to changing public opinions. As the days passed the image was blurred by terror fears. People pre-dictably think that as they feel more compassion as victim numbers increase, it in turn create concerns about the financial and emotional cost of trying to help so many. Perhaps this will be too expensive or be too emotionally ex-cruciating to think about. For these reasons, people might try to suppress emotions to avoid these costs. They will think that the things that they can do will be just a drop in a bucket- too little to really make a difference to an insurmountable problem or issue in the society. But this notion was refuted many times. One helping hand make a difference. Take for example, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) that is a non-profit organization which provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refu-gees in Southern Alberta. As part of their 34 years mandate to help migrants and refugees, Margaret Chisholm Resettlement House was established as one of its main response to settlement issues. Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre

    provides temporary accommodation to newcomers as they begin the resettlement process in Calgary and assisting them in overcoming ini-tial obstacles in adjusting to a new country. The center can accommodate up to 80 people. Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre served as a tempo-rary accommodation fa-cility where Government Assisted Refugees (GARS) who are destined to Calgary are brought from the airport and stay for up to 19 days until perma-nent accommodation is secured. About 4,500 refugees have been helped in this program. Despite of the fire in the center recently and its costly renovation, MCRC looks forward in the arrival of a group of Syrian refugees in the coming weeks. The image of Alan is just one of the many heartbreaking evidence of the harsh reality the migrants go through. The question that remains to be answered is- will these finally wake us up on the crisis on our doorstep? Could this be the moment when people finally find it in their hearts to talk, care and eventually act on the issues affecting the world? I titled this editori-al the elephant in the room because the refugee crisis is just one of the many difficult issues that is very obvious but not discussed or addressed, such as mental illness, depression, addiction, bullying, homelessness, domestic violence, abortion, abuse of power, environmental problems, unemployment, terror-ism, etc. Theres a denial to face these issues in our everyday life. We avoid it because its just seems too much or too many to deal or talk about. Mother Theresa said, If I look at the mass, I will never act. I still

    believe that people need to use their head, heart and feet in every issues facing the world. Meaning they need to know about it (head), they need to feel its implication to them and the future of their loved ones (heart) and to act even in small dosage. One small step will really make a difference. We re-ally hope that people will not dare look away at the elephant in the room. We must really not.

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    Travel Back in Time with Alberta PrairieSantaAquino-PosadasWRITER

    The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things maybe, to see them as they are.- Samuel Johnson Welcome on-board Alberta Prairies excursion passenger train! About 200 seniors from Calgary enjoyed the excursion coulees, and through grain field and pasture, set up by New Casa Seniors Club last Sep-tember 13. That Sunday, I look forward to experience the low whine of a steam whistle echoing across the

    prairie and badlands. Roll-ing along past coulees, and through grain field and pasture, you may even get a glimpse of an-telope, deer, birds of prey and other wildlife. Seeing cattle, and evidence of the oil and gas industry that brought post-Secondary World War prosperity. Stettler is a small central Alberta town with a big secret. They operate a mid-century passenger steam/diesel train that takes on passengers every weekend from May until December. Arriving at the Station under the Stettler

    Grain Elevator, visitors like us are whisked back to the early 1900s. Once you have boarded the train and find your as-signed seats, friendly staff welcome you aboard and spend 10 minutes outlin-ing the adventure that awaits you. The trip which is 30 kms from the town of Stettler, AB to the town of Big Valley, AB takes approximately 1 1/2 hours one way. While riding the train, passengers are encouraged to explore the length of the train, con-sisting of several passen-

    ger cars reflecting various time periods, an open air car, 2 snack/souvenir bars and a saloon bar where a live 2 piece band plays and alcoholic beverages are served. There is other entertainment aboard in-cluding a strolling guitar player and a cowboy story teller. Throughout the trip, several announcements to passengers are made giving details about the train, the terrain and stories of the railway. Halfway through the trip, the train stops and is boarded by train robbers that ride up beside the train on horseback and demand that passengers relieve themselves of their spare change, our cowboy story teller comes along and arrests the gang and saves the passenger and the money collected is donated to a local charity (all fun and games). Once the train rolls up to the station in Big Valley, several residents of town, dressed in period clothing are there to greet the passengers who then leave the train and head into town by foot or by wagon to the community centre where a full buffet is served. Once the pas-sengers have eaten they are encouraged to explore

    the town which includes an old western boulevard and several museums, before being summoned back to the train by train whistle for the ride back to Stettler. The ride back is once again filled with music, stories and overall fun. The total trip takes approximately 4 1/2 hours to complete. By the turn of the century, the railway was bringing trainloads of settlers to this harsh and often inhospitable land. And it wasnt long before that iron highway was taking the bountiful fruits of their labour to markets in the east and west. Like delicate strands of an enormous web, the rail-way spread quickly across the land, connecting communities and spawn-ing new ones as they went. Many of the early lines no longer exist. The iron has long-since been salvaged, leaving only a heavily over-grown right-of-way as a marker. Very few of the original rail lines still re-main and Alberta Prairie is an example of what once was. Warm summer morn-ings were spent pacing the long wooden platform, watching for the puff of smoke in the distance or listening for the train. The station house was

    where residents greeted family and bid farewell to friends. It was the commu-nication hub that, before the radio and television, was where news of the outside world first arrived. The trains truly were more than carriers of the mail and freight. We truly enjoy the trip aboard the Alberta Prairie Railway, a truly living piece of Cana-dian History. Check out their website for more details. We really seniors enjoyed it. We toured the train, sat in the saloon car, watched the country go by in the open air car and enjoyed the roast beef buffet provided. We travel south from Stettler and find many interesting sights, and discover many fasci-nating facts about Alber-tas early days. We meet small-town and country people with the warm hearted, hardworking spirit of their pioneer fore-bears. If there is an image that captures the essence of the Canadian West like nothing else, it is the rail-way. Those ribbons of steel as the Canadian singer/song writer Gordon Light-foot once called them, formed the early sinews that bound this growing nation together.

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    face of the month


    Charmaine Baquiran is a Calgary native who is no stranger to the dance scene. Starting at the age of three, she was quick-ly involved with dance studios training her in Ballet, tap and jazz giving her a solid foundation to what would be her career. At the age of 10 her first job was performing with The Young Candians which gave her numerous opportunities to perform in front of thousands of people during the Calgary Stampede. Throughout the 6 years of her being in the company, Char-maine had the opportu-nity to perform in front of Queen Elizabeth II for Albertas centennial, as well as performing as a principle Dancer when So You Think You Can Dance Canada finalist Allie Bertram was unfor-tunately injured for a few nights. The opportunity The Young Canadians gave Charmaine taught her to love the stage and all the magic surrounding it.While being with The Young Canadians per-

    forming arts company, Charmaine never stopped training at her home studio, Airborne Dance Center, which helped solidify her training and kept her motivated to keep growing as a dancer. In 2009 she then received a scholarship to the Edge school, which helped her find a balance with school and dance. If studio training wasnt enough, Charmaine would go to many different dance conventions such as Triple Threat, the Pulse on Tour, and Coastal Dance Rage. By the age of 15 she was travelling every weekend to different cities assisting some of the best choreog-raphers in the business such as Blake McGrath, Shannon Mather, Nappy-tabs, etc. She was then given an opportunity to dance for Blake McGrath in Toronto for the Sum-mer Rush concert. Once being on that stage she knew this is what she is meant to do. Once Charmaine graduat-ed high school at the Edge she quickly moved to Los

    Angeles at the ripe age of 17. Moving to LA was a huge shock for the ambitious Charmaine. Competing with the big dogs came to be a bit discouraging especially her being a big fish from a small pond. It wasnt until Dana Foglia, one of Beyonces dancers/choreographers, spotted Charmaine at her audition and asked her to join her apprenticeship which then led to Charmaine joining her company, Dana Foglia Dance. Since then Charmaine has been blessed with so many opportunities. You can catch Charmaine on the movie, choreographed by Shannon Mather, God the father, as well as a dancer on the hit VH1 show, Hit the Floor, choreographed by the amazing Michael Rooney. Charmaine has travelled to Germany to perform with music sen-sation Helene Fischer. Her favorite accomplishment was this recent VMA per-formance with Beyonce.

    Charmaine Baquiran

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    Filipino Community Encourage to Register for OAV

    Cheryl Posadas-GuinsataoEDITOR IN-CHIEF

    Notice is hereby given that under the Republic Act No. 9189, otherwise known as The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003, as amended by Republic Act No. 10590, all citizens of the Philip-pines abroad, who are not otherwise disqualified by law, at least eighteen (18) years of age on the day of the elections, and who are registered overseas voters, may vote for President, Vice-President, Senators and Party-List Representa-tives. In Alberta, every Fil-ipino is asked to register during the Passport Out-reach on September 22- 25 at Day Inn 3828 Macleod Trail SW in Calgary or on October 5 8 in Edmon-ton with venue TBA. For more information visit http://www.vancouverpcg.org/overseas-voting-1.html. All qualified Filipino citizens not registered as voters under Republic Act No. 8189 otherwise known as The Voters Registration Act of 1996 , (the system of continuing registration) shall file an application for registra-tion while those who are already registered under the said Act shall file for certification.

    For purposes of the May 9, 2016 elections the filing of application for registration/certification shall be from May 6, 2014 (Philippine Time) to Octo-ber 31, 2015 (Philippine Time). Requests for Transfer of Registration Records may be filed at the Posts or before the Office for Overseas Voting (OFOV) of the COMELEC during the registration period. The 30-day voting period will commence on April 9, 2016 (Philippine Time) until 3:00 oclock in the afternoon of May 9, 2016 (Philippine Time) at the Philippine Embas-sy or Consulate having jurisdiction over the place where the overseas voter is registered as such. (The time for voting to be an-nounced later.) Meanwhile the Department of Foreign Affairs Overseas Voting Secretariat (DFA-OVS) advices the public that iREHISTRO is now global. iREHISTRO is a system that provides another way of accomplishing forms for voter registration relat-ed process. Prospective applicants still have to ap-pear personally at Foreign Service Posts or Mobile/Field registration sites, to sign and submit their duly accomplished printed form, and for biometrics capturing. In addition, the processed applications

    still have to be approved by the Resident Election Registration Board (RERB). Overseas Filipinos in the Asia Pacific (ex-cept China and Taiwan), Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa region now have the option of filling up the forms from the comfort of their homes, workplace, internet caf, or anywhere they have access to reliable internet connection. The option-al appointment feature of the system allows for better time management since it provides them an easy way to schedule their personal appearance at the Embassy, Consulate Gener-al, Mission or Mobile/Field registration site. All Filipino citizens who expect to be in the Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa during the 30-day (09 April 09 May 2016) overseas voting period for the 2016 National Elec-tions, at least 18 years old on 09 May 2016, not oth-erwise disqualified by law and who would like to be among the first overseas Filipinos to become part of this historical evolution of the Philippine overseas electoral process, may now go to irehistro.comelec.gov.ph/ov or http://www.comelec.gov.ph to access the iREHISTRO System to register as an overseas vot-er. The voter registration period ends on October 31.

    a sign the economy is turning a corner after five months of declines. Still, expectations for future growth are modest as low oil prices and slow global growth continue to weigh on Canadas resource sector. By comparison, the U.S. economy grew 3.7 per cent in the second quarter.While far from good news, the decline in Q2 GDP was a bit less nasty than expected and the good news is that the eco-nomic contraction looks to be in the rear-view mirror, Doug Porter, chief economist at BMO Capital Markets. If this period is ultimately deemed to be a recession, it will be of the mildest variety and one of the strangest reces-sions ever consumer spending was up in both quarters and so too was employment, far from a widespread softening in the economy. But other economists were less optimistic. With exports still struggling and business investment

    falling in response to the fallout in the energy sec-tor, hopes for a sustained rebound beginning in the second half of the year look misplaced, David Madani, Canadian econo-mist with Capital Eco-nomics, wrote in a note to clients.The consumer, once again, led most of the second quarter growth, while business investment remained a major drag. Consumer spending rose 2.3 per cent, most of it on autos and houses. Savings rates fell, while payments on mortgages and others loans ate up a higher percentage of incomes. Government spending rose a modest 1.5 per cent. However, business investment continued to be a major drag, falling 12 per cent, as the energy sector cut spending on machinery, equipment and buildings, though at a slower pace than in the first three months of the year.The Statistics Canada

    report also renewed the ongoing economic debate over the definition of a technical recession, which the federal govern-ment recently enshrined in its balanced budget legislation as two consec-utive quarters of negative GDP. Economists argue the definition is too narrow to reflect whats really happening this time.While Canadas energy sector and the provinces that depend on it, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New-foundland and Labrador, have been slammed by plunging oil prices, the rest of the country, espe-cially Ontario and British Columbia, are reaping the benefits of a lower Canadi-an dollar.The last time the econo-my contracted over two consecutive quarters was in 2009 during the Great Recession, when GDP pulled back by 8.7 per cent in the first quarter and 3.6 per cent in the second.

    Its Official: Canadian economy in recessioncontinued from page 1

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    Charmaine has worked with some of the best choreographers from the business but shes still working hard and training and shes excited to see what the future has in store for her. Below is the short interview, we have of her.

    1. What are your goals as a daughter and as part of the Filipino community?My goal as a daughter is to make my parents proud of me. My goals in general are to inspire people to not be scared to reach their dreams. I want to inspire the dance community in Calgary to reach what they think wouldnt be possible. Coming from Calgary, I never thought I would experience half of the jobs Ive encountered in my life, but I complete-ly believed in myself and trained as hard as I could to be where I am today. The thing I love doing most in my life (dancing) happens to be my job. I am living the dream.

    2. Any interesting or memorable life events?I just recently finished filming Season 3 of VH1s Hit television show Hit The Floor.

    3. I felt honored to be the face of the month for DFs September issue. My hope is that my story will inspire the younger generation to reach their goals and not let anything

    come in the way of that. There were so many peo-ple that didnt believe in believe in me and thought I wouldnt make it but I didnt let them stop me. Im still just starting and Im going to continue to work hard to achieve all of my goals. I believe in myself and with my

    familys support, I can do anything!

    4. Any advice for DF readers?Dont let anything come in between you and your goals. Never stop believing in yourself. As long as you tell yourself you can do it, it will happen.

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    MariettaPangan-DutkoskiASST EDITOR IN-CHIEF

    2015 September The Main Special Feature:

    Chef Gilmars Bacani After we have fea-tured Chef GilMars Mars Bacani last year, we are very proud to say see him in the limelight once again after adding few more stars in his chef uniform. Early last year, Chef Mars has been promot-ed to overseeing not just one but couple more branches of Silvera for Seniors senior care homes as Chef and a Dining services Supervi-sor in Shawnessy, Spruce Community and Westview Community. He is also promoted as Board of Director for Chefs Associates at the Calgary Academy of Chefs and Cook and a very active Committee Member (Employee Representa-tive) of the Alberta Cook Provincial Apprenticeship Committee, (PAC). On top of all of these he is now hailed as the National Vice President for new and forthcoming association for culinar-ians in Canada- The Philipppine Culinary Federation of Canada (PCFC). These accolades and achievements didnt come overnight or with-

    out sweat for Chef Mars. Mars grew up in Caloocan Philippines and finished his secondary level at Manila Central University Philippines. He enrolled in the BS Medical Technol-ogy program at Martinez Memorial College and finished his internship at East Avenue Medical Center, Philippines. He used owned numerous laundry shops and was a director (on leave) of MAB Internation-al Services, a recruitment agency in the Philippines. Mars love for cooking led him to have com-pleted basic and advance cooking at the Center for Advanced Training in Food and Beverage Ser-vices (CATFABS) under the mentorship of Executive Chef Roberto Francisco. Chef Mars first culinary job was as kitchen sup-port staff under Executive Sous Chef Alvin Pangan and Chef de Partie Vince Lacson. Mars is also a member of the Hotel and Restaurant Chefs Associ-ation of the Philippines (HRCAP). Mars Bacani migrated to Calgary in 2008, together with his

    lovely wife Olivia and sons Nathan and Jasper. He left the country believing his children will have a better future in Canada. After arriving in Calgary, he apprenticed under the wings of Execu-tive Chef Martin Makulo-wich who sent Mars to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in the Cook Apprenticeship program where he eventu-ally received the coveted Red Seal Certificate for a Canadian Chef (a coveted certificate for a Canadian Chefs). Chef Mars is both hardworking and talented, not long before he earned the position of head ban-quet chef and saucier at the Stampede Casino, and also Garde Manger at Ol-ives Restaurant & Lounge, both in Calgary, Alberta. The rest is history for our featured chef who is still an active member of the Hotel and Restaurant Chefs Association of the Philippines (HRCAP). So heres a chef hats off to you- his excellency in the sauce culinary field, no other than Chef and Sauci-er Mars Bacani.

    The Filipino Canadian Newspaper of choice in Alberta and Saskatchewan

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    International Recruiter (Based in Calgary, AB Canada) Emails: [email protected]@gmail.comor reach him at +1 (587) 718-8000

    Alberta News

    Every year Filipinos around the world, especial-ly those in the Philippines, mark September 1st as the beginning of the count-down to Christmas. This countdown, which spans from September to Decem-ber, otherwise known as the Ber months, is one of the most important traditions that makes Fili-pinos unique. It of course upholds the Philippines being the only predomi-nantly Christian nation of Asia, who celebrates Christmas early. Celebrating Christmas has always been fun. Start-ing with the ber months, meaning Christmas season is here, Filipinos love to hear season songs and al-ways say amoy pasko na (in English, it smells like Christmas already) More than any-body else in the world, Christmas season starts off with saying the words ber months and it literally starts the first day of Sep-tember wherein as early as this date, radios and televi-sion programs already play Christmas songs making the feel even more near holiday season. Month long of celebra-tion by feeling and making feel that Christmas is here and near is always good feeling for Pinoys all over the world and not just in the Philippines. Septem-ber signifies its start and during these days, the crowd sets and prepares

    to be busy. Streets start to get filled with different sounds and music about Christmas season and people and offices start to vie for different sorts of corporate giveaways. Again, whenever September comes, while other cold countries it signifies the start of near autumn and fall, in the Philippines, it is the start of the blowing of the amihan (our version of seabreeze) where the climate literally starts to change and the wind starts to blow a bit colder smears especially in the morning. This feeling somehow has become a year-after-year Filipino tradition. What do Pilipinos do during the Ber Months around the world? In these months, as the cold weather kicks in, from September 1st to Decem-ber 25th, Filipino and Filipino -American Com-munities in the United States make preparations for the coming of Christ-mas. These preparations include planning Christ-mas events ( if you have a big family, this includes planning which house to celebrate Christmas in - sometimes in those parties you get to meet relatives of yours that you never met in your life), and the question of what food to prepare on Christ-mas day (food is obviously a very important tradition in Pilipino families that

    make it extra special as the main dishes usually include Lechon or Roast Pig, tons of Lumpia, Pancit and deserts), and most im-portantly of course, what presents to get for loved ones for the exchange gifts. Some Pilipino families already hang up Christmas Decorations on September 1st, and in most Pilipino households, a celebrated tradition is the hanging of the symbol of the Pilipino Christmas - the Parol. The parol is inspired by the star that lit up the night sky in the story of The Nativity of Jesus Christ. In the Philippines, Christmas lights and parols are to be hanged not only on the houses, but also out in the streets. The produc-tion of beautiful parols is increased to meet the orders of the Pilipino families around the world. The Ber Months really are an important period of preparation for the coming Christmas in the Philippines and to Pilipi-nos around the world. During the Ber Months, no matter how many obstacles Pilipino families have faced from the beginning of the year until now, they intend to work things out. As they say Christmas is the only time to bring a dysfunc-tional family under one roof for some Adobo, spread love, and celebrate together as one. Many

    families have activities which keeps the family together, like teaching the kids how to cook their fa-vorite Pilipino dish, teach-ing them the celebrated Pilipino Christmas songs such as Noche Buena and Pasko Na Naman, and activities like how to make the paper parol. Also, many Filipinos worldwide make plans during this time to go back home to the Phil-ippines to spend time with their families. Many would have stayed where they live, but many would say that you will feel the warmth of Christmas if you were spending it in the Philippines. You will feel what Christmas truly means it is the time of giving the gift of love, and of giving thanks to the blessings of life with family and friends! People in the Phil-ippines like to celebrate Christmas for as long as possible! The playing of Christmas carols in shops can start in September! The formal Christmas celebrations start on 16th December when many people go the the first of nine pre-dawn or early morning masses. The last mass is on Christmas day. The Christmas celebra-tions continue to the First Sunday in January when Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings is cele-brated. So the countdown begins

    The Ber Months and the Countdown to Christmas

    Alberta, BC Immigrant Nominee ProgramStops Accepting New Applications Until 2016 Effective August 27, 2015 Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program(AINP) will not be accepting new applications until January 27, 2016. We are pausing application intake for AINP because it is over-subscribed, with approxi-mately 10,000 applications awaiting assessment and hundreds more being sub-mitted each month, said AINP Managing Director, Brad Trefan. Applications post-marked after August 27, 2015 will be returned. Complete AINP applica-tions postmarked on or be-fore August 27, 2015 will be accepted for processing.It is clear the demand for AINP far exceeds the 5,500 nomination certificates allotted by the federal gov-

    ernment in 2015. A pause on application intake gives AINP the additional time it needs to reduce wait times for applicants who have already submit-ted applications and are waiting on a decision. This pause will also provide an opportunity to make improvements to the program. The temporary pause will help the AINP assess existing applications in the queue and prevent the queue from growing fur-ther. In the meantime, the province has encouraged individuals interested in immigrating to Alberta through the Federal Ex-press Entry system.Meanwhile, the province of British Columbia (B.C.) has also placed a tempo-

    rary halt on accepting new applications to the British Columbia Provin-cial Nominee Program (BCPNP) Skills Immigra-tion stream and Express Entry stream. The BCPNP had a total of 5,500 nominations for 2015, to be used to nomi-nate potential immigrants who the province believes will benefit the provincial labour market. Of these, 1,350 are enhanced dedicated to the federal Express Entry immigra-tion selection system. The BCPNP has received more applications for Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC than it has nom-inations for 2015 and, as such, has placed a morato-rium on new applications until 2016.

    The BCPNP will, however, continue to accept applications under the Health Care Profes-sional (Skilled Worker and Express Entry BC) and Northeast Pilot Project categories. The recently-opened Enterpreneur Immigration Stream will continue to accept registrations for prospective applicants, up to a maximum of 200 per month. The BCPNP will reopen the Skills Immigra-tion and Express Entry BC categories in early 2016 with a new points-based intake system to prioritize high-impact applicants and ensure occupations and skills are aligned with B.C.s labour market needs.

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    MaxWell - Canyon Creek An Independent Member Broker

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    Edmonton community mourn Filipino priest untimely death

    Cheryl Posadas-GuinsataoEDITOR IN-CHIEF

    Father Gary Lee, cur-rent pastor of St. Anthony Parish in Drayton Valley, St. Agnes Parish in Mayer-thorpe and St. Elizabeth Parish in Evansburg, passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack on Friday, September 4. Parishioners in Edmonton and Drayton Valley are sending their prayers for Fr. Lee who died at age 39. So shocked to hear of his passing today. May he rest in Christ, wrote Father Carlos Nunez, one of many heart-felt tributes being shared over twitter. Lee was born in Davao City in the Philippines and entered the Queen of Apostles College Seminary in the Diocese of Tagum in 1993, receiving a Bache-lors degree in philosophy in 1997. He came to Canada in 2000, entering the St. Joseph Major Seminary before being ordained a deacon in 2005, the same year he earned his mas-ters degree in divinity. After serving as a deacon for St. Agnes Parish and

    St. Anthonys Parish, Lee was ordained a priest in 2006. I remember our con-versations at Newman, and when he finished his di-aconate at my then parish, St. Agnes. May God rest his soul, wrote Grant Gary. Every year, Father Lee spent his vacation in the Diocese of Tagum, Davao Del Norte Philipppines. Filipino Canadian couple Alex and Ana Dona-do described Father Gary Lee as one of the best and happy Filipino priests who served in the Province of Alberta. Hardy del Castil-

    lo, Knights of Columbus San Lorenzo Chapter of Calgary, said It was so sad and sudden. I was going to invite him to preside one of the Filipino Mass sponsored by the Knights in St. Joseph. Sayang! Archbishop Richard Smith celebrated a mass for Lee with his family and parishioners on last Sep-temebr 9 at Holy Trinity Academy 5749 45 Avenue, Drayton Valley at 7 p.m. and vigil prayers were also scheduled Thursday September 10 at St. Joseph Basilica in Edmonton.

  • 12 diaryofilipino.comThe Filipino Canadian Newspaper of Choice in Alberta and SaskatchewanSEPTEMBER 2015Calgary We did it! Mabuhay!

    Maraming Salamat! Fiesta Filipino 2015 warmed the heart of downtown Calgary on September 5. Thousands of us braved the rain to bring celebration, song, dance, culture, laughter, camaraderie the Filipi-nos simple but relentless love of life. Mabuhay! Maraming salamat! We at the Philippine Festival Council of Alber-ta give our hearty grat-itude to all volunteers, performers, sponsors and supporters whose dedication, tenacity and ingenuity made the event not only possible but

    magnificent. It was our first experience holding an event of this magni-tude. Of course, it was not perfect. The rain, while it did not stop us, created many challenges. Many things went well. And there are many things we can improve upon togeth-er. We thank you for your understanding. We thank everyone who came and enjoyed the day at the plaza. A fiesta is a time when a community renews itself, affirms its identity and strengthens the relation-ships that help people

    collectively survive and thrive through times of plenty and scarcity. Our community showed this on what could have been just a dreary and cold Saturday. We will show it time and time again, fiesta or no fiesta. Keep on following us for news and updates.Email: [email protected] www.fiesta-filipinoyyc.comFacebook https://www.facebook.com/FiestaFilipi-noYYC

  • 13diaryofilipino.com The Filipino Canadian Newspaper of Choice in Alberta and Saskatchewan SEPTEMBER 2015Travel & Adventure

    VictoriaThe Garden City

    Angelitode JesusWRITER

    Victoria - the capital city of British Columbia known as the Garden City is not an exaggeration or a fanfare chosen to exalt the prominence and pride of the residents. With mild winters and warm dry summersVictoria climate is similar to the Mediterranean. It is an ideal condition for lush vegetation to flourish. The city within 40km is surrounded by ocean and seas and nearly one third are forests, undoubtedly, any outdoor summer ac-tivities can still be enjoyed all year round.Whether you have an affinity with naturema-rine life and natural land-scapes are sure to please anyone. The lush green-eries in bloom all year round characterizes much of the surrounding walk-ways, bikeways and parks. Being there can surmise by anyone to be the most livable city. According to Martin Prosperity ranking, Victoria is the best city for Singles and Empty Nesters and in the top five overall for Singles, Profession-als, Empty Nesters and Retirees. Exploring as much as possible under limited stay, I devoured as much features I possibly can while taking photos for visual reference. The best way to explore is always by foot, my first day there, I logged in 15 km or around 13 hours of walk-ing and exploring. My goal was to explore the inner harbor. Without particular interest of any attraction, I wandered around and absorbed the scenes, culture, crowd, sound and smell. The Legislative building and the infamous Empress hotel lie at the center of attraction at the inner harbor. The marina nearby was well organized enhances a pleasing am-biance. Sidewalk vendors selling wood carvings and knitted crafts, Buskers competing for precious space play their instru-ment and sung enthusias-tically was an enjoyable experience. As I jaunted through the neighborhood, I passed by many well manicured gardens of Vic-torian style homes. I even walked around their yard and taking photos un-aware that I was trespass-ing I am sure that the homeowners are probably used to see people wan-dering around their yard sometimes. The attraction gave me a nostalgic feel of the bygone era. The well paved and properly marked sidewalks with lush vegetations was an attraction in itself.I came up to Laurel Point Park located across the inner harbor; it presents some gorgeous view of the downtown area along the seawall. Its a perfect place to just hang out and luxuriate in the sound of the gentle waves and

    refreshing sea breeze. The colorful vegetation contin-ually attracts my attention as I fervently snapping pictures. I continued my walk and headed towards Fishermans Wharf, I had no idea what to expect. To my surprise, it was a fun place to pass some time in this quaint fishing village. There are many floating houses where people that work there live. The restaurants sea food menu was tempting and I cannot just leave the place without trying their famous fish and chips.Moving on along the seawall, I stumbled upon Ogden Point Breakwater, its almost a kilometer breakwater leading to a light house. It was built primarily to calm the water for hundreds of cruise ships that dock here during summer months. Its an engineer-ing feat as described for the way it was construct-ed. It was built in 1916 as anticipation of increase in shipping activity that would result from open-ing the Panama Canal. Its quite unfathomable upon gazing at the chart that described it. More than 1 million tons of rocks as a base and over 10 thousand huge granite blocks were used to build this; it bog-gles my mind considering the amount of material that was dumped into the deep water and the heavy machineries that was used. Its a popular place to watch marine life and cast in a line and hope to bring home the big one.The seawall viewable from the breakwater caught my attention. There were hundreds of huge drift-woods scattered at the shore. It got me curiousI got closer and walked around them and noticed some amazing shapes, forms and texturesan excellent subject for my photographic collections of textures, so I snapped away furiously. Just a short distance away, there were a few kite borders enjoying the strong wind that carries them back and forth the wavy sea. Nearby where the kite borders were hanging out, I noticed a high staircase leading to the road above. Little did I know that I would come upon Beacon Hill Park. The statue of Terry Fox prominently commemorates his hero-ism for his contribution to cancer research. This is mile zero a starting point of his cross Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. A short distance from the statue situated the tallest totem pole in the world measuring 127 feet, 7 inches. It was carved by Mungo Martin, David Martin and Henry Hunt and dedicated to Victo-ria on July 2, 1956 as a memento of the nations infancy and a symbol of

    proud race and native art signifying the purest of the Canadian origin.I meandered around Beacon Hill Park further and appreciated the colorful and lush vegeta-tion immensely; the well manicured garden, clean and forested park enhanc-es my experience there. There were waterfalls and amply placed benches around it where one can enjoy watching the birds close up frolicking and taking dips in the pond.

    Butchart GardensA world renowned

    horticultural phenom-enon; Butchart Garden was built out of an old limestone quarry. It was rich in limestone depos-its required for cement production. The quarrying started when the Butchart couple from Owen Sound, Ontario came to Victoria to expand their cement business to the west. After the quarry has been ex-hausted; Jennie Butchart started developing the garden and became very popular attraction in Victoria, throughout the years they needed to ex-pand and enhance. With

    several prominent citizen, Jennie Butchart among them, commissioned a garden designer Ishida from Yokohama to widen its breadth. Today, the gardens were designated as a national historic site celebrating 100 years of its inception. With a vast collection of flowering plants and trees, it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world annually. It is a single must see place to see while in Victoria. After walking for near-ly 10 hours and several hundreds of photos, I was

    tired, hungry and ready to head out. The night scene at the inner harbor transformed into a city of lights. The legislative buildings were brightly lit up and taking the shape of the entire building. Across from the legislature, the Steamship Grill and Tap House beckons, without hesitationI went in and enjoyed a nice sea food dinner while overlook-ing the inner harbora thought of spending time to explore more of the is-land came into my mindplanning is in the works.

    Butchart Garden Chateau

    Floating houses at Fishermans Wharf

    Downtown Victoria outdoor eateries Victorian Architecture

    Parliament building in downtown Victoria

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    We sell Philippine made beauty products:Maxipeel, Placenta, Ponds, Eskinol, etc.

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    Philippine Election 2016, COMELEC National Campaign calls for NO BIO NO BOTO

    After 15 February 2013, when Republic Act No. 10367 was signed into law by President Benigno S. Aquino III, all voter registration records must have biometrics informa-tion. This means that

    when you go your local COMELEC office to file an application, your biomet-rics data will be captured using the COMELECs Vot-er Registration Machine (VRM). The VRM makes use of a digital camera, a fingerprint scanner and a

    signature pad to capture your biometrics data. Due to this new law, all previously registered voters without biometrics are required to subject themselves to biomet-rics capture through the validation procedure. All concerned is given until 31 October 2015 to comply with this requirement. The absence of biometrics in the voters registration record would cause COMELEC to deacti-vate the concerned regis-tration records. When that happens, the concerned voter shall not be allowed to vote in the May 2016 elections. This new biometrics requirement has led to the #NoBioNoBoto campaign, which aims to spread awareness to all con-cerned. To verify if your regis-tration record has biomet-rics data, you may use the Precinct Finder facility in this Site. For more and detailed information visit: www.comelec.gov.phSource: Comelec comlec.gov.ph



    O God --- You show me the path.In your presence there is fullness of joy

    (Psalm 16:11)PrecyAtienzaCONTRIBUTOR

    We are now in our midst of our life, and we are starting to censor everything that we are doing, the reality that will happen the next day. There is a great mystery that always happened in our daily life. Peace always begin to ourselves, we need to build a good atti-tude, towards others. So that we can attain peace. We need to be under-standing, have tolerance and reconciliation that we need to express, our feelings and ideas without attacking others. Recog-nize our weaknesses and try and improve. Be humble and be patient with someone, in humble circumstanc-es and do not keep him waiting for your alms. (Sirah 29:8) Choose gen-tleness over aggression, tenderness over violence, violence over bitterness, this is only the way how to attain peace, where ever we go. At the end of the day share the peace of love, start with family members share the responsibility of doing good deeds. Whoever pursues righ-teousness and kindness

    will find life and honor. (Proverbs 21:21) Forgive-ness is the only way to restore peace, when love is not in or heart, we cant share the gift of life. If sometimes we say some nasty words or show a very untoward gestures this always affects us because we cant get back all the bad words that came out of our mouths. Be careful in saying some-thing. Let us love not in words or speech but in truth and action. (1 John 3:18) A loving person wants the best for other people even though they dislike a certain person. On the path of love we need to pay attention to others and discover their needs. Keep our eyes and heart open and learn to be attentive to the needs of others. The Lord gives us special signs of forgive-ness it is the sacrament of reconciliation. Sharing our thoughts is very special for every-one because its a joy of our heart, to share our ex-periences. Everyone must live to be happy and live in friendship and peace. We receive many marvel-lous blessings. Strengthen-ing our self-esteem and at the same time accept our

    personal limitation and short comings in our lives. People are bound to sac-rifice for the sake of love, it is a mission on how to transform this to peace and forgiveness. Its based on truth, freedom, and jus-tice. The solidarity and the unity of all the children, family and community and to attain happiness, the respect for life show that kindness, we can and move on with our lives. To disobey. To make fun of others, to lie, or to take revenge and to hurt others. This shows our wickedness, let us accept and ask forgiveness to all the wrong doings and harm that we have done. Nothing is impossible, all our wrong doings will be forgiven. And this forgive-ness will give us peace, love, and joy in our lives. God is love. God is light. In God there is no darkness. When we love one another our heart is in the light. We are one with God because God is love, God is light. When we dont love one another, we walk in darkness, and Gods light is not in us. Let us all live as children of light. (John 5; John 2; Ephesians 5)

    Filipinos reacts to Pope Francis announcement on changes in marriageAFTER Pope Franciss controversial statement allowing priests during the Year of Mercy to absolve sins commit-ted by contrite women who have had abor-tions, the leader of the Catholic Church has now radically revised the process by which Catholics may annul their marriages to make it easier, faster and cheaper. This is especially signif-icant for Filipinos back home who cannot re-marry because divorce is not yet legal in the Philippines. The only option for estranged couples is to seek marriage annulment in court, the price of which is not affordable to most Filipinos. But even if the marriage is annulled judicially, Catholic couples can-not re-marry through Catholic rites unless the Church declares their previous marriage null and void. Without

    going through Church annulments, Catholics who remarry through civil rites are banned from receiving the Holy Communion, deemed by many as a painful exclusion from the churchs chief sacra-ment. Some procedures are so long and so burden-some and people give up, Pope Francis said in 2014, as reported by CNN. The Catholic Church announced on Tues-day, September 8, that the following changes will become part of Catholic canon law on December 8, 2015 the beginning of Francis declared Year of Mercy: 1. Eliminating a sec-ond review by a cleric before a marriage can be nullified. 2. Giving bishops the ability to fast-track and grant the annulments themselves in certain circumstances for

    example, when spousal abuse or an extramari-tal affair has occurred. 3. The process should be free, except for a nominal fee for ad-ministrative costs, and should be completed within 45 days.Pope Francis reaffirms the indissolubility of the marriage bond, but also says that charity and mercy demand that the Church, as mother, be close to her children who consider themselves separated. As CNN stated in its re-port, this move is part of a series of reforms by Pope Francis as he seeks to make the church more responsive to the real needs of lay Catholics, especially those who have long felt marginalized by the hierarchy. The Pope said that in the end, the Churchs many laws and institutions must be aimed at one chief purpose the salva-tion of souls. -

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    For more information please contact:Lars AndersenSenator Tobias C. Enverga Jr.s office

    Tel: 613-996-8895

    [email protected]

    First Filipino-Canadian Senator celebrates 3 years in the Senate of Canada


    Congratulations to CJR Rise Up Hoops for being the Champion of the 2nd Inter-City Basketball Tournament held at Rundle College, Calgary. (Photo by Mel Montiero) Congratulations too to MVP player Aris Dela Paz.

    Cyril Ashworth, Cris Tantengco, Paolo Librea, Jason Caag and Josh Santua led the Crosstown Auto-Crooks, back-to-back champions in the Philippine Sports Association(PSA) tournaments, in edging the Crosstown Auto-RAM Boys by just two points in the final game, 97-95. The RAM Boys led by Derrick Rodriguez, Lem and Liam Baui, and Virson and Virlou Orquez tried to stage a big comeback but time was no longer on their side. The Leduc Knights placed third in the invitationals organized by Glenn Kubaron. Orquez emerged as tournaments most valuable player while Ashworth and Tantengco shared finals MVP honors in the recent Red Deer All Filipino baskeltball league in Blackfalds last September 5. (Photo courtesy of Ches Tiongson)

    Ottawa, September 6, 2015 The Honourable To-bias C. Enverga Jr., Senator from Ontario, celebrates the third anniversary of his appointment, on the recommendation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to the Senate of Canada today.

    This year has been the busiest year I have spent in the Senate since my ap-pointment, said Senator Enverga in a statement. As a member of three standing committees with demanding legislative agendas, sponsoring a government bill ixn the Senate and introducing my own private members bill in the upper house, it has been a highly pro-ductive year for me, the Senator continued.Senator Enverga intro-duced and moved second reading of the govern-ments Bill C-40, An Act respecting the Rouge Na-tional Urban Park, which is now law and establishes the first urban national park in Canada - a park that is 16 times larger than Central Park in New York.

    The Senator also intro-duced his own Bill S-228, An Act respecting Hispan-ic Heritage Month, which would designate October as a month to celebrate all those with Hispanic heri-tage living in Canada, and he spoke in Senate Cham-ber about establishing an

    International Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Week; celebrating the 25th annual International Development Week, World Down Syndrome Day, National Vision Health Month, the Philippine Heritage Band and Phil-ippine Independence Day flag raising on Parliament Hill. He also paid tribute to Dr. Jose Rizal and CNN Hero Phymean Noun from Cambodia.

    Senator Enverga was a member of the Senate Standing Committees on Aboriginal Affairs; Agri-culture and Forestry; and Social Affairs, Science and Technology. In addition to studying bills, Senate com-mittees are highly respect-ed for their special studies of policy questions.I am very proud of the work that Senate commit-tees do, particularly the special studies they con-duct on various issues that are relevant to Canadians, said Senator Enverga. This is especially true when we make recommen-dations to the government and it listens. One example is Bill C-17, Vanessas Law, which puts into law many recommendations from the four-part Social Affairs, Science and Technolo-gy committee study on prescription pharmaceu-ticals in Canada. Other special studies the Senator took part in include the importance of bee health to sustainable food produc-

    tion in Canada, and First Nations on-reserve hous-ing and infrastructure.This year has also seen great strides in Cana-da-Philippines relations. The official state visit by President Benigno S. Aquino III was a high-lev-el manifestation of the closer ties that are being made between our two governments. Another milestone was the trade mission to the Philippines that I participated in, led by the Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of Interna-tional Trade, which saw several significant govern-ment-to-government and private sector commit-ments being made, said Senator Enverga. I also visited several Canadian funded reconstruction projects on Panay Island with our Ambassador Mr. Neil Reeder, and I am hap-py to say that the Typhoon Haiyan Fund is being well spent to improve the lives of those affected by the super typhoons destruc-tion. In addition, the Philippines became the largest source country for permanent residents to Canada in 2014 with over 40,000 new permits being approved for Filipino citizens.

    Senator Enverga has delivered more than 80 speeches and attended over 200 events in the nations capital and in the community, usual-ly during evenings and weekends. My duty as a Senator is to represent the Province of Ontario and to represent Filipino Canadians from all over the country, to give them a voice at the federal level of government. It is important for me to meet you and to hear from you what your concerns are. I continue to be humbled by the responsibilities giv-en to me, and I urge you to continue to share your concerns with me so that I can serve you better. I am proud to represent you in the Senate of Canada, Senator Enverga ended. For more information visit www.senatorenverga.com.

  • 16 diaryofilipino.comThe Filipino Canadian Newspaper of Choice in Alberta and SaskatchewanSEPTEMBER 2015

    CONTESTContest Criteria: Random drawing from all entries Facebook and print votes (email:[email protected]) contestants who chose both leading Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of the month. Source ranking will be based on monthly surveys (i.e. Pulse Asia etc)

    PrizesMonthly Winner (October 2015- April 2016): Will receive Diaryo Filipino T-shirt and decalGrand Winner: May/June 2016: Will receive $50 Gift Certificate, Diaryo Filipino T-shirt, mug, decal and 1 year subscrip-tion of Diaryo Filipino the newspaper of choice in Alberta and Saskatch-ewan.

    Among the potential presidential and vice presidential candidates in 2016 Who will you vote for?Candidacy Declared President# Jejomar Binay# Grace Poe# Mar Roxas# Miriam Defensor-Santiago

    Vice President: # Francis Escudero# Antonio Trillanes IV

    Considering Candidacy# Peter Cayetano# Jinggoy Estrada# Joseph Estrada# Panfilo Lacson# Ferdinand Marcos Jr# Bong Revilla# Manuel Villar

    Declined Candidacy#Rodrigo Duterte

    Featured PROFILES:

    For President:

    Jejomar Binay On Septem-ber 2011, Vice President Jejomar Binay confirmed his plans of running as president. In May 2015, Binay remarked that he would run for president because the country has to have leaders with experience and competence, insinu-ating Grace Poes relative inexperience in politics.

    Poe replied aside from ex-perience and competence, the countrys leaders have to be honest, this time insinuating Binays corruption cases while he was mayor of Makati. A day later, Binay suggested that Poe should be his running mate,which was rebuffed by Poe, saying that she doesnt see it hap-pening right now, empha-sizing that honesty and scrutiny is important, and

    that they differ on those aspects. Binay, in a 24 Oras interview, said that he re-spected Poe turning down his offer, and clarified that his statement on expe-rience and competence did not refer to anyone in particular. In June 2015, Binay resigned from the Aqui-no cabinet, but said that he would issue a state-ment later. His daughter, representative for Makati Abigail Binay personally delivered the resignation letter to Malacaang Pal-ace. Two days later, Binay addressed the public from his Coconut Palace offices, branding the current administration as man-hid at palpak (insensitive and bumbling), but did not mention Aquino by name. He also accused the administration of com-mitting sins against him and the people. On July 1, the United Nationalist Alliance launched Binays presidential campaign at the Makati Coliseum.

    For Vice President:

    Francis EscuderoIn a Rappler interview published in April 2012, Senator Francis Escude-ro said that Let me be honest, candid, yet factual about it. I would be very interested in seeking a higher office in 2016 for the simple reason that Im halfway through my last term. By May 2015, Escude-ro admitted that he had discussed with Poe on their possible tandem for the election. Escudero has not yet decided on wheth-er to run for a higher post or not, although Poe said that they would not run against each other.Escudero is set to an-nounce his vice presiden-tial bid on a September 17 gathering at Club Filipino in San Juan.

    Considering/Declined Candidacy:

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte reportedly enjoys the support of several netizens who laud his performance, especially on maintaining peace and order but he was quick to shrug off calls for him to run as President on February 2014, saying he is not qualified for higher public office. A year later, Duterte said on a Baguio federalism forum that hell only run for president if only to save the republic. Duterte cited the need of about 10 to 15 billion pesos as a campaign war chest thats keeping him from run-ning. Days later, Duterte re-entered PDP-Laban; he maintained he never left the party, but had to stand in a local party banner in the 2013 local election to ensure victory.[88] PDP-Laban president Aquilino Pimentel III later said that Duterte is among his partys options in nominating for the presidency, noting that the partys position on federalism coincides with Dutertes advocacy. A few days after reports of Vice President

    RODRIGO ROA DUTERTEBinay eyeing him as his running mate, Duterte issued a statement that he is planning to retire after his term as Davao City mayor ends, saying that as I have said before, my daughter would be willing to run again. I will retire from this term from public life... I am old. Duterte later said that he was considering sug-gestions from his friends and supporters to run for president during June 21, 2015 airing of his weekly program in a local chan-nel. He also added that he will stop expressing non-interest in starting a presidential campaign. However at the ASIA CEO Forum in Makati held in June 25, Duterte said that he would not run for presidency and said that he never desired to do so. He said that his family in-cluding her daughter, Sara Duterte who also served mayor from 2010 to 2013, advised him against from running. He also said that he would retire from poli-tics if his daughter would run as mayor of Davao City in 2016.[92] About a month later, Duterte,

    responding to Justice Secretary Leila de Limas statement that she would not run with him as a matter of principle, said that he would campaign against the Liberal Party if de Lima is drafted, calling her as hypocritical, and principles as rotten. On August, while at a meeting with military officers, Duterte spoke with Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison. Duterte said that he told Sison that he would run for president if the CPPs armed wing, the New Peoples Army, abandons its over-40-year insur-gency, saying Armed struggle as a means to achieve change is passe in the modern world we are living in today,. Duterte disclosed that Sison was asking him of his plans for 2016, and told him that he didnt have plans yet.[94] By early Septem-ber, Duterte announced that he is not running for president, saying that I will retire from public life for good.

    Sources: Wikipedia,Araullo, Atom (September 13, 2011). ABS-CBN News Online.Avendao (May 18, 2015)(2015-06-24). Philippine Daily Inquirer. Ager, Maila (May 18, 2015).. INQUIRER.net. Diaz, Jess (May 19, 2015). The Philippine Star. Sisante, Johanna Camille (May 20, 2015).. GMA News Online. GMA News Online. May 21, 2015Cabacungan, Gil (2015-06-23). Flores, Helen (2015-07-02) The Philippine Star. Fonbuena, Carmela (April 20, 2012) Rappler.com Macaraig, Ayee (May 14, 2014). Rappler.com. Interaksyon.com. 2015-09-15. Hogaza, Mary Rose (February 5, 201. Manila Bulletin.

    Micua, Leonardo V. (February 19, 2015). Philippine News Agency (Interaksyon.com).Esmaquel, Paterno II (2015-02-21)Rappler.com. Fernandez, Amanda (February 21, 2015).GMA News Online. ABS-CBNnews.com. Dioquino, Rose-An Jessica; Aguinaldo, Sandra (22 June 2015). GMA News. Alvarez, Kathrina Charmaine (June 25, 2015).. GMA News. Tupas, Jefry (2015-07-22). . The Manila Times Online. Nawal, Allan (2015-08-09).. Philippine Daily Inquirer. Rappler. Retrieved September 8, 2015.

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    For Tickets, please call 403-471-2729 or 403-651-7443

    Calgary Expos Spinoffs, Back to Back This September


    The end of summer is upon us. But before we retreat back to our warm beds and take a sip on that cup of hot chocolate, let us celebrate geekdom one more time. Returning on its second year, Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo or Sask Expo will be

    held at Prairieland Parks Halls D,E, and A on September 19 and 20. The original Captain James T. Kirk himself, actor Wil-liam Shatner, will grace the event, alongside with Breaking Bads fan-favorite baddie, Giancarlo Esposi-to, Billy Boyd of the LOTR trilogy, Edward James Olmos of Agents of Shield and Battlestar Galactica, Filipino-Canadian comic

    book artist Francis Mana-pul, and Birds of Prey writer Gail Simone. If you were disap-pointed at Stan Lees can-celled appearance at Cal-gary Expo this year, dont fret, pack your bags and head to Edmonton. Less than a week after Sask Expo, Edmonton Expo will kick-off its fourth outing at Edmonton Expo Centre on September 25-27. The event will also be jam-packed with celebrity me-dia guests, creators, and artists. Agents of Shields Chloe Bennet, GoTG and The Walking Deads Micheal Rooker, Fringes John Noble, Power Rang-ers David Yost and Walter Emanuel Jones, Spiderman writer Tom DeFalco, TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman, and a lot more will be present at the expo. These events are organized by the Alberta Entertainment Expo. For tickets and information, go to edmontonexpo.com and saskexpo.com


    Toll Free: 1.866.503.6739We accept Debit/ Visa/Mastercard

    Dahil Kailangan Makarating AccreditedMember

    Drop Off Price Pick UpManilaSuburbsLuzon 1Luzon 2VisayasMindanao



    REGULAR BoxDrop Off Price Pick Up

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    Send 2 REGULAR Boxes & get FREE shipping of Bulilit Box

    (pay only $5.00 for Bulilit empty box)Call us for details

    Send 1 BALIKBAYAN Box &get FREE shipping of Bulilit Box

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    We will match our Competitors prices!

    We are currently hiring AgentsFor After Office Pick Up Pls. Call403.399.2912 or 403.399.2553Direct Shipping from Calgaryto the Philippineswww.forex-orientalcargo.com www.forextraveldeals.com

    1 3

    Open 7 days a WeekMon. to Sat. = 9:00am to 6:00pm

    Sun. = 10:00am to 4:00pm




    outside Calgary!We pick up


    Balikbayan BoxesTravel & ToursAir ParcelMoney Remittances ($8.00 - Service Fee)

  • 18 diaryofilipino.comThe Filipino Canadian Newspaper of Choice in Alberta and SaskatchewanSEPTEMBER 2015Makialam ni Kiko Ibarra


    Balikbayan Boxes: Bakit Nagkakaisyu?

    10 words

    1. Estado - state

    2. Panukala - policy/bill

    3. Isyu - issue

    4. Ipadala - to send

    5. Katumbas - equal to

    6. Buwis - tax

    7. Pagkilala - recognition

    8. Buksan - to open

    9. Sukat - size

    10. Ibayong dagat

    - foreign land




    my P




    my P



    Tuluyan nang ipapatupad ang No Opening of Box policy sa balikbayan boxes ng Bureau of Customs (BOC) kapag naisabatas ang panukala na inihain ni Se. Koko Pimentel.Itoy bilang pagkilala sa mahalagang kontribusy-on ng Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) sa pam-bansang ekonomiya ng bansa.Layon din ng Senate Bill No. 2927 na iligtas sa pagbubuwis at anumang obligasyon ang isang balikbayan box kada bu-wan sa bawat OFW.Ani ni Se.Pimentel, para sa OFWs ang balikbayan ay testimonya ng kanilang sakripisyo at pagsisikap sa abroad na maibigay sa pamilya ang konting kaginhawaan sa buhay habang silay malayo sa pamilya. Dapat din aniyang tiyakin ng estado

    na makakatulong ang umiiral na mga batas sa OFWs maging sa kanilang naiwang pamilya.Tinataya aniyang nasa 400,000 balikbayan boxes ang dumarating sa bansa kada buwan mula sa OFWs na una nang binantaan ng BOC na bubuksan dahil saulat na itoy nagagamit sa smuggling kasama na ang bawal na gamut at mga armas.Magugunita na umani ng batikos mula sa publiko ang nasabing panukala da-hilan para mapwersa ang BOC na bawiin at ikahon ang nasabing plano.Alinsunod sa panukala ni Pimentel, iinspeksyunin lamang ng BOC ang isang balikbayan box, na may sukat na 24 inches by 24 inches by 30 inches sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng trained dogs, x-ray at iba pang teknolohiya gaya nito.Ang bagong isyu sa balik-

    bayan box ay nagpaalala muli sa akin ng mga nauna pang isyu patung-kol dito.Mula sa lebel ng pam-ilyang nakatatanggap, nagkakaroon na agad ng awayan, inggitan at pag-aagawan. Kahit na ang nagpadala ay naglagay na ng mga nakatakdang pangalan sa bawat bagay na pinadala. Dahil mahigit dalwang buwan bago ito makarating, nalilimutan na ng nagpadala ang para kay kanino ang mga ito.Mula naman sa nagpa-padala, nariyan din ang isyu ng bayad sa bawat balikbayan box, sa tagal bago ito makarating at ang takot na itoy mawala at di na makita pa.Nagkaroon din ng siyu ang mga forwarders ng balikbayan boxes noong magkatrapik sa lansagan sa perya at nabinbin ang pagrerelease ng mga con-tainers na kinalalagyan ng

    mga balikbayan boxes.Nandiyan din ang na-kawan sa laman ng mga balikbayan boxes na inil-ilipad. Pagkuha sa NAIA airport doon nadidiskubre na natamper na ito at mga nawawalang kagamitan.Bakit nga ba nagkakai-syu ang pagpapadala ng balikbayan boxes? May nagsabi sa akin na marahil itoy patunay lamang na mahilig ang mga Pinoy sa mga imported na prod-ucts. Ito rin aniya ng iba ay patunay na magaling ang Pinoy sa paghahanap ng bargain o sales item sa ibayong dagat. May ilan ding nagsabi na laging may isyu ang balikbayan boxes dahil katumbas nitoy ilang libong piso.Anuman ang dahilan kung bakit may isyu palagi ang balikbayan boxes isa lang ang malinaw. Ang balikbayan boxes ay bah-agi na ng buhay ng mga Pilipino. Sa lahat ng mga

    nagpapadala ng balik-bayan boxes, saludo kami sa inyong pagmamahal sa mga naiwan ninyong pam-ilya. Sa mga tumatanggap ng balikbayan boxes, na-

    way maisaisip ninyo ang paghihirap at pagkalinga ng inyong mga mahal sa buhay na nasa ibayong dagat.

    In terms of revelry and attendance, Global Fest is one step behind the Calgary Stampede. Thousands walked a mile with their blankets, bag of food, lawn chairs and night jackets. Traffic enforcement efficiently facilitated the flow of entertainment-starved Calgarians. It took about 45 minutes of walking before my wife and I reached the park to take part in the Festivals finale. The lines of people were long and fourfold. Our nostrils wel-comed the smell of food lingering throughout the site. The sounds of various melodies were inviting. Once again we were amazed by the number of people. The thrill of being in the crowd was fasci-nating. Everyones energy and power was invigorat-ing. Meeting old and new friends also added colour and joy to the experience. The booths/tents represented by various countries were all packed. Beautiful, unique and worth-keeping items flooded the display racks of each tent. I was so tempted to get a butter-fly tattoo on my cheek but my wifes elbow was sharper than the needle. The Philippine pavilion catered with care to the curiosity of Canadians, Calgarians, Visayans,

    Luzonians and Mindana-onians! Thousands if not hundreds of Pinoys were visibly visible (ha!). We then began to trek uphill to locate our group. Pancit, turon, pandesal and candies were out and ready when we reached them. The amphitheatre-like lawn facing the main stage was already 80 percent occupied. Performers from different countries entertained the crowd that waited patiently for the main event. As the sky dark-ened we began to worry about one of the teens in our care. He was left alone in a long line for mini doughnuts. Oldies like us speculated and expected the worst. We somehow underestimat-ed things about being a teen. Moments before the fireworks, the lost sheep appeared before us - smiling and with his pop

    and waffles. Yes, I know where to find you guys, he answered my question. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....boom, pop, boom! The pinnacle event of the eve-ning went with lukewarm review. In comparison to the Philippines fireworks display, this one was nothing (my honest and unsolicited observation). The wow factor was non-existent. I inferred that all Pinoys in the crowd were elated by the three best awards bestowed to P-nas: Peoples Choice, Kids Choice and Best-of awards. Moreover, our cultural pa-vilion won the One World Festival Award an hon-our shared with Scotland. We walked away from the venue with our heads held high and a sense of great accomplishment. We proved once again to Calgarians that Pinoy is 2015 Global Fests best. Mabuhay kabayan!

    Global Fests best!Reign in the midst of rain! Fiesta Filipino 2015 was planned months in ad-vance, entailing numerous hours of preparation. Enlisted sponsors were very excited. Vendors pre-pared their items weeks in advance and hundreds of volunteers were on hand ready to facilitate the Cal-garys first Filipino fiesta. The citys support was fantastic and promotion was phenomenal. With that, expectations were high. Our community was pumped. People trickled down the plaza. Music filled the air. The aroma of food floated in the ether. A standard was set with a program full of surprises. Fiesta Filipino was born. Like a birth of a baby, water (rain) came

    first then the reason for our joyful gathering our very own fiesta! The amount of pre-cipitation the day before and during the event was not enough to dampen community spirit. It was estimated that no less than 6,000 Pinoys braved the element. The white tents scattered around the Plaza bulged with people and items for sell. Food vendors experienced shortages of supplies. A number of starving people exhibited patience and grace. Smiles were everywhere. The music entertained the masses. Everyone was energized by the sheer number of people walking shoulder to shoulder.

    A number of perfor-mances were marked with bravery and poise. The Ifugao dancers in ankle deep frozen water was a truly admirable showcase. In the same token, singing in the same pond was be-yond ordinary. What kept these performers motivat-ed to do their best was the applause, approval and joy coming from the soaked audience. Despite the less than perfect weather paired with ambon, people ex-pressed goodwill and deep appreciation for the event. Kudos goes to the orga-nizers, sponsors, vendors, city and people who made the fiesta possible. Pinoys reign in the midst of rain!

  • 19diaryofilipino.com The Filipino Canadian Newspaper of Choice in Alberta and Saskatchewan SEPTEMBER 2015Mannychanic




    English speaking Juan

    Sumulat si Juan sa kanyang ina.Dear Mom,Had it not been for the smelling salt, I would have col-lapsed a moment ago; Junior has be-come an uncontrol-lable little monster! Remember when he accidentally fell and hit his head on the marble floor at home last week?A bloody mess that was!This week, he was summoned by the principal of that shabbily run acad-emy for smacking a classmates face! And the academe what a preten-tious bunch of baboons!Oh dear, I never imagined being a butler can be a such an unbearable source of torturousaggravation.Your son,Juan

    Kinabukasan, sum-agot ang tatay ni Juan.


    Promdi (from the province) JuanJuan: Pare pupunta ako sa Manila para hindi naman akokahiyahiya ano ba ang elevator?Pedro: Alam ko yan,kuwarto yan na sa-sakyan mo para hin-di ka na maglakad paakyat ng ilang palapag ng isang building.Juan: Ano namanpare ang escalator?Pedro: Yan namanay hagdanan na gumagalaw paradalhin ka pataas.Juan: Eh ano namanang calculator?Pedro: Sorry pare ha di pa ako naka-kasakay dyan eh.

    JuanMoreHirit 5 Benefits of a Radiator Flush

    Radiator flush provides a number of benefits to your vehicles cooling system.

    It is a fairly inexpensive procedure that should be performed once a year or per your owners manuals recommendations. There is a significant difference between a flush and a simple draining of the radiator so make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

    Flush vs. Drain

    Flushing your system pushes 4 to 5 gallons of anti-freeze through the system which pushes or flushes out all of the old anti-freeze and any contaminants that have build up in your cooling system. A flush guaran-tees that all of the old anti-freeze is removed from the system. Draining the radiator on the other hand only removes about 50% of the total anti-freeze in the system and leaves the majority of contami-nants that have built up. It also means that the new anti-freeze will be mixing with the old.

    The benefits of