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This portfolio contains fine art examples of drawing, painting, digital art, and special projects.

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  • 1. Fine Art Portfolio

2. Drawings Study of Hair and Lace, Graphite 3. Arielle, creta pencil 4. AnnaPavlova, Graphite 5. Loss Graphite on Paper 6. Temple White Pasteland Black Charcoal onPaper 7. Three Scrolls, graphite on Handmade Japanese Paper, Fabric 8. PaintingsJamie, Oil on Canvas 9. Dancer, Pastel 10. AriOil on Canvas 11. Renaissance GirlOil on Canvas 12. Out of Darkness Oil on Canvas 13. Lynne Oil on Canvas 14. Digital ArtAri, digital image 15. Assumption, digital image 16. Cocoon, digital image 17. Seventh Chakra, digital Illustration 18. Special ProjectThe Invitation, 2 Mini book and Box.Graphite Drawing andMixed Media 19. Chanterelles RestaurantIdentity Design, Oil on Canvas with Digital Type 20. SpecializationPortrait and Special Commissions Traditional and Digital IllustrationHandmade Invitations for Social Events Custom Books, Special ProjectsLectures on Art History and Creativity, Entrepreneurship ContactDenise Laurin-Donatelle deniselaurin@nyc.rr.com