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    Editorial: Men of Indostan and Other Places


    Toward Quantification of Conscious/Intelligent Processes in At Least Some Cybernetic Systems

    Probe-Brain Research in Automata Theory: A Need for Application

    Cybemetics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

    Reverberations: Mind: The Software of the Brain

    Book Review


    From the Desk of the President.

    ASC FORUM Notes Letters to the Editor Conference Calendar About the Authors


    Milton S. Katz

    Frederick Kile

    Richard E. Schneider

    Michael A. Arbib

    Roland Fisher

    Christopher Longyear








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    Editorial Men of lndostan and Other Places

    It was six men of Indostan To learning much inclined,

    Who went to see the Elephant (Though all of them were blind),

    That each by observation Might satisfy his mind.

    -John Godfrey Saxe

    At least 17 publications are distributed throughout the world which have in common the single-word title, "FORUM," according to Ulrich 's International Periodi- cals Directory (15th Edition, 1973-74). Many more periodicals contain the word Forum in their titles. The Directory does not yet include the ASC FORUM, but that is not surprising because we took our present form only last Summer.

    In all, ten countries, five of the United States, and the District of Columbia host the publication of a FORUM. The array of topical content among the 17 FOR UM's is nearly as diverse as their geographic origins. Here is how they line up:

    Canada-Insurance England-Human Relations and Psychosexual Studies England-Business and lndustry Germany-Children and Youth lndia-General Interest N etherlands-Architecture Pakistan-Literary and Political Reviews Po land-Literary and Political Reviews Switzerland-Literature Turkey-Literary and Political Reviews Yugoslavia-Literature

    and, in the United States: Connecticu t-Local Interest District of Columbia-Law Illinois-Law Nevada-College Student's Affairs Pennsylvania-Ethnic Interests (Chicano)

    The Netherlands may have the best claim of all to the title since it carries the double reference to an architec- tural entity, the Forum of ancient Rome, and to another dictionary meaning, "any medium for open discussion."

    The law publications, on the other hand, may have an equal claim, with Forum denoting a court of law or tribunal, and connoting the judicial activities which were carried on in the Fora of ancient Roman cities. In modern terms, however, anyone may feel free to use the title, FORUM, provided that a public medium or meet- ing place for open discussion is intended. We prefer the modern usage because, among other reasons, it no Ionger implies meetingout of doors as did the ancient Fora.

    To distinguish ourselves, at least in name, from all the other FORUM's, we commence calling ourselves the ASC CYBERNET/CS FORUM with this issue. However appropriate it might have been to keep as non-committal a title as FORUM, our range of subjects and interests impinges on, and extends far beyond, the preoccupa- tions of all the other FORUM's listed in Ulrich's Direc- tory. Articles in just our first three issues span major topics including: clinical medicine; experimental psy- chology; economics; the information industry; scientific research policy; sociology; and neuropsychology. Still other disciplines are intermingled, and more will be featured in coming issues.

    Michael Arbib's lucid and enticing description (see p. 9) of cybernetics at the University of Massachusetts (don't we wish we were students again? -and how lucky are those who are!), and Heinz von Foerster and Richard Howe's feast of "Cybernetica at Illinois" in past issues, give intimations of our manifest destiny. As we continue through the seasons to serve up the orientations and activities of still more centers of cybernetics, a fuller picture of our scope and depth will emerge. The more the collection of articles we publish grows, the more evidently will our cyclopean point of view penetrate and illuminate those numerous and multifarious disciplines which line our vistas.

    Those of us who were privileged to attend the ASC Tenth Anniversary Conference on Communications and Control in Social Processes at the University of Pennsyl- vania last November (see ASC Notes, p. 22) heard distinguished addresses and engaged in stimulating col- loquia on a large variety of subjects more or less deeply touched by cybernetics. Yet the aggregation barely overlaps the programs of study and research at Massa- chusetts or Illinois.

    Are we all, then, men of Indostan, journeying ... ?

    Milton S. Katz

    ASC CYBERNETICS FORUM Valurne VII, Number I-Spring 1975

  • From the Desk of the President

    I am pleased to report that our efforts over a two-year period have been crowned with success and the American Society for Cybemetics has been accepted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as an affiliated member. (See Letters, p. 26.) This membership if used judiciously, should be of no little value, because "big brother" is prepared to provide assistance in many forms and situations to smaller organizations which are affiliated with AAAS.

    * * *