Consolidating IT Structure Across Agencies

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Consolidating IT Structure Across Agencies. Monday, October 29, 2012 Facilitator: Jim Campbell (SST) Panelists: John Kraman, Oklahoma Department of Education Steve Snow, North Dakota Department of Education. North Dakota. North Dakota. K-12 Centralized Data Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1Consolidating IT Structure Across AgenciesMonday, October 29, 2012

Facilitator: Jim Campbell (SST)Panelists:John Kraman, Oklahoma Department of EducationSteve Snow, North Dakota Department of Education2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceNorth Dakota22012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceK-12 Centralized Data SystemsLegislative study in the late 90s due to skyrocketing cost of server hostingOpposition from mid-sized agenciesState mandate (2001 session) that ITD would host serversNo state agreements between agencies

North Dakota32012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceK-12 Centralized Data SystemsChallengesChange the way of thinking, let go of ownershipBenefitsBetter care and feeding of serversCheaperImproved services to state as a wholeNeutral third party for research (SLDS link)

North Dakota42012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceOklahoma52012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceOklahomas IT Consolidation:Upon taking office, Governor Mary Fallin observed that many state government agencies were outdated eight-track bureaucracies in an iPod world.*Gov. Fallin signed HB 1304 on May 24, 2011 to reform and consolidate the information technology structure, operations and purchasing procedures of the state.

Oklahoma6* Find a way forward: Jobs, economy top Fallins list of priorities by M. Scott Carter , The Journal Record, February 7, 2011 []2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceThe Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) was the first state agency to consolidate IT with the Office of State Finance (OSF) now the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES).Consolidation began on July 1, 2011The Service Level Agreement between OSDE and OMES was executed on June 26, 2012Governance bi-laws to be signed in October 2012

Oklahoma72012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceOklahoma SDEs Wave (July 2011)8

2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceConsolidation and OSDEs Budget9

2012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceBeyond a change in the posture of the OSDE from hoarding data to reporting data consolidation has required that the OSDE:Define and coordinate data/IT projectsDefine value for data/IT projectsClarify roles and responsibilitiesImplement a comprehensive and systematic process from concept to implementationTrack data/IT projects with accountabilityConnect OSDE data/IT projects with P-20W

Need for Data Governance102012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice ConferenceContact information:Steve Snow fsnow@nd.govJohn Kraman Jim Campbell

Contacts & Additional Resources112012 SLDS P-20W Best Practice Conference