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Cold Magnetic Shield Assembly Nik Templeton 25/08/2015

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RFD Shield iso-top view iso-btm view

Text of Cold Magnetic Shield Assembly Nik Templeton 25/08/2015

Cold Magnetic Shield Assembly Nik Templeton 25/08/2015 Content RFD Shield Assembly DQW Shield Assembly New Helium Vessel interface Assembly Tooling & Accessories Queries Questions RFD Shield iso-top view iso-btm view RFD Shield X Section 2 RFD Shield Y Section 3 RFD Shield Z Section 4 RFD Assembly Procedure Bottom shield half pre-assembled 5 RFD Assembly Procedure Shield cavity and base plate assembled Cavity and base plate supported separately 6 RFD Assembly Procedure Top shield half assembled 7 RFD Assembly Procedure End port panels assembled 8 RFD Assembly Procedure Remaining panels complete shield assembly 9 RFD Assembly Procedure Vessel top plate connected Top plate support cavity Base plate supports shield End plates and dummy beampipe added 10 RFD Assembly Procedure Remaining shield connections assembled Side plates close vessel 11 RFD Assembly Procedure Welding operations seal vessel 12 DQW Shield iso-top view iso-btm view DQW Shield X Section 14 DQW Shield Y Section 15 DQW Shield Z Section 16 DQW Assembly Procedure Cavity inverted 17 DQW Assembly Procedure Bottom shield panels assembled 18 DQW Assembly Procedure Cavity and bottom shield mounted off base plate 19 DQW Assembly Procedure Top shield panels assembled 20 DQW Assembly Procedure End panels and connectors complete shield assembly 21 DQW Assembly Procedure Top plate inserted 22 DQW Assembly Procedure End plates and dummy beampipe inserted Cavity is supported off top plate Shield supported from base plate 23 DQW Assembly Procedure Vessel is closed while supported from cavity Weld operations seal vessel 24 DQW Assembly Procedure Dressed cavity assembly completed 25 New Helium Vessel Integration 26 New Helium Vessel Integration 27 Assembly Tooling 360 manual rotation Lock in 4 orientations Versatile aluminium extrusion Adaptable for both Cavity-Vessels Additional support, tooling and slider options Fastens to 4 tapped holes in blank flanges Maximum access - ease of assembly 28 Tooling options Temporary base plate 29 Queries New helium vessel interface modifications Need for temporary spacers, supports or mounting of shield panels in order maintain shape during assembly process, please advise. Self-clinching nuts to be inserted before annealing process? Welding affect on shield Non-clean assembly plan: pre-clean? pre-bake? with (dummy) cavity? 30 Thank you! Questions?

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