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A portfolio of selected work at Carnegie Mellon University

Text of Christian Wagner - Portfolio

  • Bachelor of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon


  • Front Cover - Room design model inspired by the Rietveld-Shroder House (1st Year)Right: Exploded axonometric drawing of a mobile library (2nd Year)























    35 Days, 22 Cities, 8 Olympic CitiesTravel Itinerary, Summer 2008Robert Burdett Assistantship

  • S K I L L S

    Computer Autodesk AutoCAD 2009, Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Rhinoceros, Google Sketch-Up, V-Ray, Microsoft Office Suite, Ecotect, Wordpress

    Shop Woodshop, Digital Fabrication (CNC Mill, Laser Cutter, and Vacuum Former), Fabric and Tensile Production, Screen Printing

    LanguagesFluency in English, Spanish, PortugueseIntermediate French (2 years)

    Living ExperienceBogota, Colombia (2 yrs)Mexico City, Mexico (3 yrs)New York, New York (2 yrs)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2 yrs)Caracas, Venezuela (2 yrs)So Paulo, Brazil (6 yrs)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (6 yrs)

    A W A R D S

    Robert Burdett Assistantship 4th-Year Design Award - $7,500.00 Traveling Scholarship

    Best Theme IntegrationOrientation 2007 - In YOUR ElementNational Orientation Directors Association

    Deans ListFall 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2008Design Studio Commendations: 6/10 Studios

    Senior Leadership Recognition AwardOffice of Student Life, Carnegie Mellon University

    E D U C A T I O N

    Carnegie Mellon UniversityBachelor of Architecture; May 2009College of Fine Arts Honors

    Chinese University of Hong Kong Design Studio Abroad; Summer 2006Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Singapore, Macau

    Escola Graduada de So Paulo International Baccalaureate (IB), June 2004American Diploma, Honors

    Human Factors in Arch. (core u-grad)|Prof. Christine Mondor|Spring 2008, Spring 2009K-12 Architecture Explorations (8-12 grades)|Advisor: Kelly Lyons|Fall 2008, Spring 2009Architecture Pre-college - Drawing | Advisor: Dee Briggs | Summer 2008

    AIAS - American Institute of Architecture Students | Vice-President 2007; Forum Attendee Milwaukee, Wi 2008

    School of Architecture | Carnegie Mellon | Summer 2008 - Spring 2009Teaching Assistantships


    Student Life & Student Development Office | Carnegie Mellon | August 2005 - September 2007

    Resident Assistant responsible for the safety personal development, and involvement of 60 residents. Project organizer including academic sessions, trips, and social programming. 2 yearsHead Designer : Orientation 2007 - In YOUR Element. Co-planned a 7-day orientation program for 1500 incoming First-Year Students. Trained a staff of 120 Orientation Counselors. Head Designer duties included design of documents varying from publications, fans, shirts, gifts, videos and weekbooks.

    Orientation Counselor - Hired as a Mentor to the First-Year Class (volunteer work)

    Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - Appointed Spring Carnival Float Designer | 2007 - 2009

    E X P E R I E N C E

    Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics | Carnegie Mellon | June 2007-Present

    Integrated Product Development (elective)|Prof. Vivian Loftness & Azizan Aziz|Fall 2009

    Advanced Building Systems (core u-grad)|Prof. Volker Hartkopf|Spring 2010

    Performance of Advanced Building Systems (core grad)|Prof. Volker Hartkopf|Spring 2010

    Environment 1: Climate and Energy (core u-grad)|Prof. Vivian Loftness|Fall 2008

    Teaching Assistantships

    Research Assistantships

    Layout design for a GSA document entitled Energy Savings and Performance Gains in GSA Buildings Seven Cost-Effective Strategies. Advisor: Vivian Loftness

    Greenbuild 2008 Booth design, 10 Strategies for Living, Bioclimatic Facades for Sustainability, Human Health, and Performance. Advisors: Azizan Aziz, Vivian Loftness

    Database development for core content, theories and concepts taught at the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics. Advisor: Volker Hartkopf

    Research grant awarded by the Green Building Alliance to design sustainable and integrated modular classroom designs under Terradime, LLC. Advisors: Azizan Aziz, George Mongell

    Professional Consulting | Terradime, LLCResearch consultant for a start-up research & development and real estate company. Experience in climate-responsive, energy-efficient, sustainable designs at various scales and building typologies. | June 2009-January 2010

    Wal-Mart Brazil, Architecture & Product Placement | So Paulo, Brazil | Summer 2005Intern. Closely worked with product placement architects, learned essential values regarding working in an office environment, correcting redlined documents.

    C H R I S T I A N W W A G N E R @ G M A I L . C O MW W W . C H R I S T I A N W W A G N E R . C O M

    C H R I S T I A N W A G N E R

  • Foundations: 1st Year, Carnegie Mellon University1. Drawing I - Cathedral of Learning, Pittsburgh, PA2. Digital Media - Astor Piazzolas Libertango Interpretation3. Furniture Construction: A Bench for Two

  • Designing Through Image

    Urban Design: Promenade Framework

    Canopies over Hong Kong

    Mapping Las Vegas

    Static-Dynamic Rowing Facility

    Path in the Woods

    Sigma Phi Epsilon Yearly Community Service Floats

    Center for Regenerative Landscapes

    Star Trailer

    Construction Trailer












  • Above: Building Plansa. Exhibition Image - Conceptual Mappingb. Site Planc. Occupancy Diagramd. Exterior Rendering

  • Spring 2008 - Designing through ImageInstructor - David Burns

    When focusing on completing a task, all else is blurred away. The initial design response to a Movie Production Studio became an exploration in definining the interlude between moments with form. This notion was then carried further as an opportunity for architecture to blur disciplines with hopes that the built environment could provide for stronger opportunities in innovation.






  • East Liberty Boulevard has a width of 80. It is uncomfortably wide for pedestrian travel.

    East Liberty dead ends at two important throughways, Negley Ave and Penn Ave.

    Since fast traffic occurs on Penn Ave., crossing Penn at Larimers border is difficult.

    Larimer Ave is currently too narrow for it to be a main through-way and dead ends just beyond Larimer.

    Historically, Larimer was connected to the neighborhood of East Liberty. Through the creation of Penn Circle and East Liberty Boulevards (Urban Renewal Schemes) the entry into Larimer was cut off from the city, and low-income high rise buildings served as physical walls into the neighborhood.

    Currently, there are only 3 existing crosswalks in the entire stretch of East Liberty Blvd. Making East Liberty Boulevard into a more pedestrian-friendly avenue would mend this interruption.

    The City and the URA currently own a large number of parcels within the edge condition. Devising a plan that unifies these vacant lots would increase the desirability of the land within Larimer.

    Any decrease to the vacancy rate within Larimer would be beneficial to the community. A vacant lot strategy is considered in one of the student projects.

    Cleaning out empty lots along the edge will provide the youth with jobs and opportunities.

    There are 10 gateways into Larimer.

    Of those: 3 are bridges2 are interrupted by underpasses3 intersect East Liberty Boulevard1 is East Liberty Boulevard 1 intersects Washington Boulevard

    Most criminal acts occur at night around these gateways. Most criminal acts occur along the bus routes.

    The existing hillside provides a natural barrier to the northwestern and northeastern parts of Larimer.

    The Martin Luther King Expressway further provides a drastic change in topography on the southern edge of the site, creating two underpasses for vehicular access to and from Larimer.

    With only 21.33% of available flat land area and 3 connecting bridges, the notion of entry and arrival into Larimer is important.

    Vacancies typically occur towards the edge of the site or at the intersection of Meadow Street and Frankstown Avenue.

    Areas are less vacant in the region adjacent to Lincoln and Frankstown Avenues.

    Vacant lots make areas undesirable for business and housing developments.

    There is a 24.2% Vacancy rate within Larimer.

    Above: Developing a Casea. 6x9 -Physical Model, Larimer (group)b. Site Plan - Designing a Promenadec. Swatch Perspectives of Promenaded. Change over Time (1-5-10-20 years)

  • Fall 2008 - Urban Design: Promenade FrameworkPartners: Tim Thianthai, Alison Schloemer, Diana MillerInstructors - Rami El Samahy & Jonathan Kline

    Larimers dominant edge in the northern region of the neighborhood impedes connections to the rest of Pittsburgh. This study analyzes the edge condition as a source of great liability and seeks opportunities for growth through the creation of a promenade that relinks Larimer to its surrounding context.





  • Above: Hand Sketches - Hong Konga. Diagram - Re-imagining Tents along Hong Kong Skylineb. Experiential Renderingsc. Proposed versus Existing


  • Fall 2007 - Canopies over Hong KongInstructor: Khee Poh Lam, Edward Ng

    With Chinas emergence as a economic superpower, the balance between rapid m