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Portfolio from my graduate school application.

Text of Hahn-Wagner Grad School application portfolio

  • Stephanie Hahn-Wagner Portfolio of Works

  • Casa Rosada.

    August 2007

    La Recoleta Cemetery.

    Travel Sketches Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Charcoal and Ink StudiesART 190 Drawing

    Still life in charcoal with emphasis on the changing natural light coming through a window.

    Still life in charcoal limited to five tonal values. Charcoal drawing done over

    two days, with emphasis on depth of space and having the objects moved from one session to the next.

    December 2005

    Still life in ink washes, restricted to five tonal values.

    Still life in charcoal with emphasis on showing depth through changes in lighting.


    Orthogonal and Perspective Stairway ARCH 211 Design Drawing II

    Design for a stairway with a 90 turn and intersection through a wall.

    April 2006






  • Suzzallo Library ProgressionARCH 210 Design Drawing I

    Timed series of ink perspective sketches describing movement into the University of Washingtons Suzzallo Library and upstairs to the reading room. Emphasis on development hierarchy: structure, tone, and detail.March 2006

  • Piranesis Castle Keep ARCH 210 Design Drawing I

    Reworking of a Piranesi etching based off existing edge artwork, emphasis on proper conventions for perspective.

    March 2006

  • Suzzallo Library ObliqueARCH 210 Design Drawing I

    Freehand paraline construction of a side door to Suzzallo Library, University of Washington.

    February 2006

  • Pike Place Market Stairways ARCH 211 Design Drawing II

    Studies and sketches of stairways in Pike Place Market, Seattle.

    May 2006

  • Design for an exhibit space with emphasis on the diagonal point method of construction and daylighting techniques.

    May 2006

    An Exhibit SpaceARCH 211 Design Drawing II



  • Crime and Punishment Room ARCH 211 Design Drawing II

    But his sleep had not refreshed him; he waked up bilious, irritable, ill-tempered, and looked with hatred at his room. It was a tiny cupboard of a room about six paces in length. It had a poverty-stricken appearance with its dusty yellow paper peeling off the walls, and it was so low-pitched that a man of more than average height was ill at ease in it and felt every moment that he would knock his head against the ceiling. The furniture was inkeeping with the room: there were three old chairs, rather rickety; a painted table in the corner on which lay a few manuscripts and books; the dust that lay thick upon them showed that they had been long untouched. A big clumsy sofa occupied almost the whole of one wall and a half the floor space of the room; it was once covered with chintz, but was now in rags and served Raskolnikov as a bed. Often he went to sleep on it, as he was, without undressing, without sheets, wrapped in his old students overcoat, with his head on one little pillow, under which he heaped up all the linen he had, clean and dirty, by way of a bolster. A little table stood in front of the sofa.

    Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment.

    Design for a room described in a passage from Crime and Punishment, drawn as one would see it from the doorway.

    Final Exam, June 2006

  • Camping ShelterARCH 300 Architectural Design I




  • Design for a camping shelter located at Cleveland Memorial Forest in Washington. Requirements included a picnic table, sleeping platforms, and a storage locker. The shelter was located with minimal impact on the existing trees and landscape.

    December 2006


  • Room Within a RoomARCH 301 Architectural Design II

    Presentation Haiku:

    Gouged flesh of mind,Sacrificed to the temple:

    Bring inspiration.

    A conceptual project, wherein we were challenged to define what makes a space a room and create an inspirational space for a writer or artist, given a specific volume of material, the mass of which had to remain the same, as if molded from a piece of clay.My space required the occupant to descend through a dark tunnel of meditation before being allowed to ascend to the platform that gives a view out of the walled space, representing a sacrifice of physical senses in return for an expansion of the mind.

    January 2007

    Progress through the space

  • Artists Space ARCH 301 Architectural Design II

    A project for an abandoned lot on a historic street in Ballard, Washington, using the space for an artists live/work loft with rentable storefronts.

    March 2007

    The storefronts are at a right angle to the street, creating an explorable and friendly alley that opens into a small courtyard. The elevation at the street continue the classic brick and mortar look of the surrounding neighbor-hood, while the artists space in the back of the lot has a more modern feel, with glass and concrete facade.A photographers black room and studio are located underground beneath the storefront area.

  • Design for a Media Library in Seattles Capitol Hill neighbor-hood. My designs central concepts were the curved gesture at the entrance (an homage to the corner entrances that are popular in the area), the counter-curve on the second floor, and a theatre at the basement level. We were also challenged to make conceptual models out of real materials: wood, metal, and gypsum wall board.

    June 2007



  • Capitol Hill Media Library ARCH 302 Architectural Design III

    PLAN 0

    ELEVATION (10th ST.)


    PLAN 2


  • ROOTS Homeless ShelterARCH 400 Architectural Design IV

    A site with lots of surrounding history was the setting for this homeless shelter design. Adjoining our given location were the iconic Cafe Allegro and University Temple Church, with its stained glass windows facing the site. Respecting these landmarks was important to my design.

    December 2007

  • The site model stand for the ROOTS studio came from my concept sketches of a shopping cart, an icon of homeless culture. I painted the cart with a fire motif to reflect the existing ROOTS phoenix mural on the adjacent church. The site model was hinged at the cart handle, allowing us to store materials beneath it.

    Privacy on the ground floor of the shelter was achieved with minimal fenestration and stained glass. Natural light was brought into the communal space by way of a clerestory and Column of Light concept.

  • High Rise ResidentialARCH 401 Architectural Design V

    Design for a residential high rise building in Seattle, with emphasis on low income apartments and temporary housing for patients of nearby hospitals. We were challenged to do research about required setbacks, municipal height limitations, green space initiatives, and safety codes.

    March 2008


  • Des Moines Studio ARCH 402 Architectural Design VI

    The studio was located in Des Moines, Washington, where we interacted with residents and explained concepts for beautifying the underused and outdated waterfront town. Using photography, digital photo editing and other mixed media, we demonstrated a wide variety of possible improvements, from basic exterior paint, new city banner designs, and uses for aban-doned dry dock storage.

    June 2008

    I focused on simple and inexpensive elevation improvements for strip malls, dry dock conversion possibilities, and improvement of mass transit and pedes-trian access, including a unified bus stop design. The bus stops echo construction materials used at the Des Moines Mari-na, with a slanted metal roof gathering water for an incorporated planter box.

  • Pike Place Market SketchingARCH 415 Architectural Sketching

    Studies and sketches of a space in Pike Place Market. Ink and watercolors.

    August 2007

    Diagrams of usage and lighting.

  • University of Washington Sketches ARCH 415 Architectural Sketching

    Study of a side window, Suzzallo Library.

    July 2007

    Sketches of Gates Hall courtyard and skylights, studies in diagramming.

    Sketches and studies of Kane Hall.

  • Resume

    EDUCATIONUNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTACollege of Design School of ArchitectureMasters of Architecture 3.24 GPASeptember 2012 May 2014

    UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTONCollege of Architecture and Urban PlanningBachelors of Arts in Architectural Studies 3.34 GPASeptember 2004 June 2008


    UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA SEPTEMBER 2012 DECEMBER 2013School of Architecture Teaching Assistant Minneapolis, MN

    CRAFT ARCHITECTS JANUARY 2011 JULY 2011Architectural Intern / Designer Seattle, WA

    MULVANNYG2 ARCHITECTURE APRIL 2008 SEPTEMBER 2010Architectural Intern Bellevue, WA

    SKILLSDIGITAL Revit AutoCAD Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Excel

    SketchUp Rendering Laser Cutting 3D Printing

    TRADITIONAL Watercolor Sketching Photography Sketch Modeling

    MISCELLANEOUS Spanish (Native speaker) Document Writing and Editing (spelling and grammar)