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CHEETAHS Fast and Furious. By : SAMANTHA POWER POINT. INTRODUCTION. Scien tific name of cheetah Acinonyx jubatus . Cheetahs are mammals. Physical features. What They Look Like. Cheetahs have tanish yellowy fur with lots of black spots. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INTRODUCTIONScientific name of cheetahAcinonyx jubatus .Cheetahs are mammals.

Physical featuresWhat They Look Like.Cheetahs have tanish yellowy fur with lots of black spots.Cheetahs have dark lines from their eyes to their nose. Those lines are called tear marks.

Physical featuresHeightWhen a cheetah is born they are about one and a half feet tall.When they grow up they are three feet tall from their paw to their ear.

HabitatclimateCheetahs mostly live in Africa where there are grasslands and rock areas.The limit year round is mostly warm and sunny.

Foodwhat they eatCheetahs are carnivores .That means that they only eat meat .Cheetahs eat deer , camels , anteaters and many other animals.One of the other animals are a Zebra

BehavioractingCheetahs have very controlled tempers.Cheetahs think(only if it is a girl)that a presider will attic their babies so they attic.

Babiesnew bornA Cheetah can have from 2 to 4 babies in total. The cub is about one foot tall when it is born. Also when a cub is born theyweigh 7\4-5 pounds to ten pounds.Also they are 9 inches long from its nose to its tail.

Physical adaptations and how that helps them adapt to the environment Cheetahs have dark lines from their eyesto their nose that helps them adapt becauseThat protect their eyes from the sun.Cheetahs also help by eating animals that are making other animals endangered.

Behavioral adaptationsCheetahs have very controlled tempersCheetahs act very farce because when they spot a presider with there Slip hunters eyes they growl and thatShows they are ready to attic.

Physical adaptations-what is inside and how it helps it adapt to the environmentCheetahs have really strong muscles in their legs that help them run really fast and out run their presiders .Cheetahs have teeth that help them chew their food really well.Cheetahs have really good eye site so they can spot anything that walks past them.

Other interesting factsWhen a cub starts to get older it wants to wonder of so it walks away on its own.If a cheetah wonders off the mother cheetah has a call to get them back.The call to get them back sounds like a pigeons coo.

More interesting factsWhen a baby cheetah is born their fur is a lot more puffed than it will be.A baby cheetah learns how to attic a presider by watching its mom.Cheetahs drink very little water per day.Cheetahs eat a lot more than they drink.

Fun factsCheetahs eat their presider's.Cheetahs have all sharp teethCheetahs clime trees for the shade in the trees.Cheetahs have sharp claws and padded paws.

Fun factsSome people think cheetahs and leopards are the same .Cheetahs toughs are like a brush so they can lick themselves clean .When cheetahs growled it means they are ready to attic.