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  • So.. Youre telling me that just by looking at some dirt on the road, you were able to trace Lettys killer to Braga the heroin smuggler?

  • Yeah.

  • Damn. You should become a cop, bra. I should just give you my badge right now.

  • Yeah.

  • You two know each other?

  • He used to date my sister.

  • Ja, this other bra of his smaaked her but I put leg.

  • Eish.

  • So are you one of those guys that prefers a hot car over a hot woman?

  • I can appreciate a good body, regardless of the make and model.

  • Even men?

  • Theyve got to be 20% angel & 80% devil.

  • Fag.

  • I just got back from the bureau man. The feds are looking for you.

  • Im right here.

  • No shit. I see youre working on a new 10 second car. Cool.

  • Hit the throttle over there.

  • BRB

  • You wanna jam?

  • Cameway.

  • I wonder why hes taking so long1 hour later

  • Youre back. What took you so long?3 hours later

  • If the knife is sharp, you must poke.

  • You know me bra? I killed your stekkie, ekse. Hey Braga hold me back!Later, at Bragas hideout

  • Dont worry marms, our car is more faster and furiouser than his. I even shaved the pistons. Well work him.

  • Lets just shoot him.

  • Ja, or drop an engine on him.

  • This is madness!

  • Eish.. They really worked this lytie!

  • Take your pie and vaai!

  • Take it easy guy.Hes already dead.

  • I was talking about you.