Fast & Furious Spell

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  • When SpellCasters Attack

    Fast & Furious Spell

    Attacking with all 4 SpellCasters

  • The Setup

  • The Cards

    If you dont have certain cards , use as close as possible, or tweak to your

    own needs or liking. With higher cards or similar.

  • As discussed in the SpellCaster Guide, the regular stats work on SpellCasters troops too so

    we should concentrate on spellpower, as that is a stat used by all spellcasters, and that is the

    stat in Buff or DE-buff to make a difference. BUT, contrary to the Hybrid SP where we

    concentrated mostly on Buffs we will now add massive Range Debuff to the SpellCaster mix.

    As there are 6 important stats in place we should all know 7 by heart.

    1) Defense

    2) Attack

    3) Range

    4) Life

    5) Combatspeed

    6) Accuracy

    7) Spellpower

    All these stats have an important role in BUFF & DEBUFF. Combining them makes a TR more

    effective, and combining troops makes it harder to guess what you will do with them,

    attacking wise, for the defender.

    If you are able to combine these 7 stats for example, and attack with SpellCaster troops,

    then the results are quite good. Exceptions are of course players that defend full city or

    have exceptional high TRs / Cards. But this Hybrid Fast & Furious Spell is doing a good job

    as well and it may suit the general & advanced player as well, as it is reasonable easy to

    build and easy to use.

    Range Debuff is easier to get in Cards Then Range Buff and it is EFFECTIVE against all troops!

  • When we think about range we think about RANGED and SIEGE troops. But

    The other troops use as well, much less then Ranged & Siege, but nevertheless

    So, Range Debuff has a great impact on ALL troops and since the Fast & Furious Spell, will

    be using High Combat Speed as well, any gap we will close fast, and with a balance in Range

    & Range Debuff, we will be greatly enhancing the effect of range.

    Our goal , depending on your cards, should be 2k minimum. Overall attack has to increase

    greatly so we sacrifice here and there, and improved here and there, and the Fast & Furious

    Spell was born.

  • The Stats Of this Preset:

    All the 7 important buff stats are there.

    Spell Power at 5061%

    And Range Debuff at -3962%, a goal of this TR.

    The remaining stats we use in the HYBRIDs , defense, attack, accuracy, range (buff) Life are

    all there and similar to previous sets with the exception that SpellCaster stats add.

    Raise General Buffs, then top off with SpellCaster Stats.

  • Battle Reports:

  • Battle Reports:

  • Battle Reports:

    Battle Reports:

  • You can tweak this TR, You can Tweak the Troops to adapt to your needs

    Keep defense stats minimal at 10k ( or higher)

    Keep attack stats minimal at 5k or higher

    Add range debuff as high as you can in this preset

    Add combat speed minimal 4k but higher if possible

    Add life if possible, Life debuff too when you are able to add it.

    Use accuracy as high as possible, it will make you kill more troops effectively

    Use accuracy DEBUFF when you have it.

    Use SPELLPOWER + SPELLPOWER debuff, as much as you can without compromising

    the TR

    Add as much attack debuff as you can without compromising other stats too much

    Even with Lower TR items you can come close the obtainable goals.

    Sacrifice Soulstealers + Toxics or Shields + Toxics Or Soulstealers + Toxics

  • The more Spellcasters you can use, the better it is. The best number for Shield

    Sorcerers is 200 k. But you have seen 100k does well too! But it is really a minimum.

    The Best number for Soul Stealers is 30 k, as a rare troop this is not always possible,

    but 10k or 5k does very well too.

    Toxic Conjurers are needed in the mix.

    Pairing SoulStealers with Shield Sorcerers is a very effective lethal combo.

    Remember, do not always use the same presets, mix your attacks especially in

    prolonged battles, as you will become predictable and your defender will adapt


    Sharing is knowledge, and a lot of players are not sharing. Yes, it gives you and edge, or advantage, but

    it leaves also many people clueless. The objective of these tutorials, is to teach, learn, educate players so ALL players have

    a better under understanding of the game. The more players participate, the better the overall experience is for all players.

    More attacking and defending means lively domains full of activity.