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Solid-State Circuits / Circuit and System Joint Chapter IEEE Central Texas Section Fall Planning Meeting September 8 , 2012 San Marcos, TX. Chapter Leadership Team. Chair: Zhuo Li ( IBM, Vice Chair: Nan Sun (UT Austin , nansun ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solid-State Circuits / Circuit and System Joint Chapter

IEEE Central Texas Section

Fall Planning MeetingSeptember 8, 2012 San Marcos, TXIEEE Central Texas SectionChapter Leadership TeamChair: Zhuo Li (IBM,

Vice Chair: Nan Sun (UT Austin,

Secretary: Mikel Ash (TI,

AdvisorMatt Felder ( Haoxing Ren (IBM, IEEE Central Texas SectionNotes:Chapter UpdatesMeeting location: UT Campus ENS 306 or ACES 2.402Officer election will be held at October meeting. Ten technical meetings, two administrative meetings.Oct 27 Workshop: IEEE CTS CAS/SSC Workshop: Data Parallelism for Multi-Core Chips and GPU (Speakers from IBM, AMD, Altera, Texas A&M, and maybe Nvidia and Intel). Include tutorial and panel discussion as well.IEEE Solid State Circuits 2011 Outstanding Chapter Award at ISSCC ($1000 prize) IEEE Central Texas SectionNotes:2012 Chapter MeetingsDateTechnical/AdminTopicSpeaker# pl 01/17/12TechnicalIntegrated Systems for a Smarter PlanetDr. Peter Hoftsee (IBM)1502/07/12TechnicalUltra Low Power Electronics in the Next DecadeAjith Amerasekera (TI)4403/27/12TechnicalAnnual Review of ISSCC Processor and MemoryMatt Felder, Josh Friedrich, Dr. Ramin K. Poorfard and Dr. Betty Prince 2304/03/12TechnicalAnnual Review of ISSCC Analog and RFMatt Felder, Josh Friedrich, Dr. Ramin K. Poorfard and Dr. Betty Prince 2905/29/12TechnicalWhat is ESD? Why is it important for Electrical Engineers?Ajay Kuma (TI)1306/26/12TechnicalSSCS Inaugural Webinar Event - "Dark Secrets of RF Design"Dr. Tom Lee (Stanford)2007/06/12TechnicalBridging Design and Manufacture of Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits in Advanced CMOSDr. Alvin Loke (AMD)1207/10/12TechnicalMemory and Memory Related Technology Trends at the June 2012 VLSI SymposiumDr. Betty Prince (Memory Strategies International)2008/10/12TechnicalIEEE CASS Distinguished Lecture: Ultra Low Power Analog Integrated Circuits for Implantable Medical DevicesDr. Fernando Silveira (Universidad de la Repblica)2208/30/12TechnicalIEEE SSCS Distinguished Lecture: Energy Limits in Current A/D Converter ArchitecturesDr. Boris Murmann (Stanford)45IEEE Central Texas SectionNotes:SWOT AnalysisStrengthsGood technical talks, DL program.Stable attendance rate.So far one workshop per year in last two years and one planned for this year.Good leadership pipeline.Stable funding resource from CAS and SSC Society.Extra subsidy funding from CAS and SSC for workshop or extra events to promote memberships.WeaknessesFind more good technical talks and workshop topics.Increase attendance rate.IEEE Central Texas SectionSWOT AnalysisOpportunitiesLocal chip design and EDA companiesUniversity of Texas, Austin

ThreatsSeminars inside companies and UniversitiesA less interesting workshop may get cancelled or need more funding.IEEE Central Texas SectionChapter Plans / Issues Continue ISSCC annual review.

One more SSC Distinguished Lecture in Oct 11.

Cosponsor event/seminars with new CEDA chapter (Aug 30 DL seminar is sponsored by both SSC and CEDA).

Invite Distinguished Lecture Program speakers.

IEEE Central Texas SectionNotes:

IEEE Central Texas Section

IEEE Central Texas SectionQUESTIONS???

ThanksIEEE Central Texas SectionIf youd like to learn more about electronic services, youll want to attend the session on the Electronic Services being presented this afternoon by Christian Borgert (BORE-GERT) and Chip Dawson. If you miss this afternoons session, you can see it tomorrow morning.Now Id like to answer your questions about newsletters and electronic services . . .

(After Q&A)

Im sorry we dont have time to answer all of your questions, but we have an abundance of expertise with us this weekend, and much of it is in the Computer Lab upstairs. Stop by and get more information anytime.