2013 Austin Chapter Elected Leadership Team

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Austin COMSOC/SP Chapter IEEE Central Texas Section Spring Planning Meeting January 26, 2013 San Marcos, TX. 2013 Austin Chapter Elected Leadership Team. Fawzi Behmann (Chapter Chairman) Hanan Potash (Vice Chair) Frances Freeman (AT&T Liaison) Kwok Wu (Treasurer) Syed Shah (Secretary) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • AustinCOMSOC/SPChapter

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    Spring Planning MeetingJanuary 26, 2013 San Marcos, TX

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    2013 Austin Chapter Elected Leadership TeamFawzi Behmann (Chapter Chairman)Hanan Potash (Vice Chair)Frances Freeman (AT&T Liaison)Kwok Wu (Treasurer)Syed Shah (Secretary)Mahdy Saedy (Technical Program, Mem. Dev.)Richard Penshorn (Web Master, Soc Media)Behrang Nosrat-Makouei (University Outreach)Saurabh Sureka (Member at-large)Tim Raper (Member at-large)

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    12 Technical Meetings 9 Administrative/strategy/planning meetings 2 Non-Technical 2 Professional

    6 Outreach Activities PlusHome Networking Summit

    DLT Dr. Mischa Dohler, Barcelona Spain

    Other Advancement from 2011Migrate website from Infuseweb to IEEE (Feb)Migrate website from IEEE to IEEE Word Press (May)Enhancement of booth presentation: Collaterals, Chapter banner & Table cloth New website & Social Media


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    2012 Record of Activities

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    Q1Feb. 16 @ AT&TMaking of a Multicore Processor, Dr. Syed Shah, Director of Systems, Lattice Mar. 15 @ AT&TThe Future of Smart Secured Networking and Smart Converged Gateways for Smart Cloud Services, Dr. Kwok Wu, Head of Embedded Software and Systems Solutions, FreescaleQ2Apr. 19 @ AT&T Defined Radios Accelerate Wireless Research Mr. James Kimery, Director of Marketing, National InstrumentsMay 17 @ AT&T The Stampede Supercomputer: The Evolution of High Performance Computing Dr. Dan Stanzione, Deputy Director of the Texas Advanced Computing CenterMay 24 @ AT&T Heterogeneous Processors, Hybrid Systems and Big Data Dr. Peter Hofstee, IBM Austin Research LaboratoryQ3July 19 @ AT&T Objective Video Quality Assessment for Multi Bit Rate Adaptive Streaming Dr. Prabhu Hosur, AT&T LabsAug. 16 @ AT&T Fan Control and Temperature Sensing Dr. Ali Akbar Merrikh, AMDSept. 20 @ AT&T Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)-based architectural framework for Water Management Application Dr. Syed Shah, Director of Systems, Lattice Semiconductor

    Chapter Monthly Technical Meetings

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    Q4Oct. 18 @ AT&T Cyber Security and the new Threat Landscape with BYOD Mr. PaulMeding, Sr. Security Analyst, AT&TNov. 13 @ UT 10x Beyond LTE-A Business Case, Technologies, Challenges for Emerging 5G Networks Dr. Misca Dohler, Director CTTCNov 13 @ Freescale 10x Beyond LTE-A Business Case, Technologies, Challenges for Emerging 5G Networks Dr. Misch Dohler, Director CTTCDec 20 @ AT&T Low Complexity Scalable Video Encoding Mr. Rashid Jillani, Encoding Engineer, AT&T

    9 Administrative/Strategy/Planning MeetingsFeb 16Mar 15Apr 19May 17Jul 19Aug 16Sep 20Oct 8Oct 27

    Chapter MonthlyTechnical Meetings

    2 Non Technical FunctionsJan 26 Address UT IEEE StudentsFeb 1 Address UT IEEE COMSOC Students

    2 Professional FunctionsAug 7 NI Texas DayNov 12 Austin Home Networking Summit

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    Austin Chapter UpdatesFeb. 6, Outreach program: Career Fair Coast-To-Coast

    Feb 23-24, Support CTS/eWeek

    Jun 11-15, Support Globecom2014 @ ICC12

    August 6-9 NI Week Texas Day NOV 12 Home Networking Summit & Distinguished Guest Lecturer

    Nov 13Distinguished Lecture Dr. Mischa Dohler addressing UT and COMSOC/SP Chapter

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    Austin Career FairFeb. 6, 2012

    Holiday Inn Austin Midtown

    IEEE Central Texas Section


    IEEE Central Texas Section

    AustinHome Networking SummitDate: Nov.12, 2012, Location: 7700 Parmer

    Theme: IOT for Home Networking Solutions

    Objectives:The objectives of the workshop is to provide a forum of learning, dialog and networking regarding home networking marketing and technological trends, evolved architecture solutions and services and identify and demonstrate what is currently available.AMKeynote Speaker Dr. Mischa DolherHome Networking Landscape, Technology and Standards Home Networking Technology & Architecture Available ProductsPMPanel on Home Networking SolutionsHome Networking Enabling SoftwareDevelopment Kits and Reference solutionsTips on Maintaining secure home networks

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    Sponsors/Supporters Austin Chapter San Antonio Chapter

    IEEE Central Texas Section

    17 Companies/Institutions/AssociationsATTCTTCCiscoDigi IntlFreescaleHBMGHitachiIBMCOMSOCIHS/IMSNIOracleServergySigma DesignsThinkEcoUTVision Invent

  • 2013Jan 15Chapter Admin/Strategy/Planning Meeting

    Jan 17Dr. Brian Kelly, UTSA "RF Multicarrier Signaling and Antennas Systems for Low SNR Broadband Underwater Communications

    Jan 20-23 RWW, AustinRWW 2013 Plenary Session January 22: Jan-Erik Mueller RWW 2013 General ChairKarl Varian RWW 2013 TPC Chair Mahdu Gupta MTT Fawzi Behmann ComSocRobert NevetsAPSJung-Chih Chiao EMBS James Truchard NI CEO, Plenary SpeakerDietmar Kissinger EuMW 2013Takao Inoue RWW 2014 370 in attendance

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    IEEE Central Texas Section


    Notes:Notes:Notes:Notes:Notes:Notes:Notes:Notes:Notes:Notes:If youd like to learn more about electronic services, youll want to attend the session on the Electronic Services being presented this afternoon by Christian Borgert (BORE-GERT) and Chip Dawson. If you miss this afternoons session, you can see it tomorrow morning.Now Id like to answer your questions about newsletters and electronic services . . .

    (After Q&A)

    Im sorry we dont have time to answer all of your questions, but we have an abundance of expertise with us this weekend, and much of it is in the Computer Lab upstairs. Stop by and get more information anytime.