Changing behaviour through communication

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Presented by Stephen Donajgrodzki, Senior Partner at Equal, at Another Marketing Conference 2012 (

Text of Changing behaviour through communication

  • 1. Stephen Donajgrodzki

2. SAVE LIVES 3. SAVE MONEY 4. SAVE THE PLANET 5. SAVE TIME 6. We cant changebehaviour, but wecan help people to change their ownbehaviour. 7. STAR T 8. START! 9. STOP 10. PREVENTprevent 11. MODIFY 12. Psychology Psychology academic and applied disciplineinvolving the study of cognitive processes andbehaviours Some fields use models e.g. social psychology Models are concepts that will help peopleuse their headsCommon factors include:Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, Norms, Self-efficacy, Habit, Affect 13. Gibbons & Gerrards Prototype/Willingness model 2003 14. Behavioural economics Economic + psychological understandings Bounded rationality Two systems - Automatic and Reflective Heuristics = mental shortcuts Principles seek to explain the errors in the judgementof individuals 15. strategic& tactical 16. A BEHAVIOURALMODEL FORSMOKINGCESSATION 17. Interventions framework 18. Creating the delivery journey 19. Creating the delivery journey Legislation Marketing Natural Triggers (Supported by Marketing) MarketingNHS servicesNHS services 20. The desired customer journeyKnowledge of how to quit NHS servicesGet a cold -natural trigger Quit attemptPositive environment - Advertising as a triggerlegislation 21. Tactics 22. Tactics: priming and norms 23. Tactics: breaking habits /defaults 24. Tactics: opt ins vs opt outs 25. QUESTIONS