[Challenge:Future] Green Economy for Lake Baikal

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1. Ateneo de Zamboanga University
Challenge Future Philippines
2. 1. The lakes and its surroundings is a home of many species
2. It is also the home of the most clean waters.
3. It helps the people gain income (in a good way)
4. Peoples connection develop and shared to others which will
Give them the idea that we are all in this togetherin helping
Out natural resources.
5. It helps clean our environment.
So do you want to destroy lake Baikal? Im sure not ;)
General Solutions:
Strengthen tourism by setting up green guidelines for hotels, restaurants and spots that will be wise and efficient.
Incorporate social activities for the visitors and locals.
Maintain a positive relationship between the locals
and officials.
4.Build connections within the international arena
Strengthen safety measures and security.
Make use of green technology.
Build independent waste water treatment.
3. Welcoming Guests
Baikal Treats Centers
BTSc will help the people
living their as they produce
Treats for the visitors. It can be
Food treats, fruit wines,keychains,
And other things. A livelihood
Program where they can earn
And help the locals there.
-a welcoming community can be assigned
to the different terminals.
This will have a great impact for the tourists as this will let the guests and touristsfeel that they are welcome by giving them warm smiles, garlands and a welcome dance before heading to the tourist shuttle.
Lake Baikal Theme Song and Music Video
> The shirts will be made from 100% organic cotton grown in the country.
>inks for shirt printing and postcards are made from 100% eco-friendly all natural inks that do not contain plastisol, PVC, or emit unhealthy phthalates, or dioxins and for every purchase, a percentage of it will go to National Heritage Fund who helps the preservation of natural resources.
the song's lyrics and images and video will revolve around the beauty of lake Baikal (its sceneries, activities, hotels, etc) and this can be used for advertising and can also be played in the hotels, boats, etc.
4. Hotels and Accommodations
1. Campgrounds- specially designed to those who love outdoor camping. Campgrounds will be a special, secured place near Lake Baikal. Tourists will be allowed to build tents, cook in the cooking area and roam around the camp grounds for a close encounter with nature. When they leave the grounds to visit other places, rangers will be in charged to take a look at their tents. And once a week, all campers will then be asked to join the weekly camp fire activity where they can interact with other tourists and build positive connections between nations.
2. Lake Cottages - if the tourists want to have a special time with the lake, then they can reserve rooms at the lake cottages which will be located near the lake. People will then be able to see the sunrise and sunset, and walk and play around the shorelines of the lake.
Staffs working here are ready to guide the visitors as they tour around the shoreline of the Lake where they will talk about the marine life and ecosystem surrounding the lake.
Food Trip
Organic Restaurants - in these restaurants and food stops, organic food are the only food served. This is also to advocate healthy living and diet.
Additional Activity:
When the customers are not in the hurry to eat, they can ask for the recipe of the dish that they want and personnel and staffs will guide them as they get fresh vegetables/fruits in the garden. They will be able to get to know more about the plants and trees present there as signs will be put there for their reference and the close encounter with the plants will make it fun while learning new things.
5. Social Activities and Interaction:
Heritage Trails - this is for outdoor lovers who also want to know more about the heritage of the people living there.In This hiking trail, visitors can meet representatives from different tribes while they showcase their livelihood products and selling them and to teach some things regarding their cultural dance and songs. A tour guide will be there for them as well. They can also bike here.
2. Plant a Tree in your name - for every donation that they will give to a foundationfor trees in Lake Baikal, they can plant a tree in their name. The customers will be able to choose what species they want to plant (with supervision from the staffs as well) and a seedling will be given to them and they will plant it in the forest / garden and that plant will be named after them.
Importance: this will mark the idea about the global cooperation that we have in order to save Lake Baikal and other natural resources.
International Camp for Teens- the officials can also host international camp for teens where they will be given encounters with the lake Baikal and get to meet people from all parts of the world. They will be taught on how to save the environment, and teach them how to bring it back to their respective communities.
2. Ranger Kids Camp- this is a special camp for kids during the summer time. Kids will be put under light trainings where they be the special team partners with the regular rangers in the campgrounds for a week. They can welcome the guests, lead them in the grounds. With this, children will have first hand experience on saving the environment and learn other ranger duties that they can surely bring together in their everyday life experiences.
This is to ensure that everything is in order and protect the visitors and other people living there and also, protect the environment from poachers who get marine life, cut trees and destroy anything from the environment especially those factories that discharge pollutants to the lake.