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  • 1. Levi Strauss
    Brooke Stuart
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2. Biography
Born on February 26, 1829 in Buttenheim, Germany.
Levi was one of five children, and they all lived with his father, Hirsch and step mother, Rebecca
After the death of their father, Levis family moved to New York where they started a dry goods business called J. Strauss Brother & Co.
3. Education/ Business
Levi never had any formal education or schooling, all of his skills were learned from experience.
He learned the trade of the dry-goods business by working at his familys company for so many years.
Eventually, Strauss headed to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush at the age of 21.
There, he was able to create his own dry-goods business under his own name, Levi Strauss & Co, which continued on for the next forty years.
Him and his business partner, Jacob Davis, created a business famous for their waist-overalls, (which they called jeans at the time.)
4. Education/ Business
Levi Strauss accomplished other things in his lifetime besides the making of jeans.
He was a member of the San Francisco Board of Trade beginning in 1877.
He was also a director of the Nevada Bank, the Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Company and the San Francisco Gas and Electric Company.
5. Social Aspects
Although Levi spent some time in Kentucky learning English, American customs, and even selling cloth, he never went to high school or college.
Since he was not enrolled in school throughout his childhood, Strauss never participated in any sports or extracurriculars.
He always knew he wanted to become a successful, independent businessman.
6. How He Got His Start
When Strauss decided to move to California to start his own independent business, he persuaded his brothers to give him a supply of silk, luxury items, and cloth, which he then planned to sell to jumpstart his business.
Someone along the way told Strauss that he must had brought a supply of pants since the prospecting of gold was tough and rough.
Since Levi had also brought canvas along with him, he then cut them and turned them into trousers which became an instant success.
These were known as Levis.
7. Mistakes Early in Business
Strauss never made any business-altering mistakes involving his denim company.
He started from the materials his brothers gave him during the California Gold Rush, and eventually made a name for himself and a successful company to prove it.
8. Current Status
Levi Strauss passed away peacefully on September 27, 1902 in San Francisco, California at the age of 73.
His estate that he left behind amounted to nearly six million dollars, most of which was given to his four nephews who helped him run his company, and other family members.
Some of it was also left to the different organizations and charities that Strauss was a part of and generously gave to throughout his life.
9. Business Organization
Levis Strauss company was a sole proprietorship.
Although he had people along the way who helped him company to grow, he solely owned his denim business.
10. Business Philosophy
Levi Strauss became a well known figure around the city of San Francisco as his empire continued to grow.
He wanted to create a denim that was comfortable, yet durable for both men and women.
Despite his reputation as a sophisticated businessman, he insisted that his employees call him Levi instead of Mr. Strauss.
He was not greedy with his wealth, instead he donated large amounts of money to different orphanages and Jewish organizations.
11. Business Name
The company Levi Strauss & Co. obviously received its name from the owner and creator, Levi Strauss.
Eventually, the jeans were then just called Levis for short.
12. Interesting Fact
Although Strauss never went to college, in 1897 he provided the funds for twenty-eight scholarships at the University of California, Berkeley.
13. Interesting Fact
On the day of Levi Strauss funeral, which was a Monday, local businesses were temporarily closed so that their proprietors could attend the service.
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