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Cavendish… all you need to know

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Who are Cavendish?

We are one of the UK’s leading independent recruitment advertising agencies. Since 2000, we’ve enjoyed year on year growth, simply by providing our clients with a direct, individual approach to help them win the war for talent. Our team is highly experienced in all types of recruitment advertising and communications. We also offer innovative HR solutions – from employer branding to diversity campaigns. We work with clients across the public and private sectors, providing a personal and highly responsive service that has proved very successful.

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What can we offer you?

• Value for money

• Completely transparent pricing with no hidden costs

• Free media advice, design and copywriting

• Frequent reports of your spend and advert placement

• Award-winning artists and copywriters working for you

• Experience and understanding of many sectors

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• handling initial responseWe are able to receive and acknowledge CVs or send out application packs as required.

• initial sift of responsesEither CVs or application forms to your agreed criteria in order to form a shortlist for interview.

• initial interviews from shortlistIf required, and to save you time, we are able to first interview candidates on your behalf, in order to present you with the most suitable 2-3 candidates for any particular role.

Candidate response handling

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Help staff feel valued and up-to-date on all internal activity.

We can work with you to produce an array of employeecommunications:


Application Forms

Training Brochures



Internal Posters

Employer branding

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We can advise you on ways in which you can strengthen your recruitment campaigns using

online advertising strategies. Online campaigns can often reach larger audiences than

traditional media. They can also prove invaluable when targeting a very narrow audience,

and when used correctly they remain highly cost-effective.

Maximising the scope of the web

Search Engine Optimisation

Lifestyle Sites

Online Videos


Candidate Database Marketing

Job Boards

Regional Sites

Social Networking Sites

Behavioural Targeting

Industry Related Sites

Pay-per-click Advertising

Your website

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We offer a full web design and development service, using open-source technology to

provide everything from small recruitment micro sites to fully functional Applicant Tracking

Systems (ATS). In addition, for those wishing to update their own websites, or regularly

publish articles we can provide bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS).

Web design and development

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Sample of print/web campaigns

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We are proud of our diverse client base