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15 Cavendish SquareBuilding Development

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Cavendish Square is an attractive W1 landmark situated in London’s prestigious Mayfair. The Grade II listed property, 15 Cavendish Square, comprises of 7,762 square feet of high-end luxury office space. With close proximity to Oxford Circus, Cavendish Square is a prime location for business, where the thoroughfares of Oxford Street and Regent Street meet.

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19th Century double doors lead through to the entrance of the property, signifying the beginning of the renovation and providing a great example of the impeccable detail that has been used when developing. The doors themselves have been reconditioned to their former splendour, preserving the 19th Century feature that is prominent alongside other such Cavendish Square properties. The exterior of the property has been given a modern lease of life with new paintwork and restoration where possible.

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The Lobby

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The Lobby

The drawing illustrates the optional design for the entrance, with hand painted glass cladding. A set of design drawings were completed for the property to illustrate the potential of the interior in an aray of design perspectives.

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The Lobby

Leading through from the entrance, the lobby provides a clear open space to greatly accommodate guests. The grandeur of the space is a result of the lobby being expanded across the ground floor, creating a substantial and welcoming space, the distinctive feature being the large rooftop skylight that towers above the high ceilings.

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With a simple, classical style interior with a modern flair, the property is a superlative collaboration to suit a business environment. The space is arranged over a large ground floor and a further three upper floors, each finished to a similar well-executed decor. The highest quality furnishings finish the renovation with a feeling of luxury and opulence.

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The everlong spiral staircase is the predominant feature of the 15 Cavendish Square. Spanning across all floors of the elevation, it provides fantastic views of the renovations, all intertwined with the immaculately finished staircase. The rich black carpet tread provides deluxe flooring beneath you, accompanied with the French polished handrails and spindles stripped back to their former splendour, the staircase is the focus of the property.

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The renovation has used traditional materials and methods where possible to keep in the style and setting of the Grade II listed status. An impressive finish has been created on every detail throughout; from the wall texture and cladding to the light fittings and furnishings. Where necessary, predominant features in the building have been restored or replicated to match the 19th Century build.

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Floor Plans

The layout of the building hasn’t been altered dramatically from the original floor plans, as to not disturb the features that make the property so unique and historic. Every room leads perfectly into the next, with a uniform decor and finish used throughout, creating a sense of elegance and grandeur. Attention to detail has led to the most insignificant spaces, such as the corridors and halls, to become areas that create a professional and modern environment. The property comprises of 6 floors in total; four further floors precede the basement and ground floor.

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The features within the property provide a consistent fit to the design that runs throughout. The floorboards have been replaced with brand new soild oak and have been coated with varnish to protect them. The fireplaces have been left untouched to provide unique features in rooms, and the cornicing has been repainted to flaunt their intricate design. The sash double-hung windows of the property beautifully frame the views onto Cavendish Square.

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Second most to the staircase, the cornicing in the building is an exquisite 19th Century feature. The intricate detail used in every dimension of the property adds visual beauty to every plane. The picture rails, ceiling roses, lighting troughs, corbels and cornicing that are apparent in every room have been preserved and repaired where needed, providing a diverse array of historical architectural decor throughout.

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Studios provide versatile office space that can be adapted to fulfil a multitude of tasks. This large studio benefits from large open windows flooding natural light into the room. The convex skylight protruding from the arched ceiling provides both a feature and natural light source for the studio, beaming onto flawless oak floorboards that run throughout the property.

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The second studio is located on the second floor of the property, and has fantastic views of Cavendish Square. The use of mirrors creates the illusion of extended space, with the natural light flooding through the large sash windows and reflecting around the studio. Ornate cornicing in this studio in particular, illustrates the successful blend of historic features with modern decor to create a contemporary working environment.

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The flawless white finish on every surface within the studio provides a blank canvas for personalisation from tenants. An office space can be divided up effectively by using the existing wall features that add dimension and interest to the space.

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The use of built in units and shelves in the open office space provide stylish and characteristic solutions to office storage issues, combined with furnishings that compliment the design style of the building. Where natural light is not directly effective in areas of the building, intelligent spot lighting has been installed to create a light and airy working atmosphere.

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Smaller, personal office areas have been created to the same high quality specification of the more larger open space offices. This office space was designed to be a clean and bright space.

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Meeting Rooms

Glass walled meeting rooms allow for open discussions and meetings to take place in a non-invasive transparency whilst benefitting from the structure being partioned. The glass screens add a modern twist to the classical building, providing privacy in an otherwise open space.

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Basement / Vault

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Basement / Vault

Design drawings illustrated during the development process show alternative purposes for the space, including storage, staff social space or a dining area to entertain guests, clients and colleagues.

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Basement / Vault

The basement has an impressive arched structure that has been blocked off for complete privacy, security and storage storage space. The space is diverse and versatile so can be used for a multitude of different purposes and benefits from extensive natural light. An additional side studio bridging from the basement provides extra storage and workspace if necessary.

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Designed by LUCY KIERANS

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