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  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives:

    a cross-Government strategy for


    Will Cavendish

    Director of Health and Well-BeingDepartment of Health

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    Oesity is gro!ing at an alarming rate, !ith a significant impact on

    individ"als, o"r #ational Health $ervice and society as a !hole

    %& 'oresight report: By ()*), +) of

    men and *) of !omen co"ld e

    clinically oese

    Health impact of oesity:

    * type-( diaetes

    (. of heart disease

    .) of non-smo/ing related cancers

    0,))) premat"re deaths a year inEngland

    1ed"ces life e2pectancy y, onaverage, 0 years3

    Costs of oesity:

    #ational Health $ervice - 453(n

    Wider economy - 4.*3n

    'oresight estimate costs toeconomy of 4*)n y ()*)

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    Oesity is primarily driven y individ"al decisions, and

    the !ay society infl"ences them

    .6 H"man iology- genetics plays a part but does not pre-destine us to be


    (6 C"lt"re78ndivid"al psychology- it is difficult to break habituated unhealthy

    eating patterns, especially when common to those around us

    96 he food environment- there has also been a huge increase in the

    quantity of quick convenience foods, which tend to be high in saturated fat,

    salt and sugar.

    4) he physical environment- our lives have become increasingly sedentary.

    or e!ample, the last " decades have seen a #$% drop in children walking

    to school

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    B"t a ne! approach is needed, !ith a !ider foc"s on

    healthy !eight, not ;"st oesity

    $hifting !eight distri"tion in the pop"lation to a healthy !eight

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    $o as part of the recent C$1 )> anno"ncement, !e

    anno"nced o"r ne! long-term amition

    Our ambition is to be the first major nation to reverse the rising tide of

    obesity and overweight in the population by ensuring that everyone is able

    to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Our initial focus will be on

    children: by 2020, we aim to reduce the proportion of overweight and

    obese children to 2000 levels.

    his new ambition was announced in (ctober "$$ and forms part of

    the /overnment0s new commitment to 1hild 'ealth and 2ell-being

    3children under ##)

    ackling child obesity will be a national priority for the ational 'ealth

    5ervice 3'5) and local health care and delivery providers, from 6pril


  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    Chart of red"ction in average B=8 in children y aggregating evidence on tac/ling the

    prolem ? ra;ectory is indicative

    educed consumption of !"## foods e.g.

    through reformulation and clear labelling

    $argeted support for at ris% families

    &hildren's centres (including

    activity and nutrition) to 2yrs


    #chool+based prevention (including

    activity, nutrition, reduced soft drin%

    consumption and education to

    reduce $ viewing)



    2000 2020 2007

    $rend average *1 growth

    2010 2015

    he amition is s"pported y evidence on !hat !or/s

    educed !"## advertising to children

    &ommunity interventions all ages( million strategy: @Healthy Weight,

    Healthy LivesA

    his strategy for 9ngland is fairly unique inbeing a cross-/overnment enterprise

    he /overnment is responsible for representingall four nations of the &nited :ingdom in9urope. 2e therefore understand that tacklingthe increasingly global problem of obesity

    requires a comprehensive approach to workingwith and sharing best practice and researchfrom both within the &: and partners outside

    (ur strategy is all encompassing and draws onwork going on across 9urope and the rest of theworld including the rench 9;(

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish

    8/26 8HealthyWeight,HealthyLives

    he strategy sets o"t action in * themes, follo!ing the

    evidence provided y 'oresight

    &hildren: healthy growth and healthy weight - early prevention of weight problems to avoidthe =conveyor-belt0 effect into adulthood, with the focus on children part of government0s

    >duty of care? to minors

    romoting healthier food choices - reducing the consumption of foods that are high in fat,

    sugar and salt and increasing the consumption of healthier food such as fruit and


    *uilding physical activity into our lives - getting people moving as a normal part of their day

    &reating incentives for better health - increasing the understanding and value people place

    on the long-term impact of decisions

    ersonalised advice and support - complementing preventative care with treatment for

    those who already have weight problems

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish

    9/26 9HealthyWe


    heme .: Every Child sho"ld gro! "p !ith a healthy


    Our vision for the future is one where every child grows up with a healthyweight, through eating well and enjoying being active

    @ust under half of children are participating in the 5chool ruit and

    Aegetable 5cheme- B 6

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives sets o"t a series of plans

    to ta/e this !or/ f"rther3

    identifying at-risk families and promoting breastfeeding through the 1hild

    'ealth ;romotion ;rogramme

    investing in >healthy schools? and making cookery classes compulsory

    tailoring programmes to increase overweight pupil participation in school sport

    and ;9

    investing DB million in a social marketing campaign to inform, support and

    empower parents to change their children0s diets and physical activity patterns

    providing funding of D#4$ million from

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    revalence of oese children y parental oesity

    Of co"rse it is partic"larly important to engage parents








    #o oese parents One parent oese Both parents






  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    heme (: he need to promote healthier food choices

    Our vision for the future is one where the food we eat is far healthier,3ith major reductions in the consumption and sale of unhealthy foods

    such as those high in fat, salt or sugar, and everyone eating their 4 5


    6lready we have established

    new regulations on front of pack food


    he /overnment0s advertising and

    communications regulator has placed

    restrictions on broadcast advertising

    during programmes targeted at under #Es

    he >traffic-light? model3as recommended by the /overnment0s

    ood 5tandards 6gency) has been adopted

    by many ma8or retailers and manufacturers

    across the &:.

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish



    he Governments 'ood $tandards

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish




    $ince ())9-5 !e have seen a n"mer of positive changes to the

    p"rchase patterns of food cons"mers in England:

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    Contin"ing the good !or/ the strategy lays o"t o"r

    plans to:

    "inalise a !ealthy "ood &ode of 7ood ractice aims to set a challenge to industry to

    provide healthier food choices through:

    #. 6 single, simple and effective approach to food labelling

    ". 5maller portion siFes for energy dense and salty foods

    93 1ealanced mar/eting, promotion, advertising and point of sale placement to red"ce thee2pos"re of children to the promotion of H'$$ foods, and increase their e2pos"re to the

    promotion of healthier options

    4. eductions in consumption of and levels of saturated fat and sugar in food particularly drinks

    with added sugar, along lines of the continuing action on salt

    B. ncreased consumption of healthy foods, particularly fruit and vegetables

    E. 6ll food businesses working with the 56,

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    heme 9: B"ilding physical activity into o"r lives

    Our vision for the future is one where all individuals and families areable to e8ercise regularly and to stay healthy throughout their lives

    6lready the ational Gottery - overseen by /overnment - has put D#BB millioninto the 1hildren0s ;lay initiative. his is helping to create more friendly publicspaces that encourage unstructured or informal play

    7E% of school children do at least " hours of ;9Jsport a week beating the7B% target for "$$7. 2e are now aiming to offer every child and young personthe chance of B hours sport a week by "$##.

    2e have also put D#EB million into the 2ell-being programme to assistemployers to balance work and life issues for individual wellbeing and to

    improve school performance

    he /overnment0s sport agency, 5port 9ngland will receive over D$$ million3$$7-##) towards building world class community sport infrastructure toincrease participation in sport

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    o go f"rther faster in promoting participation in physical activity,

    and creating a s"pportive "ilt environment, !e !ill

    Physical Activity

    Built Environment

    invest in a @Wal/ing into HealthA campaign - a third of England

    !al/ing at least .))) more steps daily - an e2tra .* illion steps a

    day!or/ !ith the entertainment technology ind"stry to develop tools

    to allo! parents to manage the time that their children spent online

    playing games"se the ().( Olympics to inspire people to ecome more activeloo/ at setting "p a ne! agency,

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    heme 5: We need to create incentives for etter health

    Our vision for the future is where all employers value their employees'health and where this is at the core of their business plans. $here

    will be stronger incentives for people, companies and the 9ational !ealth

    #ervice to invest in health

    he /overnment0s ood 5tandards 6gency has produced a practical guide

    to caterers including weekly sample menus to help caterers provide foodthat meets people0s nutritional needs

    here are a number of e!isting >2ellK2ork? schemes up and running

    designed to deliver incentives to employees to lose weight

    6 recently published review of the health of *ritain0s working age population

    sets out the case for employers to invest in wellness programmes for their


  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    o s"pport this !e3

    Emloyee incentives !ncentives across society

    will look at piloting schemes

    that provide financial

    incentives e.g. payments,

    vouchers and rewards to

    encourage healthy living and

    sustain weight loss 3as have

    been effective in the &56)

    will look at ways to better

    structure health funding flows

    to use healthy living resources

    more fle!ibly

    will work with employers to see how

    companies can best promote wellnessamong their staff - healthy workplaces

    will e!plore with the fitness and leisureindustries how they can

    launch pilots throughout the '5 this

    spring offering staff personalised health

    advice and lifestyle management


    will test approaches to using financialincentives to encourage weight loss and

    healthy living more generally

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    heme *: 8ndivid"als sho"ld have easy access to highly

    personalised feedac/ and advice on their diet, physical

    activity and health

    Our vision for the future is where all employers value their employees'!ealth and where this is at the core of their business plans. $here will

    be stronger incentives for people, companies and the 9ational !ealth

    #ervice to invest in health

    +any areas in 9ngland are already commissioning weight management

    services to support overweight and obese children in moving towards a

    healthier weight.

    6dditional resources over the ne!t three years will see a greater focus on

    more families. 5uch services may be one-to-one or group-based and may

    be provided by voluntary not for profit and commercial organisations

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    We aim as a first step to!ards achieving this3

    to e!pand and develop the

    ational 'ealth 5ervice0s

    >1hoices? website to provide

    highly personalised advice on

    diet, activity and how to maintaina healthy weight.

    and may use the 1hoices site

    to display information on

    companies that meet parts of the

    codes of practice in food andentertainment

    5upporting the commissioning

    of more weight management

    services by ;1s, through

    providing funding as part of the

    national bundle, increasing over

    the ne!t three years1onsidering how to support

    local areas in widening the

    numbers and types of staff that

    can play a role in referring

    overweight and obese children


    unding research into weightmanagement for under-fives

    Get0s /et +oving?

    pack for doctors and nurses to

    help sedentary adults to become

    more active

    Care for o"ese and overweight

    individuals Personalised advice for all

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    Ho!ever, Government action alone !ill not e s"ccessf"l, and

    Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives follo!ing 'oresight, ma/es clear that

    everyone m"st play their part

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    he cross-/overnment programme in 9ngland has the e!tra financialresources it needs - an additional DL"mn over "$$7JI to "$#$J##

    31hildhood) obesity will be a priority for local healthcare providers from 6pril$7, with far greater accountability

    1lear local guidance has 8ust been published setting out how local partnerscan develop their own plans to promote healthy weight and tackle obesity intheir communities and in choosing the right interventions while monitoringprogress against local goals

    he cross-/overnment programme is being reinforced and given e!tra

    impetus via a 1abinet 1ommittee on 'ealth and 2ell-being

    6 comprehensive marketing programme to support individuals and familiesin making healthier decisions about food and activity designed to recruitthem to a positive lifestyle campaign

    B"t the Government !ill see/ to provide clear leadership

    and s"pport

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    he government is committed to an ann"al revie! of

    progress, and to developing the evidence of !hat !or/s

    2e will develop leading indicators of success to support e!isting measures

    of progress in informing the annual review of progress

    nvest in research to improve our understanding of the causes and

    consequences of the rise in e!cess weight and what works in tackling it

    +onitor and evaluate progress of new and e!isting programmes, both to

    inform the annual review and guide research

    esearch and evaluation will be led by e!isting /overnment M< bodies,

    supported by the new (besity (bservatory

  • 7/18/2019 Will Cavendish





    O"r c"rrent foc"s is on s"pporting the development of

    local goals and plans

    C"rrent foc"s

    2e have 8ust published guidance on developing local plans to promote

    healthy weight will follow in +arch, with a toolkit shortly afterwards

    Beyond this, !e !ill egin p"tting centrally led programmes in place

    1omplete new regulations to provide routine feedback of child0s height and

    weight data to parents on an opt-out basis from the ational 1hild

    +easurement ;rogramme in the 'ealth and 5ocial 1are *ill

    ;lan and commission an e!tensive social marketing campaign, to be

    launched late summer