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by Megan Lynch The ball is . Vowel Diphthongs

By Megan Lynch The ball is. Vowel Diphthongs. -au, -aw, -ow, -ou, -oi, -oy What Are Vowel Diphthongs? caughttoys

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Text of By Megan Lynch The ball is. Vowel Diphthongs. -au, -aw, -ow, -ou, -oi, -oy What Are Vowel...

Vowel Dipthongs & Vowel Blends

by Megan Lynch

The ball is . Vowel Diphthongs

-au, -aw, -ow, -ou, -oi, -oy

What Are Vowel Diphthongs?

caughttoysow and ou: These vowels make the sound as if you were being pinched and said OWW! ow and ou can also say O when it is at the end of a word. round, wow, mowCan you hear the difference between wow and mow?




growbrownclowngrowarrownowdownpowerlowallowwowknownbowwindowblowsowhowtowpillowbrownrowmeowmowshowerflow/ow//o/ow Words: /ow/ or /o/ ?How now brown cow?oi and oy: These vowels make the sound of a pig that says OINK! oi: oi comes in the front and the middle of a word oy: oy comes on the end of a wordboil, boy


OINK!oy & oiannoyboilboycoinjoyjoinroyalpointtoyvoicedestroypoisonenjoynoise decoyspoil


au and aw: These vowels make the sound like a person makes when they see something cute. Aww!augh can make the same sound as au, because the gh is silent. fault, caught, paw


Aww! Look at the cute kitten! au & awastronautpawsautomobilerawvaultcrawlautumndrawfraudthawauntsawaudioawfulpauseflaw


Sample Sentences! [practice with a partner]The boy destroyed the toy. He avoided making the choice because they were annoyed by the noise of the buoys. What noise annoys an oyster? The noise that annoys an oyster is a noise that knows no oyster.I saw the paw get caught by astronauts Paul and Lauren as they were near the fault line trying to thaw the raw meat for dinner. The mouse near the house wanted to take a ride on the cloud to see the brown cow blow over the pillow by the window. I thought Wow! this is happening now!The man really wanted to destroy the decoy he saw in the south. It was autumn and we had one hour to count before the loud mouth would annoy us in his new automobile.