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Technology Lesson: Diphthongs By Angie Jack

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Technology Lesson: DiphthongsBy Angie Jack

Learning ObjectiveStudents will know and be able to identify the diphthongs ew, ue and au, aw.

I began by creating a variety of slides with words containing different diphthongs. I drew a line under the diphthong in each word. 3

Next I found the color that matched the background and covered the diphthong within the word.4

This is the final slide and what the kids saw. I projected each of the finished slides on the smartboard in our classroom. I had all the kids guess what diphthong would finish the word.5

Smartboards have pens and erasers. After the kids guessed the diphthong that fit the word, they had the chance to check their answer and erase the blank spaces to reveal the letter. They thought it was magic! 6

Here is another example7

Using this technology gave the children a chance to interact and discover. 9

Student involvement.10

This was a good management tool. If the students were being quiet and participating, they could come erase the letters. 11

This was a second smartboard tool I used. It is a shade that can be moved vertically and horizontally. I simply covered the end of the word and revealed it to check our answers. 12


They were very excited about all of these magical tools!14

ReflectionI feel the lesson over all was very fun for the kids, however, it was a little hard to contain their excitement over the new technology.More experience and management techniques could help prevent this problem.

Principles of Effective Technology IntegrationStudents use technology* The students were able to use this technology. They could actively erase to see the diphthong.Technology is essential*The technology was not essential. This task could have been done in a different way. I just felt that this would make the task more interesting and memorable.Focus on learning objective*The technology was focused on the learning objective. The students were able to obtain the desired objective.Added value*This powerpoint took a great deal of time to create, however, it can be used again and again in the future. It will be worth the effort in time. The students really did enjoy the experience.