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  • May 1, 2017

    Branch Activity Report

    Student Branch Name: University of Connecticut

    Region (I,II,III,IV,V,VI): I Section: Connecticut

    Social Media Presence (Facebook, Website, Twitter, etc.)

    Department (Aerospace, Mechanical, Computer, Electrical, etc.)_Mechanical Engineering

    2016-2017 Branch Officers 2017-2018 Branch Officers

    This branch hold elections in the fall

    Student Branch Chair Student Branch Chair

    Name: Meagan Ferreira Member #.: 482823 Name: Ryan Hyatt Member #: 515882

    Student Branch Vice-Chair Student Branch Vice-Chair

    Name: Mark Winters Member #.: ______________ Name: Mike Petrucci _ Member #: 512389

    Secretary: Secretary:

    Name: Ryan Hyatt Member #.: 515882 Name: Chris Milne Member #:________ _____

    Treasurer: Treasurer:

    Name: Mike Petrucci Member #.: 512389 Name: Samuel Schulman Member #:________ _____

    Other officers: Other officers:

    Name: Mohit Patel Member #.: 514083 Name: Sam Calello Member #:________ _____

    Name: Steve Nilla Member #.: ______________ Name: Trent Rayford Member #:________ _____

    Name: AJ Lorenzetti Member #.: ______________ Name: Ryan Wendt Member #:________ _____

    Name: Trent Rayford Member #.: ______________ Name: Dereck Li Member #: 607097

    Name: Sam Schulman Member #.: ______________

    Name: Jacob Kowalksi Member #.: 630838

    Name: Dereck Li Member #.: 607097

    Name: Jennifer Bennett Member #.: ______________

    2016-2017 Faculty Advisor: 2017-2018 Faculty Advisor:

    Name: Dr. Chih-Jen Sung Member #.: 107600 Name: Dr. Chih-Jen Sung Member #.: 107600

  • May 1, 2017

    Do you have a tax id # under the AIAA umbrella? If yes, have you completed your IRS form 990-N

    (online only) for the latest tax year?

    Please indicate responses below:

    1. Did your branch participate in local section events? Yes No

    2. Did any members of your branch participate in any AIAA Forums ? Yes No

    3. Did you have any members participate in the following student programs?

    Scholarships Yes No

    Design, Build,


    Yes No



    Yes No

    Student Paper


    Yes No

    If you would like to provide more details regarding your branch activities please submit additional pages. The more

    you tell us about the branch (including photos and/or videos) the more exposure your branch can get out to the

    members of AIAA. We would like to promote your branch and your activities through the AIAA Daily Launch, the

    Aerospace America magazine, and the AIAA Momentum newsletter.

  • UCONN AIAAA n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 6 - 2 0 1 7

  • 2 The Newsletter, June 2018


    Ommos sitam sundae evendam esto et id eaturehent a qui recae vite conse eos assimin ctotatur sus volore verero beruptur, suntur aut doluptiam

    President: Ryan HyattVice President: Michael PetrucciTreasurer: Samuel SchulmanSecretary: Chris Milne

    Chief Technical Officer (CTO): Ryan WendtOutreach Chair: Sam CalelloPrograms Development Officer: Trent RayfordMembership Chair: Dereck Li


    Meagan FerreiraUConn AIAA President, 2016-2017

    President: Meagan FerreiraVice President: Mark WintersTreasurer: Michael PetrucciSecretary: Ryan HyattChief Technical Officer (CTO): Mohit PatelOutreach Chair: A.J. Lorenzetti

    Programs Development Officer: Steve NillaSecretary of Internal Affairs: Dereck LiFundraising Chair: Jennifer BennettWebmaster: Jacob KowalskiDiscussion Chairs: Trent Rayford & Samuel Schulman

    This past year marked our third year as an active student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. This year was highlighted by a larger leadership team, a continuation of our guest lecture series, and a foray into community and educational outreach. Our branch has continued to grow, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

    The main focus of this year was to continue to build the foundation for the branch to solidly build on in coming years, which included continuing to mold our officer positions, offering a wide variety of events that would interest many different types and level of student, and also by continuing to foster connections between branch and faculty.

    We also began a Rocketry subgroup within the branch, which is focused on model rocketry, high-power model rocketry, and on eventually competing in a rocketry competition. This group made contacts with the local CATO Rocketry Club, where they also found some mentors. Several students in the subgroup also obtained their certification to launch high power rockets, something that will aid them when they compete in a competition.

    This year we had our largest officer board yet, with a total of 12 officers. This included the addition of a second secretary, a Fundraising Chair, Webmaster, Discussion Chairs, and a Programs Development Officer. Each served important roles within the group. The 2016-2017 officer roster included:

    For the 2017-2018 school year, the branch has returned to a smaller number of officers: 8. It was determined that the board was slightly too large to function well and for everyone to have enough to do. The 2017-2018 board consists of:

    As the outgoing president, I am confident this group will do well and continue to make UConn AIAA a strong student branch


  • 3StockInDesign: The LAB of InDesign Templates

    OUTREACH EVENTSWith the UConn AIAA student branch only being three years old, 2016-2017 marked the first year we were involved with outreach not only within UConn but also within the community. Highlights include our partnership with the John Wallace Middle School Academy for Aerospace and Engineering, as well as our Late Night Event.


    This past year, the UConn AIAA Student Branch began a relationship with a local middle school program, The Academy of Aerospace and Engineering at John Wallace Middle School in Newington, CT. The Academy was established in the fall of 2015, and offers seventh and eighth grade students learning experiences within the aerospace and engineering fields. The program exists within JWMS, and students are accepted based on a lottery system. The students are then committed to taking math, science, and two aerospace/engineering electives, one of which is after school every day. The students also obtain experience working in teams to solve technical problems and communicate their results.

    The teacher, Bryan Holmes, is a retired U.S. Air Force pilot, space officer, and acquisition program manager. After he retired from the Air Force in 2005, he started teaching as a second career, teaching physics, engineering, math, and aerospace science in high school and middle schools.


    November 18th, 2016

    On November 18th, all 50 Academy students visited UConn for a tour of our campus and facilities, and another Q&A session. In the morning, students were split into two groups. Seventh graders were given a tour of the engineering buildings and facilities by the Engineering Ambassadors organization. Because the eighth graders had seen this the year prior, they instead had the opportunity to be given a tour of our Central Utility Plant. After these tours, the AIAA officers took all the students on a walk around campus, showing them Gampel Pavilion, the Homer Babbidge Library, Mirror Lake, and several dorms. This was also an opportunity for students to ask questions about the campus. Everyone then returned to our Student Union for lunch, and afterwards there was another Q&A session, with seniors Meagan Ferreira (President), Mark Winters (Vice President) and Mike Petrucci (Treasurer).


    October 28th, 2016

    Three of our officers visited the school on October 28th: Mark Winters (Vice Chair), Steven Nilla (Programs Development Officer), and Mohit Patel (Chief Technical Officer). These officers visited the school, participated in a morning activity with the students, and then gave a talk about what it is like to be an engineering student at

  • 4 The Newsletter, June 2018


    December 2nd, 2016


    January 30th, 2017

    On January 30th, the Engineering Student Leadership Council (ESLC) hosted an engineering involvement fair, where we were able to recruit and target undergraduate engineers interested in joining organizations and clubs. We were able to display our newly acquired banner (with officers Dereck Li and Sam Schulman below).

    Clubs at UConn are given opportunities to partner with UConn Late Night to co-host events. On December 2nd, UConn AIAA co-hosted an event on the night themed Blast Off with Late Night! Our activity was a paper airplane contest. There were three main different rounds: Distance (who could fly farthest), Time (who could keep the plane in the air the longest), and Accuracy (who could fly the straightest). There was also a bonus round, for who could fly through a hoop. Prizes were provided by Late Night, and bonus prizes included NASA lithographs and stickers, supplied by the branch.


    March 7th, 2017

    Ignite! is a crowdfunding campaign sponsored by the UConn Foundation. UConn AIAA ran an Ignite fund in order to fund CanSats potential trip to Texas in the summer. Since CanSat did not need the money, all the money raised will go to gen