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  • Branch Activity Report

    Student Branch: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

    Region: VII International Section: International

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    Old Branch Officers New Branch Officers

    Student Branch Chair Student Branch Chair Name: Angus Law Member Number: 591676 Name: Nicole Tse Member Number: 543474

    Student Branch Vice-Chair (external) Student Branch Vice-Chair (external) Name: Nicole Tse Member Number: 543474 Name: Ching Yu Ng Member Number: 509291

    Student Branch Vice-Chair (internal) Student Branch Vice-Chair (internal)

    Name: Wilson Wong Member Number: 591824 Name: Lam Wai Shing Member Number: 496660

    Promotional Secretary: Promotional Secretary:

    Name: Yuen Wai Tat Member Number: 591415 Name: Pang Yat Hang Member Number: 474617

    Treasurer: Treasurer:

    Name: Vishal Chanana Member Number: 505659 Name: Wu Kwok Ping Member Number: 607708

    General Secretaries/ Other officers: General Secretaries/ Other officers: Name: Cheng Qi Lu Member Number: 506597 Name: Chak Ka Ho Member Number: 643274 Name: Alex Law Member Number: 591552 Name: Tsoi Kam Fung Member Number: 469710

    Name: Francis Chan Member Number: 591857 Name: Kwong Chak Wai Member Number: 688670

    Name: Ching Yu Ng Member Number: 509291 Name: Leung Liang Kim Member Number: 489179 Name: Tang Cheuk Nam Member Number: 593002 Name: Shum Long Yan Michelle Member Number: 607695

    Name: Leung Liang Kim Member Number: 489179 Name: Tang Ho Yee Member Number: 644300

    Name: Chan Ho Cheung Member Number: 676742 Name: Tse Tsz Yan Member Number: 620160

    Name: Kwok Kei Kwan Member Number: 530163

    Name: Mooltham Man Keung Member Number: 496096 Name: Liu Ho Yin Member Number: 513931

    Name: Lo Yat Kan Member Number: 512070

    Name: Tse Tsz Pui Member Number: 543522 Name: Ngai Cheuk Yu Member Number: 489082

    Name: Francis Chan Member Number: 591857

    Name: Cheng Qi Lu Member Number: 506597 Name: Yuen Wai Tat Member Number: 591415

    Name: Tang Cheuk Nam Member Number: 593002

    Name: Alex Law Member Number: 591552

    Old Faculty Advisor: New Faculty Advisor:

    Name: Larry Li Member Number: 513119 Name: Larry Li Member Number: 513119

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    The HKUST Student Branch of AIAA organized a number of different educational, enrichment and technical

    activities over the past year:

    [Talks by Industry Professionals] Open Climb delivered by Captain Gabriel Yu

    This talk was delivered by Mr Gabriel Yu, an airline captain who has been working in

    the aviation industry for more than 20 years. Around 35 students attended this talk.

    Captain Yu discussed his experience in aviation, how he started his career as an airline

    pilot and what to expect when young students first enter the aviation industry. Students

    asked a lot of intriguing questions about the industry, particularly regarding how they

    can better prepare themselves for it within and beyond the university curriculum and

    programs. This talk gave students from all across the university (i.e. engineering,

    science and business) a better idea of what positions are available in the aviation

    industry and how they can better equip themselves for the challenges ahead.

  • [Talks by Industry Professionals] Insider News On the Importance of Pilots in the Next 20 Years by Nigel Leung

    Nigel Leung was formerly an airline pilot with the Hong Kong Dragon Airlines

    Limited (now rebranded as Cathay Dragon). He quit his job and later established Aero

    Institute AI-HK. Around 25 students attended the talk. Most of them have strong

    passion towards aviation and would like to make it a lifelong career as an airline pilot.

    Nigel shared a lot of important and useful advice, with lots of interactions with the


    [Tour] Aviation Tour to Mainland China

    In order to give HKUST students greater exposure to aviation and to prepare them for the aviation industry, the HKUST AIAA

    Student Branch organized an aviation tour to different places every year.

    In December 2015, the Student Branch organized an aviation tour to mainland China for HKUST students. It was a 6-day trip in

    Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing, starting from 20th December 2015 to 25th December 2015. The trip included 3 faculty members

    from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and 23 HKUST students who are extremely enthusiastic about

    aviation and would like to work in the aviation industry in the near future. We spent around 2 days in each city, visiting well-

    known aviation-related companies, as well as universities in China.

    The trip was very successful thanks to the generous support of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, the

    Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management,

    and Tianjin University.

    Visit to Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd.

    We visited the final assembly

    line in COMAC. C919, the

    largest commercial airliner

    designed and built in China,

    was being assembled when we

    visited COMAC. We learnt

    some of the advanced features

    of C919. We also gained

    important insights into how the

    aviation industry in China


    Visit to GEs China Technology Centre

    In GE-CTC, the speaker kindly introduced the companys background and what the

    centre does. We learnt a lot of essential engineering management procedures, as

    well as other engineering disciplines.

  • Visit to Tianjin University

    We visited the History Museum of Tianjin

    University. We learnt some important events

    related to Tianjin University in the timeline of

    Chinese History. Furthermore, we visited the

    laboratories where postgraduate students used

    to do experiments. The visit to Tianjin

    University was really enlightening and


    Visit to Airbus Tianjin

    We visited the Airbus Tianjin Final Assembly Line. In this assembly line,

    the A320 Family aircrafts were being assembled. We had a better

    understanding of how the A320s airliners are assembled and delivered to


    Visit to Civil Aviation University of China

    The visit to CAUC was very impressive. We saw a wide range of retired

    aircraft engines and retired airliners in the university, some of which were

    very famous and important in aviation history. Students were very excited to

    see all those retired aircrafts.

    Visit to China Civil Aviation Museum

    The museum was built to showcase the development of China's aviation industry and achievements China has made in this

    sector. We could see some retired aircrafts in the yard. Inside the museum included different areas, some of which exhibited a

    wide variety of both model and real airplanes.

  • [Tour] Visit to the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department

    In order to let students better understand how HKCAD works and what HKCAD does within the aviation industry, we organized

    a visit to HKCAD in early February 2016. Around 20 students participated in this visit. An HKCAD officer showed us a mock-

    up of the actual office where air traffic controllers work. He also explained to us a lot of responsibilities HKCAD bears. This visit

    actually gave us a lot of important insights into the industry.

    [Competition] 2016 AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition in Wichita, Kansas

    A team of 15 HKUST engineering

    students participated in the 2016

    AIAA Design/Build/Fly

    Competition, which was held in

    Wichita, Kansas. They spent

    countless hours working on their

    model planes, designing, building

    and test flying their engineering

    concepts. Throughout the

    competition, they demonstrated

    teamwork, ingenuity and

    perseverance, achieving second place in Asia and first place in Hong Kong.

  • [Competition] Airbus Fly Your Ideas

    Two teams of HKUST students participated in Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition. They came up with innovative ideas to solve

    real-world engineering problems in aircraft design and aviation. For example, one of their ideas was to design and build modular

    aircraft seating that can be replaced on-demand depending on the relative balance of passenger demand and cargo demand. They

    successfully reached Round 2 o