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IEEE-Tanta Student Branch (TSB) Activity IEEE Tanta Student Branch Slide 2 What is IEEE?! A non-profit organization, The world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology, from 1884. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Was Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Today, just I-E-E-E (pronounced Eye- triple-E). 10-Oct-142 Slide 3 Our Vision 10-Oct-143 Making students a professionals and have perfectionism sense, to contribute in Egypt industrial revolution and making this country rising more and more. Slide 4 Our Mission Participate in country development in all Technical, Economical and Social fields, Encourage Egyptian & Arab youth to be proactive and take the responsibility, promotes the process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, & applying knowledge about technologies & sciences for the benefit of humanity. Slide 5 Achievements We started our activities when our college joined MIE competition which is one of the IEEE Gold activity, and We won in MIE 2007 10-Oct-145 Slide 6 Some Activity Slide 7 Competitions Slide 8 Robotics Group Vision The IEEE Robotics & Automation Chapter at Tanta University inspires greater awareness of the field of robotics and aims to make robotics more accessible to persons in our university. Mission We are a student group focused on industrial robotics application events as well as mentoring our university students Robotics science. Slide 9 Robotics Group 10-Oct-149 Slide 10 ESD09 19/7/2009 Engineering Student Day DISCOVER YOUR NEXT STEP IN TANTA MIU & MIC Finals ESD Gallery Student Branch Contest Business sessions Slide 11 Who will attend? Engineering students whose studies are related to the field. Engineers and representatives from companies in the field. Representatives from governmental ministries, non profit organizations and regulatory bodies. Staff of related engineering and IT departments in Egyptian universities. 10-Oct-1411 Slide 12 Goals Provide a forum for continuous sharing and discussion of ideas and knowledge. Encourage cooperation on technology projects and research. Encourage entrepreneurship. Foster real communication between the university and the industry. Enhance skills needed for better performance in the professional world. A national gathering celebrating the engineering profession. 10-Oct-1412 Slide 13 Structure of the event ESD common activities section: TSB competitions section: Business and soft skills section: 10-Oct-1413 Slide 14 ESD Gallery 10-Oct-1414 Slide 15 Last Year Sponsors: 10-Oct-1415 Slide 16 ESD09 23 MIC Team 20 MIU Team 5 teams from Azhar, 4 From Cairo and 1 From Helwan, Menia, Fayoum and Port Said Kafr El Shiekh and Shieben SB Start Up SB volunteers in organizing 10-Oct-1416 Slide 17 In The End Invitation Dr.Ahmed Darwish to make ESD09 under his auspices Help to invite more Companies Electrical Government Program. 10-Oct-1417 Slide 18 Thanks 10-Oct-1418