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    Bharat Precision Industries

    A ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY

  • Group Establishment: 2003

    Business Scope of Activities: Precision Metals Parts and Assemblies

    No. of Employees : 150 people

    India Head Office & Plant: USA Office:

    Plot no. 249-250, GIDC,

    Phase-II, Dared, Bharat Precision Industries

    Jamnagar 361 004 (INDIA) 1123, Wynfield Trace

    Tel: +91-288-2730130 Peachtree Corners,

    Fax: +91-288-2730140 GA 30092, USA

    Email: [email protected] Tel.: 001 916 786-7373

    Bharat Precision Industries ISO 9001:2008

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Bharat precision aims to carry out its business in an ethical way. To achieve this, we will operate and requires its subcontractors also, to operate as following

    Compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the countries of operation

    Refraining from improper and illegal business practices including corruption.

    Respect for human rights

    No discrimination based on gender, religion, physical disability, ethnic background and

    protection from harassment

    Respect for workers rights and no tolerance for child labor or forced labor

    Protection of the safety of employees, contractors and third parties

    Assuring performance of work according to recognized International quality standards

  • Our MissionTo deliver Quality Brass Parts & Assemblies in time & Everytime at efficient price while creating values for customers,Vendors, Employees and all other Stakeholders.

    Our VisionTo be recognized as Industry Leader for Quality BrassComponents and Assemblies, World wide.

  • Bharat Precision Family Manifesto

    Today is a beautiful day a perfect day to

    SAY GOOD BYE TO OLD WAYSof doing things.

    Today I will do best work by enabling myself & all my

    Bharat Precision family members to rise above their limiting


    Today I will ignite

    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    in myself & work with an


    No- Entitlement Attitude.

    Today I will challenge all

    conventional ways

    of doing business and

    Rock the boat in the middle of

    the sea.

    Today is a day to break

    paradigms & ask


    What today is

    impossible to do in my

    life or business, but if

    could be done, would

    fundamentally change

    what i do & then

    actually do the

    impossible today.

    Today i will think beyond all constraints of time, money, resources etc.

    And be a Possibility Thinker.

  • 42%





    Brass Electrical Switch Part Brass Sanitary & Gas Fitting Parts

    Custom Brass Turned Components Brass Fasteners

  • Single Shift 800 Tons

    Production Capacity 2015-16

    in Two Shift Working Double

    Single Shift 60%



  • Facility Overview

    30000 Sq. Feet Integrated Facility

    ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility

    UL & CE Approved Parts contract Manufacturing

    World Class facility for Machined Turned Parts, Forged Parts

    Design Conceptualization with Auto Cad, Inventor & Solid Works

    Customized Inventory Management


    Raychen RPG Pvt. Ltd Best Supplier

    ISO 9001-2008

  • 1 CNC Machines 8mm to 90mm Round & Hex

    2 VMC 430 10mm to 100mm

    3 1" Automat single spindles 21mm hex,25mm Round

    4 1" Automatic Troub Machines 8mm - 25mm Round

    5 3/4" Automat single spindles 16mm hex,19mm Round

    6 1/2" Automatic Machines 11mm Hex - 12.70mm R

    7 1/2" Automat single spindles 11mm Hex,12.7mm Round

    8 1/2" Automat single spindles 11mm Hex,12.7mm Round

    9 1.1/2"Hand Operate single spindles 33mm hex,38mm Round

    10 1"Hand Operate single spindles 21mm hex,25mm Round

    11 3/4" Hand Operate single spindles 16mm hex,19mm Round

    12 1/2" Hand Operate single spindles 11mm Hex,12.7mm Round

    Machinery List

  • 13 Forging Press 125 tonne

    14 Heating machine for forging press

    15 Power Press 10 tonne

    16 Powerpress 30 tonne

    17 Hand Press 5 tonne

    18 1" Hand Operate Tapping Machines Upto M35 Thread

    19 3/4" Hand Operate Tapping Machines M8 Thread - M20 Thread

    20 1/2" Hand Operate Tapping Machines M3 Thread - M15 Thread

    21 1/2" Hand Operate Drilling Machines 2mm - 12mm Hex

    22 3 Hole Automatic Machines upto 10mm

    23 3 Hole Automatic MachinesHex & Round from 5mm-10mm

    24 Authomatic Slotting Machines Slotting From 5 to 12mm

    25 Cutting Machines 2mm - 75mm Hex/Round

    26 Dryers Dry Purpose

    27 Grinders For InhouseToolings grinding

    28 Hand Operate Slotting Machines Hex 5min - 40mm

  • Workshop

  • Forging & Mold Making Facility(Subcontracting Facility)

    Type Quantity

    VMC Mold Making M/c.[Capacity: 400x500x500 (WxLXH)] Accuracy: 0.005mmDie Making Capacity: 4 inch to 14 inch

    1 No.

    Spark Machine 3 Nos.

    Die Grinder 1 No.

    Welding Machine 1 No.

    Forging Press capacity 100 tons 3Nos.

    Forging Press capacity 150 tons 3 Nos.

    Forging Press capacity 200 tons 4 Nos.

  • Forging & Mold Making Facility



  • Quality Equipments

    Surface tester Profile projector

    Centrifugal Deburring-Polishing Machine Vibro Finishing Machine

    Vernier Callipers [Mitutoyo Brand] Micro Meter [Mitutoyo Brand]

    Dial Vernier Caliper [Mitutoyo Brand] Torque Testing Machine

    Thread Ring Gauges (HIP Brand) Thread Plug Gauges (HIP Brand)

    Pin Gauges-Specific Special Structural Gauges

    Special Radius Gauges

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Planning & quality assurance

    Test Equipments


    In-Process & Inter-Process Inspections

    Equipment Calibration & Maintenance

    Up-To-Date Records of Quality Standards

    Dedicated Engineering Department

    Design & Development as per Custom Specification

    Vendors Controls & Audits

    Statistical Measuring Techniques like Variance Analysis, SPC, X-Chart, R-Chart, Trends etc.

  • Usage Of Sampling Plan In Inspection

  • Implementation of Kaizen Philosophy

    Implementation of Kanban card system in Store department

    Implementation of ERP system

    Some of the Best Practices

  • Social Responsibility

    No Discrimination

    Based on physical disability

  • Suggestion to improve System & Quality of product

    BPI Expectations From Customer

    BPI believes in Long life relation with customer and also expect it from Customer.

    Join hands for achieving goals in global market

    To share the knowledge of latest technology for customers product

  • Thank you!We look forward to

    do business with you.

    Bharat Precision TeamTel: +91-288-2730130

    Fax: +91-288-2730140

    Email: [email protected]