Boost Your Business with Social Media

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This is the first half of presentation for a class called "Boost Your Business With Social Media" by Sara Isenberg and Karen Kefauver.

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  • 1.January 29, 2013 -- Welcome to:BOOST your Business with Social MediaSara Isenberg, Web Consultant and Project Managersara@saraisenberg.comhttp://saraisenberg.comKaren Kefauver, Journalist and Social Media Consultantkaren@karenkefauver.com

2. AGENDA6:30-6:45 - Introductions6:45-7:45 - websites, blogging, SEO, case studies.7:45-8 - Break8:00-9:15 - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+9:15-9:30 - Q&A 3. INTRODUCTION I help web developers, businesses, and individuals get started on and manager web, social media, email marketing, software, and other projects.Sara Isenberg Web Consulting & Project Managementsara@saraisenberg.comhttp://saraisenberg.com 4. INTRODUCTIONSYOU:- Your name and business- Top goal of what youre here to learn- Have a website?- Using Social Media? 5. HOW TO LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA for your SMALL BUSINESS 6. HOW TO FAIL AT BLOGGING & SOCIAL MEDIA 7. What is the main purpose of a business website?Whats the point of blogging & social media for business?How does blogging & social media help your SEO? 8. BEST PRACTICES FORBLOGGING & SOCIAL MEDIA Create compelling content. Find a voice. Use keywords. Keep it fresh Post on a regular basis. Engage in a casual conversation with readers. Include images when possible. It doesnt have to be perfect. 9. The point of BLOGGING & SOCIAL MEDIA?Its a way to add new content easily to your website oronline presence.It allows direct communication, and helps you builda community or tribe of folks who are interested inyour product, service, or message.Its a great way to raise your (SEO) search enginerankings.Its low cost.Its good for public relations and outreach.Its quick. Compared with prep required for anytraditional media marketing, posting is quick.What if youre not a writer? Creative ways tofind content. 10. HOW TO CREATE COMPELLING CONTENT 11. CASE STUDIES Your website? Your social media? 12. BREAK TIME!(The second half of this presentation is by Karen Kefauver.) 13. Q&A