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  • Blume Antifouling System

    Marine Growth Prevention Technology

    Features of the system include:

    Insures the safe and efficient operation ofsea water systems by preventing theattachment and growth of marine organisms.

    Environmentally friendly. Treatment levelis # 2 PPB of electrolytically produced ionic copper, which is effective against bothmacro- and micro-biological fouling.

    Proven technology...hundreds of installationssince 1978.

    Safer and more convenient than chemicalinjection systems - no handling or storageof hazardous or toxic chemicals.

    Initial capital and operating costs are lowerthan sodium hypochlorite systems.

    Continuous corrosion and scale inhibitionthrough the introduction of electrolytically produced aluminum hydroxide.

    Anodes are supplied fully assembled tominimize on-site work, and are easilyinstalled from inboard.

    Coated anodes improve operational Representative Users List:performance by assuring bottom-up wear,which prevents hour glassing and Transocean Noble Drillingpotential damage to downstream equipment. Ensco Drilling Seadrill

    Atwood Oceanics Queiroz Galvo Anodes and controller incorporate wear ADNOC Vantage Drilling

    device circuitry which, when activated, Helix ESG Nabors Drillingtriggers an alarm to notify the crew of a Shell Chevronproblem; e.g., anodes need replacement. Murphy Oil Noble Energy

    Foss Maritime Seaspan

    Blume Worldwide Services Proudly Made in the U.S.A. 732 Route 9P Incorporating the LatestSaratoga Springs, NY 12866-7271 Marine Growth Prevention Technology

    Tel: (518) 587-6790

    E-mail: Since 1978

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