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  • Beshouy Rizk Georgy

    Mobile Phone :+2 0120 3912363E-mail Address:

    Linkedin account :



    Career Objective:


    - Bachelor Engineering, Ain shams University (ASU), Faculty of Engineering.Department : Mechanical Engineering. Overall GPA : 3 Expected to graduate : 2019

    2014 -General Secondary Education Certificate Egypt (Thanaweya Amma),El-Tabary Roxy School,Cairo,EgyptGrade : 97.4 %

    -Freelance Designer : Administrated the design field at know your church mobile application (available on Google play store ) and helped to establish it in 2016, designed all the photos in the application.

    - Freelance Graphic Designer : from 2013 - present .designing (banners, logos, printed and digital advertisement, calenders...).

    -Graphic Designer , Life Office Company , summer 2014 and summer 2015:worked in the design field and customer support.designed (books, bills, banners, advertisements, calenders, logos,...).

    -Editor: Gamal studio (photographical studio), summer 2014. finishing photos for printing and retouching photographical images.

    Aiming to have a training in your prestigious company in the field of Mechanical Engineering to improve

    my skills and be a participate in the success and development of the organization through my efficient

    resourceful experience and academic skills.

    Intern, Orascom construction, Summer 2016 Army Conferance Hall project N/A road ( cetified)- Retrieved the Fire Fighting and plumbing pipes.

    - Upgraded the HVAC systems.

    - Remodeled the technical mistakes in the shopdrawings accordng to the international codes.

    - Supervised the assebling and applying the drawings .

    Intern, Egyptian Organization For Standardization & Quality, Summer 2016 - Tested samples on Tension, compression and hardness lab (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Micro-hardness).

    - Calibrated the pressure machines.

    - Calibrated the standard length blocks, dial gauge, microscopic and macroscopic length tools.

    - Calibrated the viscocity and density of liqud samples and the volume container samples.

    Intern, TOYOTA cars workshop, Summer 2016, overhauled :- Car systems and engine types (Diesel and Otto cycles).

    - Water, oil and air cylcles and mechanisms.

    - Brake tools and how it works.

    - Fixing car issue and how to replace the borken parts.




  • Courses:

    - Graphic diploma, Shaw Academy,August 2016.-Adobe Premiere pro, self learning, July 2016.-Autodesk Fusion 360, Creative Group Company, June 2016 (certified from Autodesk)-EES (Engineering Equation Solving), Academic course, April 2016.

    -Participant,Valeo innovation challenge 2016. (certified)

    - Instructional visit to Juhayna factory.

    -Participant, Connected academy student activity ASU, 2016. (certified)

    -Participant, Catalysis student activity ASU, 2016. (making of a Kinect/mobile application

    controlled robot with a servo motor).

    -Participant, Aviation club student activity ASU, 2016. (studied the jet engine, turbine, compressor

    and combustion champer ). project : making a small jet engine.

    Skills :

    Languages: Arabic : Mother tongue.

    English: Very Good (writing, speaking & reading).

    Computer: Microsoft Windows, MS office applications, Photoshop, Illustrator, Good command of AutoCAD , Solidworks, Fusion 360 and Adobe premiere pro .

    (References furnished upon request)



    Extracurricular Activities :

    -Participant, Employability and Career Development Center (ECDC), Faculty of Engineering Office:

    Business Ethics. ( Injaz Egypt) ( cetified)

    Positive Attitude. (MIT company) (certified)

    Thinking Patterns. (MIT company) (certified)

    Be an entrepreneur. (Injaz Egypyt) (certified)

    Innovation Camp. ( Injaz Egypt) (certified)











    . February,2016 Ten strategic steps for starting your career. ( Apex Dubai) (certified)

    - Autodesk Inventor, Connected acadmy & Self studing, February 2016. (certified)- Solidworks, Connected acadmy & Self studing, February 2016. (certified)- English Course of cambridge institute, Culture Institute Center C.I.C.,October 2015.- AutoCAD 2D drawing, Culture Institute Center C.I.C.,July 2015.- AutoCAD 3D drawing, Culture Institute Center C.I.C.,August 2015.- ICDL, Anba Rwis Center, June 2011 (certified)- Graphic diploma. (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), Anba Rwis Center, June 2011. (certified)