Become a Fearless Leader of Change

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Become a Fearless Leader of Change. Mary Lynn Manns International Paideia Conference April 2012 . Does anyone have a good idea?. What do you usually do to make your idea happen?. How can this person in front of the room help?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fear Less: Introducing Change into Organizations

Become aFearless Leader of ChangeMary Lynn Manns

International Paideia ConferenceApril 2012 1

Does anyone have a good idea?What do you usually do to make your idea happen?

ADD a slide: How do people react. With faces3How can this person in front of the room help?Gathered strategies from leaders of change in many different organizations

Documented successful strategies as patterns

Patterns capture recurring problems and successful solutions

Each pattern documents: problem, context, solution, rationale, consequences, known uses, name

4The Fearless Change approachChange happens one person at a timeThe goal is to encourage each person to become so involved and interested in the new direction that they want to change.


FactsFearForceFixHow do we attempt to persuade people?What not to wear. Ask Chip


Factscommunicate info about a change -- this is only the first stepFearForceFix7Knowledge: communicate facts/infoCapture AttentionWake-Up CallStress the core of your messageElevator PitchConcentrate on the possibilitiesTailor MadePropose a strategyStep by Step, Time for ReflectionKeep your message visible and frequentIn Your SpaceTackle preconceived notionsMyth Buster8

Factsthe first step (but not the only one)Heneeds twomorethingsto bepersuadedFearForceFixHes in a wheel barrow rut --- Takes time and tension to get out of the rut and occasionally you fall back in

9Give FactsBuild Beliefthat success can be achieved

Create Tensionbetween thepresent and thedesired states


Decisions are madethrough reason and emotionReason: provide factshelp the person understand the facts

Emotion: address feelingshelp the person care about the facts


FactsFearForceFixHow do we attempt to persuade people?What not to wear. Ask Chip

12Is there another F wordthat can persuade a person to make a fundamental and sustainable change inthinking and behaving?Why did you buy your last car?... Honestly!13FeelingsBehavior change happens mostly by speaking to a peoples feelings. (John Kotter)

Our emotions drive our decisions and then we use logic and reason to justify our decisions.

People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but not forget how you made them feel. (Maya Angelou)

McKinsey Quarterly (Feb 2011) Irrationality in the Workplace

14Some examplesMarket the change as a bright spot among all the burn-out

Consider how the change affects each individual. How does it address the problems s/he hates?

Dig deep into the concerns

When things are not going well, show people you believe in them

Recognize and understand what people are losing

Concentrate on the positive effects (rather than the fearful things that can happen if you dont make the change)

Guide people in imagining how much better things can be

15Persuasion: transform knowledge into actionCreate Tension & Build BeliefCreate an Emotional ConnectionShow a truth that addresses what the person is feeling

Match your idea to individual needs Personal Touch

Use stories rather than statisticsHometown Story

Allow people to imagine the future Imagine That!

16ADD: Bridge Builder, Small Successes, Accentuate the PostivePersuasion (continued) : Create Tension & Build BeliefBuild relationshipsEvangelistInvolve the skepticsFear LessRecognize what people are losingShoulder to Cry OnEase the concernsTrial RunShare ownershipGroup Identity

Loss of what you have is a stronger feeling that the potential thrill of what you may gain


Create Tension Build Belief

Show a truth that addesses what individuals are feeling.

Other ways you can do this?...

18Take-awaysFacts, Fear, Force, Fix do not persuade people to make a sustainable change

Facts are only the first step-- you must help individuals care about the facts

To persuade: create tension and build beliefAppeal to emotion rather than only to logic

The Fearless Change patterns provide a toolkit for building an initiative that allows change to emerge one individual at a time.

19Some of the patterns in your toolkit for leading changeKnowledgeWake-Up CallElevator PitchTailor MadeStep-by-StepTime for ReflectionIn Your SpaceMyth BusterTension & BeliefEmotional ConnectionPersonal TouchHometown StoryImagine That!EvangelistFear LessShoulder to Cry OnTrial RunGroup IdentityLeading change is hard, butYou miss 100% of the shotsyou never take.21Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas

Mary Lynn Manns

I challenge you to22