How to Become a Successful Leader

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As a leader you have a tendency to repeat behavior that becomes both automatic and unconscious over time. That’s why most leaders are used to making decisions in the amount of time needed by others to understand the question. They’re on another level. This stumps beginners whom are looking to become leaders. The most common question becomes: How do leaders make great decisions even when they find themselves under pressure? The answer is that all their decisions are made based on accumulated experiences from past situations which have helped them grow in their field.It’s no surprise that great decisions are instinctual. In time, great leaders get used to being under pressure. This become a normal feeling for them and they know how to control it. On the other hand, regular people get stressed when they’re under pressure. They begin making deficient decisions because their brain goes into panic mode. Not everybody is born to become a leader, and those who manage to achieve success definitely deserve to be rewarded with high salaries. If you want to become a better leader, you should start by taking a look on the following activities that should be done automatically, every day.

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  • 1. How To Be A Successful"LEADER?"

2. 1. Let others know they can speak up.Leaders can intimidate their employees with their power and title.However, a good lleeaaddeerr kknnoowwss tthhaatt tthhee bbeesstt wwaayy ooff hheeaarriinngg tthhee ootthheerrss ppooiinnttssof views is by encouraging them to speak up.Everybody deserves a say, and everybody has an 3. 2. Make decisionsAs a leader, you should be an expert at making decisions, whether you makethem yourself or you facilitate the dialogue so that you encourage youreemmppllooyyeeeess ttoo rreeaacchh aann aaggrreeeemmeenntt.. BBeessiiddeess,, ssuucccceessssffuull lleeaaddeerrss kknnooww eevveerryytthhiinnggabout politics, and thus, they dont waste useful time on problems that are notvery 4. 3. Communicate ExpectationsLeaders need to be great communicators, especially when they share theirperformance expectations. Reminding your colleagues about your companysggooaallss,, tthhaatt hhaavvee ttoo bbee aaccccoommpplliisshheedd,, iiss eesssseennttiiaall aanndd sshhoouulldd bbee ddoonnee ccaarreeffuullllyy..Communicating expectations can increase performance, and also help identifythe members of the team that cannot live up to your 5. 4. Challenge your colleagues to thinkA successful leader understands the capabilities and weaknesses of his/hercolleagues, and uses this knowledge to challenge them. These are the leaderswwhhoo eexxcceell aatt hheellppiinngg tthheeiirr eemmppllooyyeeeess ssppeecciiaalliizzee iinn ppaarrttiiccuullaarr ffiieellddss,, bbyy ssiimmppllyypreventing them from getting too 6. 5. Make sure youre accountable to othersGood leaders allow themselves to be managed by colleagues, without becomingcontrollable. They make sure that their colleagues come to them every timetthheeyyrree iinn nneeeedd.. TThhiiss mmaakkeess ootthheerrss aacckknnoowwlleeddggee tthhaatt tthheeiirr lleeaaddeerr ddooeessnntt tthhiinnkkonly about himself/ 7. 6. Lead by exampleThis means you should analyze your actions and practice exactly what youpreach. Once you act impeccably, your colleagues will see you as an exampleand try ttoo aacctt lliikkee yyoouu.. IIff yyoouu ssaayy oonnee tthhiinngg aanndd ddoo aannootthheerr,, yyoouurree bbaassiiccaallllyy aahypocrite. Always follow your own 8. 7. Measure and reward performanceThis type of leadership implies valuing the people whom are responsible forthe companys success. Therefore, you should try to measure your employeesppeerrffoorrmmaannccee aanndd rreewwaarrdd tthheeiirr aacchhiieevveemmeennttss,, wwhhiillee aallssoo pprroommoottiinngg tthheemm aassgood examples for 9. 8. Provide continuous feedbackGood leaders prove to their employees that their attention and activity is turnedto them. They provide feedback and encourage their colleagues to do thessaammee,, tthhuuss hheeaarrtteenniinngg aa ttrruussttwwoorrtthhyy 10. 9. Assign and deploy talent accordinglyAs a good leader, you should be aware of your talent pool and learn to use it asoften as you can. You should know how to activate your employeesccaappaabbiilliittiieess aanndd tthheeiirr ppaarrttiiccuullaarr 11. 10. Ask questions and seek counselIf you want to become a successful leader, you will have to constantly askquestions. Even though leaders radiate the I know everything vibe, theyssoommeettiimmeess nneeeedd ttoo eennrriicchh tthheeiirr kknnoowwlleeddggee aanndd ffiinndd oouutt nneeww tthhiinnggss.. NNoobbooddyyis perfect. A good leader is constantly trying to learn something 12. 11. Solve problems and avoid procrastinationFamous leaders know how to find a problem and keep it under control. Theydont procrastinate, and theyre very efficient when it comes to 13. 12. Positive energy and attitudeA good leader knows that the best workplace is one thats always positive andinspiring. As a result, you should always motivate your colleagues andeennccoouurraaggee tthheemm ttoo bbee ppoossiittiivvee.. FFaaiilluurreess sshhoouulldd nneevveerr ddiissrruupptt mmoommeennttuumm..After all, failures allow us to learn from our 14. 13. Be a good teacherMany employees complain that bosses dont know how to be teachers.A ssuucccceessssffuull lleeaaddeerr nneevveerr ssttooppss tteeaacchhiinngg,, aanndd aallwwaayyss llooookkss ffoorr mmeetthhooddss ooffinforming his/her colleagues about trends, statistics, 15. 14. Invest in relationshipsInstead of protecting your domain, you should try investing in relationships.Try to share your success and build momentum for all your employees. Thistig will result in tighhtteerr rreellaattiioonnsshhiippss.. HHiieerraarrcchhyy iiss ggrroossss.. MMaakkee yyoouurr eemmppllooyyeeeessfeel that youre all on the save 16. 15. Enjoy responsibilitiesYou cant be a leader if you dont love what you do. This means that you shouldenjoy not only your power, but also the responsibilities that come with thatppoowweerr.. AA ggoooodd lleeaaddeerr sshhoouulldd sseerrvvee ootthheerrss,, aanndd tthhiiss ttaasskk ccaannnnoott bbeeaccomplished by someone who doesnt genuinely enjoy what he/she is 17. THANKS! I believe the tips mentioned above will help you. Dont ttrryy ttoo aappppllyy eevveerryy ssiinnggllee tthhiinngg mmeennttiioonneedd aatt oonnccee.. TTaakkee ttiinnyy sstteeppss,, aannddeventually youll become a great leader. Remember: Practice makes