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WELCOME TO CEVO Cevo® makes securing spectrum easier than ever before! EWA created Cevo, an online frequency coordination portal, to simplify applying for an FCC license. Fast, easy coordination results - anytime, anywhere, with EWA expertly certifying applications before transmission to the FCC. The Cevo Wizard makes data entry simple! Use it for expert guidance during data entry, or create your own templates. Use Cevo Pro to analyze incumbents and select your own frequencies, even excusive channels! “Hand Over” your app to EWA or use Cevo Express, and leave the application preparation to EWA. Your Cevo dashboard tracks the progress of all your applications, from your work in progress, apps submitted to EWA, and final FCC grant. Renew your EWA membership automatically, and sign up for Premier Reporting and white glove License Management services.

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  • Fast, easy coordination results.Anytime, anywhere.

    Cevo makes securing


    easier than ever befor


    One dashboard to track and manage all your applications with real-time status updates Wizard enabled and templates for quick data entry to save you time Coordinator tools to simplify calculations No software to download, Cevo is web-based and accessible 24/7 from any connected device As always, your personal EWA Spectrum Advisor is there along the way to ensure your satisfaction

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    CC license, with EWA expe


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    from start to finish

    Cevo Pro lets you analyze

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    stats, see incumbents, and

    select your

    own frequencies for indust

    rial business

  • The Enterprise Wireless Alliance is a member-based trade association and FCC-certified frequency advisory committee

    firmly committed to assisting its customers to secure optimal spectrum solutions that they rely on every day.

    EWA provides license preparation, frequency coordination, spectrum management, and associated services to business

    enterprises, public safety entities, and wireless sales and service organizations.

    EWA created Cevo, a first-of-its-kind online frequency coordination tool, to simplify applying for an FCC license and

    to help organizations manage their licenses. Cevo provides its users direct control in selecting and managing spectrum


    Enterprise wireless users, communications service providers and manufacturers trust EWA to help them identify the

    spectrum they need while delivering an unparalleled level of technical expertise and customer service. We are not satisfied

    until the optimum spectrum solution has been identified and secured. EWA is honored to be trusted by more businesses in

    America than any other frequency advisory committee. It is our pleasure to serve the private wireless industry.

    Making Wireless Work for America

    Learn more about EWA at or contact us

    at 1-800-482-8282 or