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  • Announcing POWER6New, faster System i 570 model boasts a simpler packaging structure Page 18

    Announcing POWER6New, faster System i 570 model boasts a simpler packaging structure Page 18

    Get the Most Bang for Your IT Buck

    Page 26

    What Makes Sense for Business Intelligence?

    Page 32

    Get the Most Bang for Your IT Buck

    Page 26

    What Makes Sense for Business Intelligence?

    Page 32

    ASIA PACIFIC EDITIONISSUE # 62 Quarter 3/2007i5 Business Systems

  • Editor's Corner

    Our cover story in this issue focuses on IBM's POWER6announcement for the System i platform. Introducingthe new System i 570 armed with POWER6 Processorsand a simpler, more flexible packaging structure. Read abouthow the new structure will offer a single i5/OS Edition that isfully customizable on page 18.

    Following that, IBM also recently announced a split inthe System i Division. The Power Systems Unit focuses on theSystem i 570 and 595 models, and the Business Systems Unitprioritizes IBM System i 515, 520, 525 and 550 models. MarkShearer, former System i General Manager, now VicePresident and Business Line Executive of IBM Power Systemstook some time to answer questions about the two new units,and most importantly, how the change will affect System iclients in Trends on page 6.

    This years much anticipated IBM System i Asia PacificStrategic Planning Conference took more than 250 delegatesto Macau, the first and the last European colony in China,renowned for it's uniquely Mediterranean style. Just flip topage 16 for the SPC highlights.

    Our customer testimonials and case studies in this issueare from all corners of the globe. County Bank, USA provedthat a simple system upgrade equaled IT improvements acrossthe board. Progressive Enterprises new consolidatedinfrastructure on IBM System i with new SAP applicationsreduced workload, backlog, enabling real-time processing andincreased performance. IBM System i and Tango/04 achieves24/7 availability and top performance for Cassa diCompensazione e Garanzia in Italy. The Pilgrims Fund Board(Lembaga Tabung Haji) in Malaysia improved their customerservice facilities by adding a new IBM System i platform totheir core system. T. JOIN Transportation Co. Ltd in Taiwansustained 30 years of growth with pioneering ITinfrastructures from IBM, sharing their journey from IBMAS/400 to today's IBM System i.

    Ending with the amazing story of how System i Serversrun under 4 feet of water as discovered by Estess ExpressLines, this issue is yet another complete read. Enjoy!

    See you in December! The Editor (

    2 Q U A R T E R 3 / 2 0 0 7 I B M S Y S T E M S M A G A Z I N E , A S I A P A C I F I C E D I T I O N

    # 6 2 Q U A R T E R 3 / 2 0 0 7

    I N S I D E

    Page 32Page 18

    C O V E R S T O R YA New, Flexible POWER n 18IBM announces the POWER6 System i 570 withenhanced performance and a simpler packagingstructure. By Tami Deedrick, cover photo illustration by David Sather

    F E A T U R EWhat Does IT Really Cost? n 26Optimization and rationalization studies help answer thetough questions. By Louise Hemond-Wilson

    Taming the Business-Intelligence Monster n 32The System i is all the data warehouse you need.By Rob Bestgen and Tom McKinley

    C O L U M N SEditors Corner n 2

    Trends n 6Mark Shearer Answers Questions About the System iReorganization

    Administrator n 10MQTs for Business Intelligence Success

    Developer n 12OpenUP/Basic: Open Source, Agile and Unified

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    4 Q U A R T E R 3 / 2 0 0 7 I B M S Y S T E M S M A G A Z I N E , A S I A P A C I F I C E D I T I O N

    I N S I D E

    C O L U M N SDiary n 16IBM System i Asia Pacific StrategicPlanning Conference 2007

    In Conversation n 38Harry Debes, CEO and David Hope, Regional Managing Director, Asia & Japan, Lawson Software

    Case StudyNo Muss, No Fuss for County Bank n 40Progressive Enterprises Buys intoVirtualization with SAP and IBM n 44Tango/04 and IBM System i Keep Risk at Bay in Italy Stock Exchange n 46

    Customers TestimonialThe Pilgrims Fund Board (Lembaga TabungHaji), Malaysia n 48T. JOIN Transportation Co., Ltd., Taiwan n 50

    SpotlightsOverlaying the Ugly With Beauty:KeyesOverlay and KeyesPDF from Computer Keyes n 56

    Tips & TechniqueRuby on Rails in i5/OS PASE n 58Intrusion Detection on System i n 62

    ENDPGM n 72Estes Express Lines Discovers System i Servers Run Under 4 Feet of Water

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    i5 Business Systems edition

    Poll Position System i5 users sound off

    This publication could contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Also, illustrations contained herein mayshow prototype equipment. Your system configuration may differ slightly. This publication contain small programs thatare furnished by IBM as simple examples to provide an illustration. These examples have not been thoroughly testedunder all conditions. IBM, therefore, cannot guarantee or imply reliability, serviceability, or function of theseprograms. All programs contained herein are provided to you as is implied warranties of merchantability and fitnessfor a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed. All rights reserved. Names of products and services marked with* may be trademarks of their respective companies. This IBM Systems Magazine ASIA PACIFIC Edition is producedfor IBM by Thumb-Print Studio.Page 26

    The newSystem i*

    Express 515and 525


    BladeCenter* integration 7.5%

    Secure Perspective 2.5%

    Something else 5.0%

    IP telephony 5.0%Capacity backup 7.5%

    PHP and MySQL


  • Tango/04 Computing Group, proudly supported in Asia Pacific by:Valok Global Midrange Software SolutionsContact: Claire StammelPhone: +612 9532 0759 (International); 1300 301 957 (Australia Only)Email: Visit us:

  • System i: What was the catalyst for this change?Mark Shearer: The inspiration was the realization that theSystem i platform is really serving two distinctly differentmarkets. On one side of the marketplace, we have our classicSystem i clients who are usually small or medium-sizedcompanies running business applications on their System iplatforms. These clients are looking for simplicity. They wanta simple, integrated platform with a competitive total cost ofownership. They want to manage their businesses, not their IT.This is really a classic set of requirements that goes all theway back to time of AS/400.

    The other part of our business was larger clients on largersystems. Over the past five to 10 years, a lot of our clientsstarted growing larger and consolidating their workloads. IBMended up with more than 1,000 clients who use the System iplatform more like a business mainframe. They have veryspecific technical requirements. They want extraordinary high

    availability, high levels of virtualization, many LPARs and, insome cases, multiple operating systems or multipleapplication-development languages. Theyve even organizedthemselves in groups like the LUG [larger user group] toarticulate some unique high-end requirements.

    I spend an awful lot of time at places like COMMON and theLUG and I visit clients almost every day. As we reflected onthe two diverging groups and what they were saying, we cameto the point of view that we would serve the market better ifwe aligned our business around our client base rather thanaround our product or technology base.

    System i: And the outcome of this realization was the two new groups?Mark Shearer: In part, yes. We reformulated our hardwarebusiness creating the Power Systems unit and the BusinessSystems unit to reflect the directions in the marketplace. ThePower Systems unit is inclusive of all of our UNIX offeringsand high-end System i platforms. The Power Systems unit willfocus on the enterprise-class systems, including i5/OS, AIXand Linux on POWER. The Business Systems unit is inclusiveof our lower-end System i platforms, the 550 and below. TheBusiness Systems unit will concentrate on the SMB marketand will, over time, continue to introduce new products thatare focused on simplicity and integration.

    System i: Will the Business Systems unit include just the System i modelsyou mentioned or will the System x and BladeCenter technologies fall inthis group?Mark Shearer: Thats a great question. Were starting withSystem i platforms because its such a large percentage of our

    6 Q U A R T E R 3 / 2 0 0 7 I B M S Y S T E M S M A G A Z I N E , A S I A P A C I F I C E D I T I O N

    Industry signals to keep you in the know


    Mark Shearer Answers QuestionsAbout the System i Reorganization

    IBM recently announced a split in the System i division. Rather than going to market with all IBMSystem i platforms in one unit, IBM will now go to market with two new groups designed for verydifferent purposes. The Power Systems unit focuses on enterprise businesses and includes the IBMSystem i 570 and 595 models as well as the IBM System p family. The Business Systems unit setsits priority at the small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) running primarily on the IBM System i 515,520, 525 and 550 models.

    While chatter zips around cyberspace, IBM Systems Ma