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Anne Frank. by: S. F. The diary of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a young girl who was just trying to live a normal life during World War II. She and her family were forced into hiding. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Anne Frank

  • Anne Frank by: S. F.

  • The diary of Anne Frank Anne Frank was a young girl who was just trying to live a normal life during World War II.She and her family were forced into hiding.Anne wrote in her diary to escape all the fear from the war not knowing that one day after the war was over someone would discover the diary and it would be famous.

  • Anne Frank The Franks knew that the war was getting bad and they need to do something. One day they received a note from the Nazis. The family thought the note was for her father but it wasn't. It was for Margot, Anne's sister This is what scared the Franks and they went into hiding.

  • Hiding Anne and her family hid at her fathers work. They hid behind a book shelf in a secret apartment. The bookcase opened up and there were stairs that led to the apartment.

  • Anne Frank Anne Frank had to live a very hard life in hiding. She had crushes, fights with her mom, the typical teenager trouble but at the same time she could face death at any moment.

  • Anne Frank Anne and her family was not only in hiding but the Van Daans and her dads employees too.Anne wasn't to found of Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan but she favored Peter their son very much. She claims in her diary that she would just lay in his arms and everything would be better.

  • Anne Frank At first Anne stayed away from Peter because she was almost sure that her sister Margot liked him. When she found out that her sister didnt she found herself going to the attic (where Peter lived) everyday using the excuse that she needed potatoes.

  • Anne frank After the war had been going on for so long she began to wonder if she would make it out and if it mattered if she and Peter got too close. She would just kiss Peter and would know Pim (what she called her dad) would be angry. One day Anne decided to tell Pim and when she did he said he thought it was ok and thats when Anne knew Peter was the one.

  • Anne Frank Anne always wanted to work in film and movies and cameras.She never had the chance though because of the war.Anne planned everything she was going to do once the war was over because she said it was one of the few thing that stopped her from thinking she wouldnt make it.

  • Anne Frank Nobody still to this day knows who it was that turned in Anne and the people in hiding with her but unfortunately someone did and they were forced to go to a concentration camp.Anne almost made it to the end of the war and she would be free but right before that she died of typhoid fever.

  • Anne Frank Anne frank lived a life full of fear and sadness. She went through a lot and was so tuff and strong. She and her family lived through a hard time in history and in her diary she never really complained but she knew she could die at any minute.

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  • Anne Frank After the war was over and they could go back to the apartment where the Franks were hiding, they found Annes diary and it was published into a book. And that is why the Diary of Anne Frank is very famous.

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