FOCUS. ANNE FRANK A TO Z Anne Frank ~ The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography

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Text of FOCUS. ANNE FRANK A TO Z Anne Frank ~ The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography

Anne Frank A to Z

FOCUSAnne Frank A to ZAnne Frank ~ The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic BiographyA = Annex, which is where the 8 hid until they were found outB = Beans, 300 lbs. of which were purchased before they went into hidingC = Concentration camp, where she met her unfortunate fateD = the diary which allowed Annes hopes and dreams to live onE = Edith Frank, Annes mother who passed away in AuschwitzF = Famous film stars, one of Annes many interestsG = Germany, who changed the worldH = Hope, which the Franks held on to until the endI = Inhumane, how the Franks and the rest of the Nazis prisoners were treatedJ = Jews, the people who Nazis blamed Germanys problems onK= Kiss, Anne had her first one while hidingL = Loneliness, the most constant problem Anne had to face during the familys period of hidingM = Margot, Annes sister who died with herN = Nazis, the militant group they had to hide fromO = Otto, Annes beloved, loving father, the only survivor from their groupP = Peter van Pels, boy hiding in the secret annex who gave Anne her first kissQ = quiet, the group hiding in the annex had to keep silent during the business hours of the building they were hiding inR = Reading, one of Annes favorite hobbies, especially while hidingS = Secluded, the eight members were secretly hidden away in the annexT = Typhus, contagious disease Anne contracted from liceU = Uncovered, the family was found when they were betrayedV = Victims, the hidden group were victims of the Nazi attacksW = Writer, Anne wanted to become a journalist, and then a famous writerX = X-RayY = Years, Anne was 13 years old when she and her family went into hidingZ = Zodiac, Anne was a Gemini (born on June 12)