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AIESEC In Assiut , April Race


  • Side Note: Every Month has different context, so we will make a new angry birds Episode for each 1 or 2 months.

    (Angry birds GO! Is a Real Car Racing Game for Mobile)

  • Why Angry Birds GO!?1. To deliver the most powerful experience for AIESEC in Assiut

    Membership and Leadership Body , through exited way and a lot of funny simple stuff (Learn to Win).

    2. Refreshed experience for old members , AIESEC in Different Way with a lot of new things to do.

    3. Collaboration and One Direction for the Whole LC, Its A game so Lets Play together.

    4. Focus on Achieving April Goals, Every Team have a Goal.

  • How to play Angry Birds GO!?

    Its a RACE, Every Team have One Car to participate in this Race, Team Leaders are drivers and your Finish Line is your Team Goals.

    The Race Include 4 Rounds

    1sT Round 1st till 7th Of April (Race Registration)

    2nd Round 8th till 14th Of April (Test Round for training)

    3rd Round 15th till 21st Of April (Push to Win)

    4th Round 22nd till 28th Of April (Final Round)

    Extra Time 29st & 30th Of April

    (Times UP! Results)

  • Angry Birds GO! Values

    1- Go Fast As Possible

    2- My Team Goal is My Finish Line

    3- Upgrading My Car make me Faster

    4- Enjoy the Race (No Hard Feeling)

    5- No Shortcuts in this Race (Do it Right)6- We all together in this Race

  • You have no Place in this Race if You

    1- Didn't Know your Car (Team) name and Race Finish line (Goals)

    2- Didn't Have A GPS (Plan)

    3- Didn't Feed (educate) Yourself

    4- Didn't Respect your Driver

    5- Miss with other Cars

    6- Play alone, or not exited

  • 1- Driver/ Team leader have to choose an Angry Bird Character.

  • 2- Set the Car/Team Name

    3- Set the Race Finish line/ Month Goal

    4- Set Month Goals Per Member

    5- Set a road map on your GPS/a plan

    6- Set fixed weekly Meeting

    7- Start Your Race Act

  • Race Progress

    Finish line

    Every MA (o & I) mean Step Toward your Finish line

    (For TM it will count according Team Productivity,


    %60Good Job


    So Fast



  • Race Progress (Examples)

    Finish line56


    10 MA

    Finish line300 App360 App

    480 App

    600 App


    7 MA

    200 App0

  • Pointes System

    Gam/Diamonds Coinsyou will get more information ASAP

  • Car Upgrade SystemYour Car has 3 Levels

    Better Cars = Faster Cars

    You Need an Upgrade Box to get a Better car

  • Car Upgrade System

    Upgrade Box 2

    Function Have toPlan and Implement

    Program Quality


    Upgrade Box 1

    Driver have to

    Implement Team

    Quality Standards

  • Medals ^_^

    you will get more information ASAP about medals