Angry Birds Rensizzle

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Angry Birds Rensizzle. Museum of Natural History. Alley Pond Environmental Center. By Ana Llorens. Bronx Zoo. New York Botanical Gardens. Museum of Natural History. Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. Museum of Natural History. Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

  • Milstein Hall of Ocean LifeOur first trip during Rensizzle week was to the Museum of Natural History.

  • At Alley Pond Environmental Center we learned all about wetlands, the animals that live there, and lots more. We used chemicals to test things like the dissolved oxygen and phosphate of the marsh water. I had a blast and I hope to come back next year, preferably in a warmer season because the water was freezing cold.

  • King VultureSnowy Owl

  • When we went to the Bronx Zoo we saw many different birds, like the American Eagle and the King Vulture. The Bronx Zoo is one of my favorite places to go because I love animals. I used to go there almost every summer and I had a blast every single time. I got to take a lot of pictures. Definitely my favorite part of Rensizzle!