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Angry birds editorial illustration for class project


  • Project SummaryAngry Birds popularity exploded in 2010, the Angry Birds application design by the RivioInc. wants to enter new realms for entertainment they started with the mobile application, andare expanding to television shorts and later on creating Angry Birds into a full-length movie.Rivio Entertainment, headquartered in Finland, is a mobile game development studio thatwas created in 2003. Rivio has created many mobile application platforms; Angry Birds wasreleased in 2009 and became wildly popular a year later. Rivio has expanded in different areas form their original mobile applications to broadcastmedia and Angry Birds merchandise such as plush toys of the Angry Birds characters,clothing like Hoodies and T-Shirts sporting a favorite character from the game, and books.Angry Birds itself is a mobile touch screen application and the objective is to destroy thegreen pigs and get the birds eggs back, each bird character has its own purpose/ strategy todestroying the green pigs (ex. White Birds eggs, and Black Birds bombs) the screen is setup with a puzzle filled with green pigs and a sling shot that is used to launch birds anddestroy the green pigs.In this editorial launched by Las Angeles Times introduces the Angry Bird franchise ashaving been developing a set of shorts that will be airing in the fall to bring a new light onthe personality on these characters in the mobile app. The task at hand is to create a visualthat is strong and interesting to give a feeling of the development to come to the Angry Birdsfranchise after the series comes out and people become attached to these characters and howpeoples relationship with the game and the company will be closer for both fans and peoplewho enjoy the games and its simple but engaging attributes. Project StatementI decided to use my second editorial option for this project.New Angry Birds TV series coming - latimes.comIn the Angry Birds series of shorts are set to air this coming fall. The series is expanding fromthe game and is turning Angry Birds to a full-blown brand. The same characters in the shortswill be the same from the mobile app and create this whole new scene where they show offtheir traits and clucking personalities.Rovio the creators of Angry Birds and the head of animation, Nick Dorra have sent out thespoiler for the production of 52 episodes that are 3min or greater shorts; flinging red birdfrom your iphone straight to the television set. Nick Dorra wants to expand Angry birds evenfurther, and explains they are already developing a full length Angry Birds movie.

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