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COMPANY PROFILEAmbika Overseas a government of Indias recognised export house is an ISO -9001 Registered company & a prestigious part of Ambika Group of Industries. The company is engaged in the production of wide range of hand tools, such as spanners, pliers, pincers and wrenches etc., conforming to the international standards and safet norms.

Ambika Overseas is headed by a team of persons having vast technical know how and worldwide experience in customer relationship and has a modern research and development wing to develop new items to cope with the changing items. The company has an excellent infrastructure, including a modern tool room and a well equipped testing lab.

Ambika Hand Tools are exported throughout the world and the company is always looking for the new markets. Complete dedication to quality system has bough this co. International recognition, which is now fully accredited to use GS Test Mark on its spanners.

Ambika Overseas is committed to maintain its quality system and would like to establish a long lasting business relationship with all its customers and will welcome all valued enquiries for the complete range of hand tools. 1. Name of the Company

:Ambika Overseas2. Address

:Model House Road, Basti

Sheikh, Jalandhar- 144002

E-mail : [email protected]

Website :

Fax: +91-181-2232387; 24321273. Type of organization

:Partnership4. Scope

:Manufacturing & Supply of

Hand Tools.

5. Major Production Process

:Forging, Machining, Heat

Treatment, Short Blasting, Electroplating, Painting. 6. Raw Material Used

:Carbon Steel, Chrome

Vanadium Steel

7. Sales Set up

:Direct from the company.

8. Turnover

:Approx. 10 Crores

9. No. of Workers

:800 (approx.)

10. Commonly Spoken Language

:Hindi & Punjabi.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYKeeping in view significant place in Ambika Overseas has occurred in region and detailed study with mentioned objective has been undertaken. These objectives are as follows :-1. To know about history of the organization, its structure and functioning of the Ambika Overseas.

2. The quality policy of the company and quality functions.

3. The manufacturing process of the tools in which the company deals.

4. The ISO-9002 elements, which are applied by the company in their quality system.

5. To know about the various standards come under ISO 9000DATA SOURCE The project report is based on information collected from both primary and secondary data. After a detailed study an attempt has been made to present comprehensive analysis of functioning of quality system in the company. 1. Primary Sources : Firstly the data is collected through primary source that is regular visits to factory were made to obtain the required information and learn about the structure of the organization and routine working of the industry. Data collected from 40 respondents.2. Secondary Sources: Annual report, catalogue or other magazines published by the company from time to time constitute the secondary sources of information for the project report. So in this way the project is completed in one month by collecting data both from primary and secondary sources. LIMITATIONS :1. Shortage of time Period : The first limitation comes in my study is shortage of time period. Time period of one month was too short for analyzing the long experience, expertisation of persons engaged in production process and supervision under every step. 2. Hesitation : Generally, intelligent businessmens hesitate to give information regarding there factory. So I felt very inconvenience while collecting my material regarding topic. 3. Sometimes managers and accountants did not have time to provide necessary information. THEORETICAL CONCEPT OF QUALITY GRADE1. Meaning : Quality is a customer and determination, not a producers or suppliers determination, it is based upon the customers actual experience with the product or service, measured against his or her requirements. Quality is referred in several ways such as fitness for use, fitness for purpose. Customer satisfaction. The complete definition of quality as : The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service, that bear on its ability, to satisfy stated or implied needs. 2. Quality Functions :An organization produces and markets its products or services through a series of specialized activities carried out by the several functional department. The quality system typically applies to & interacts with all activities pertaining to the quality of products or services. It can be explained through a quality loop, which involves all phase from initial identification to the final satisfaction of requirements and customer expectations. 3. Quality Policy :Quality policy is the overall quality intentions and directions of an organization as quality, as formally expressed by top management. The responsibility for and commitment to quality policy belongs to the highest level of mgt. The realization of quality policy requires the identification of primary goals for establishing quality objective. 4. Quality System :Quality system is the organization structure, responsibilities, procedures, process and resources for implementing the quality management. The quality system is documented to ensure that the product conforms to specified requirements. The quality system normally is documented by means of a quality manual. 5. Planning for Installation of Quality System :The installation process is very important part of quality system, it includes the identification of what needs to be done to meet the ISO 9000 quality system requirements ? preparing the organization to meet those requirements, implementing the documented quality system in actual practice and finally getting the quality system verified and certified by a qualified certification body. 6. Time Required to Install a quality system : Time required for installation of quality system depends on several factors such as existing level of quality management in the organization, the will of management and personal to adopt the quality system, characteristics of products, competence and skill of employees, size of the organization, promptness in taking corrective actions etc. 7. Quality Department :Quality department is that aspect of the overall management function, which determines and implements the overall quality intentions and directions of the organization with regards to quality, as formally expressed by the top management in its quality policy.

In every organization different- different departments are set to perform or attain the objectives of the organization by imparting the responsibility and authority to each department individually.

In Ambika Overseas there is one quality department which performs many important Tasks according to the objective of study. The head of quality department in Ambika is Miss. Kiran. Under the supervision all other qualified engineers worked to attain the objectives this department also does the auditing of the organization. Various records, which are prepared under the quality system, are checked by Miss. Kiran and kept under her supervision in quality department. Other important works performed by this department are :- Appointed qualified engineers and supervisors. Prepared training programs given to employees.

Prepare quality objectives, quality manual and quality policy for the organization.

Set programs and plannings for internal quality auditing. Prepare all required documents related to quality system and then kept those records safely.

Head of the department supervise the engineers and employees whether they met with the requirements of ISO 9002 quality standards.

QUALITY GRADE IN AMBIKA OVERSEASQuality Functions :Quality functions in Ambika Overseas can be explained through a quality loop. The Various phases of activities of quality loop include :

1. Marketing Ambika Overseas believes in fair dealings with its customers. Any sort of malpractises which breaches the norms of business are strictly avoided. Ambika overseas does not exploit its customers by over charging them and the quality is something which has been always superior to this firm. 2. Design & Product Development :Design control is not part of ISO 9002 therefore it is not applicable in Ambika overseas. Well product development in an Ambika Overseas is important part. They instantly change and modify their product according to the consumer needs. 3. Procurement :

The procurement is done through documented procedures to insure that the product confirms to the specified requirements. For this the following steps of evolution and selection of contractors or vendors are under taken :-i) Selection : The company select vendors and contractors on the basis of their ability to meet the requirement of the customers taking in consideration the set standards of quality. ii) Controlling : After selection, the company exercises control over the vendors by comparing the available and required material. iii) Record : The company also maintains the quality records of the acceptable contractors and these records are maintained thereafter. 4. Process Planning : Then in Ambika Overseas Company production is planned systematically. The production process is carried under controlled conditions. Process control is achieved through the following steps :i) Use of standard work instructions.

ii) Use of define production equipments.

iii) Compliance of standard procedures.

iv) Control of suitable process parameters.

v) Preventing & breakdown maintenance.

5. Inspection : Inspection is of three types which helps in matching th

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